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Installation of ceiling panels for the bathroom

Every person wants his accommodation to look cozy and well-groomed. For this occasionally, we in our homes and apartments do repairs, if not capital, then at least cosmetic. It is possible to hire specialists to work, and you can handle and on their own, which will be much more

nice and cheaper. Not the last place for repair work in the bathroom. In this article, we will consider some of the repair points in this room. Work begins on the ceiling in the bathroom. It can be decorated using waterproof wallpaper, plastic, tiles. Excellent solution is also the ceiling panels for the bathroom. Let's consider in more detail the last option.

Ceiling panels: their types, advantages and disadvantages

These products are made of various materials. The most popular are polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene. There are also wood-fiber panels and plastic. The advantage of these polyvinyl chloride products is their durability and high durability. This material is safe for human health, not afraid of water and mold. Their exploitation is up to 40 years.

The advantage of MDF products for the ceiling is the large selection of colors, sizes and shapes. They are environmentally safe for human health. When installing MDF ceiling panels, no special surface preparation is required. Also, these MDF products are perforated and laminated. For the bathroom it is better to use the second option, as it well tolerates the high humidity, which is typical for these rooms.

Ceiling panels for polystyrene bathrooms are in high demand due to their waterproofness, cheapness and ease.

All ceiling panels have such a disadvantage as reducing the height of the room, that is their installation will affect the height of your bathroom. Still, they accumulate condensate, which needs to be constantly wiped. But they are resistant to sharp temperature fluctuations, while not cracking and do not deform.

Installation of ceiling panels

After purchase, ceiling panels are to be installed. How is their installation going? In the first place, you will determine at what distance your false ceiling from the main one. Do not forget to take into account the possibility of mounting on the ceiling of fixtures, because then the stock to a given distance should be about 10 cm.

The second step is to prepare materials and tools. You will need:

  • ceiling panels
  • perforator
  • self-tapping screws
  • dowels
  • screwdriver
  • metal screwdriver
  • metal profiles and guides

Installation of ceiling panels for the bathroom

First, a grid is created for the installation of ceiling panels. For this purpose, on the ceiling with the help of dowels and self-tapping screws, guides are fixed, which then are inserted into fragments of a metal profile. Fragments should freely enter the guides and move along it, with the most optimal overall clearance of 5 mm, the distance between the fragments should be 6 or 8 mm. Then you take the panels and cut out fragments of the required length. If you are going to install lamps on the ceiling, then you must immediately cut openings for them. Using screws, attach the ceiling panels to the metal profile. It is not necessary to drill holes under the screws, they can be screwed with a screwdriver. The first fragment is fixed by screws from 2 sides to the profile. When the installation of the first panel is complete, begin the installation of the following slices. They are inserted into the grooves of the previous ones and are fastened only from one side. When installing the last fragment, measure the remaining space, cut a piece of desired width, not forgetting to reduce it while with 5-6 mm.

A great benefit in the use of these ceiling repair products is that they are easy to install and can be done on their own, without resorting to third-party care.

Over time, if any part of the ceiling is damaged, changing the entire panel is not necessary, you just need to replace the spoiled fragment. Ceiling panels are an excellent solution for the design of the ceiling, taking into account their variety of shapes and colors.