Rokolor Eyebrow Paint: 4 Reasons to Choose

The process of staining eyebrows is not something weird or unusual in our day. The fact is that many women use this method to improve their appearance. Often you can meet a girl who is in itself dark, but her eyebrows are too bright, and they do not have a clear form.

Blondes also want to give the person more expressiveness, and we all know that the eyebrows play this first role.

Rokolor Eyebrow Paint: 4 Reasons to Choose

Eko-eyeliner Rocolor has proven itself on the market


  • Types of paints: brown and black shades
  • Alternative paint
  • Tips for proper painting
    • Instructions for use: how to dilute and paint
  • Unrivaled leader, eyebrow and eyebrow eyeliner Rocolor

Types of paints: brown and black shades

In order that the person did not look senseless, it is recommended to carefully select the tool, taking into account the individual features of the person. It's important to remember that your beauty depends on the right choice, and if you do not want to hide your faces from others for several weeks, trust the wizard's choice in the cabin.

Rokolor Eyebrow Paint: 4 Reasons to Choose

The effect is visible immediately and it is better to achieve it with the help of a specialist

However, some women prefer to carry out the procedure at home independently. To the services of such self-assured lady offered the following paints:

  • "Rocolor".Soft hypoallergenic paint, which is very popular among the representatives of the weak sex. The average price is 100-140 rubles.
  • "Studio".The Russian manufacturer tried to squeeze the maximum quality for a small price. Average cost 120-150 rub.
  • "Color Luke".The lack of ammonia makes it attractive for women, and the affordable price is 100-120 rubles.and the four shades only add to her pluses.
  • "Estel".A variety of shades allows a woman to perfectly match her tone. Suitable for sensitive skin, the average cost of 150-250 rubles.
  • "Repeffotsil".The Austrian product is used by both women and men to color the beard. Nine shades are suitable for any person. The average price is 250-300 rub.
  • "Bonakrom".The drug of the famous German company Schwarzkopf is available in three shades and is suitable for dyeing any type of eyebrow. Cost 400-450 rub.

Rokolor Eyebrow Paint: 4 Reasons to Choose

Alternative Paint

In addition to the use of paint, it is possible to change the color of eyebrows using gels and shadows. Gels are more dense consistency and have a composition of natural ingredients.

For example, "Elan" dyeing gel is used by professional craftsmen in beauty salons and developed by special technology. The aloe component, which is part of the gel, perfectly nourishes the skin, and the dense consistency facilitates the application.

In addition, there are coloring gels that have a one-time effect. This means that they are applied to the eyebrows every day, if necessary, and washed off with cosmetics or water.

Choosing a coloring tool is a matter of fact, and every woman decides how she should apply. Moreover, the individual features of the skin and the structure of hair will prompt you the best option. It's true that you need to try several different drugs, and only then draw conclusions.

Rokolor Eyebrow Paint: 4 Reasons to Choose

When choosing a tool, do not be mistaken

Tips for proper painting

Makeup artists face a dyeing procedure every day, give some advice if the woman still decided to paint at home.

Instructions for use: how to dilute and paint the

To begin, check the availability of the appropriate tool:

  • paint,
  • brush,
  • cotton wool or discs,
  • paint container,
  • stirring stick.

After making sure you have the necessary components, proceed directly to the painting process. For the correct and comfortable coloring, follow the following tips. For eyebrow dyeing:

  • dilute the paint as it is written in the instructions;
  • draw the contours of both eyebrows the way we want to see them in painted form;
  • with a brush we apply a paint on the eyebrows, without going beyond the drawing;
  • expect the required amount of time, which depends on the type of paint( from five to fifteen minutes);
  • remove the eyebrow paint using wool and warm water.

Rokolor Eyebrow Paint: 4 Reasons to Choose

Learn how to remove the paint from eyebrows

. When painting your eyelashes you can not do without an assistant. It is recommended to do the procedure in the cabin, but if you still decide to do it at home, we recommend doing the following:

  • must necessarily remove the face from the face;
  • apply greasy baby cream to the area of ​​the eye without touching the eyelashes;
  • close your eyes, putting under the eyelashes of cotton wool discs;
  • paint is applied neatly to the eyelash with a brush;
  • wait for the required number of minutes, and remove the paint with cotton wool and warm water.

Rokolor Eyebrow Paint: 4 Reasons to Choose

The result should be beautiful eyebrows

To avoid unexpected problems, see three helpful tips:

  • You can not use eyebrow dye for hair.
  • During coloring, the color of the eyebrows looks darker, so do not be afraid.
  • If, after painting, the color becomes darker than you want, rub the eyebrow with a cotton swab soaked in soapy water.
  • Unbeatable leader, eyebrow and eyebrow eyeliner ROLOCOLAR

    After studying the feedback from users who dyeed the house, we concluded that the leader is the eyebrow paint "Rocolor".What exactly is allocated this product?

    • detailed instructions for the eyebrow paint "Rocolor" detail the steps of the procedure;The
    • paint has a very large volume of eyebrows and eyelashes, which is very beneficial for the financial side;The
    • is suitable for people with sensitive and allergic skin;
    • dense structure facilitates paint work;
    • result holds for eyelashes for almost a month;
    • possible tone selection: black or brown, depending on the person's desire.

    Rokolor Eyebrow Paint: 4 Reasons to Choose

    Face effect

    In the end, we note that Eyebrow & Eyelash "Rocolor" combines all the best qualities of these products and at an affordable price. Numerous reviews of women only confirm the fact that this product is worthy to stand in the first place in the list of products for coloring.