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Exercise the vacuum for a flat stomach - video how to do

Exercise the vacuum for a flat belly video how to do

Excessive fat in the abdomen disturbs many women. There are many reasons, including childbirth and malnutrition. We offer an exercise that you perform everyday, you lose an extra centimeter in the waist !

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  • 1 Pressure exercise "vacuum"
  • 2 How to make "vacuum"
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Exercise for press" vacuum "

Exercise" vacuum "has come to yoga bodybuilding. Its essence is to expel all air from the lungs and to pull as much as possible the stomach under the edges of the for at least 15 seconds. The exercise is directed to the transverse muscle of the abdomen , which looks ugly, if stretched. By performing "vacuum" 2 times a day, you will strengthen the muscle of the , reduce the volume of your waist, get rid of excessive fat .Exercise universally, to perform it can be absolutely everything at any age.

How to make

a vacuum It's worth noting that this exercise can be done wherever you are. - in the car on the way to work, sitting in an office chair, home when watching TV. .. anywhere! Also, to perform the exercise, you can take one of the preferred poses:

  • sitting
  • lying on the back: knees bent, legs standing on the floor
  • standing, leaning against the walls or chair of the
  • armpit

Exercise should be done in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bedtime.

Exercise Technique:

Exercise the vacuum for a flat belly video how to do

  • Take
  • Most Suitable for You
  • Exhale Through All The Air from
  • Lungs Make sure that you have kicked out the entire air
  • Drag Belly As You As
  • Hold in this position for a few seconds
  • You can start with 5 seconds for the approach, gradually increasing the time.

    The longer you stand in this position, the faster you see the effect. The best results can be achieved by emphasizing the right nutrition.

    Exercise the vacuum for a flat belly video how to do "vacuum" benefit When you perform this exercise every month you will see great results! Many people note that they have not simply reduced their stomach during this period, but made it absolutely flat.
    This effect is achieved by the tightening of the transverse muscle of the stomach, which can also eliminate from problems with the internal organs. In addition, fat from the abdomen area will be gradually removed, which does poorly in the waist.
    for girls from performance of

    exercises on critical days. Reviews about exercising "vacuum" for stomach

    I advised this exercise to my fitness club at my fitness center. At first it was difficult to do it( I'm doing from the position "lying down"), but now it's a habit to vacuum after washing. Katie, 20 years old
    I accidentally stumbled in the internet for this exercise and began to do it everywhere where there is a possibility. Even on the beach did))) The effect pleases me - flat elastic stomach. Although there was no problem with him, I'd rather pump my belly muscles right away! Lily, 25 years old
    I'm 43 years old, my daughter told me about the exercise. They began to do together once a day. A few months later I noticed a good improvement, and my daughter's process went much faster, apparently the age makes itself felt. I will continue, as I see the result, albeit small. Natalia, 43 years old

    Video: how to do the exercise "vacuum" for flat belly