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Shelves in the bathroom: photos, peculiarities of manufacturing

A standard bathroom has a small area, and you want to place as many items as possible on it. Of course, no bath can do without sanitary appliances. They occupy a significant place. And the washing machine? She also wants to install in the bathroom. In the kit to the

the washing machine is a linen basket and so on. And when it comes to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinstalling a small wardrobe in the bathroom, you understand that the space is no longer left.

The solution to this situation will be a shelf to the bathroom with its own hands. If you take care of its functionality, then on its small area you can place everything you need, from shampoo and soap, ending with a hairdryer and other necessary devices. How to make a shelf in the bathroom and what you need to do, read on.

Types of bathroom shelves

The design may be different. Choose the option that will fit your bathroom, but do not forget about your taste and the overall interior accordingly. The photo shows different variants of these designs.

These may be wall-mounted shelves, located in the usual way or in the corner. Another option is to place shelves under the sink or under the bath. Shelves in the bathroom can also be located on the floor or have a hanging mount. All the convenience of these options and ways of placing can be seen in photo 2. As for the material of manufacture, then the choice is also great. This is glass, plastic, metal and even a tree.

Shelves in the bathroom: photos, peculiarities of manufacturing

If you think about the bathroom equipment in the stationary shelf at the stage of the project, taking into account the huge opportunities available today for choosing building materials, making a shelf with your own hands will not be too much work.

Usually the frame of such a shelf is made of brick or moisture resistant to drywall, and in the process of further processing, it is made of lining in one style with walls. In photo 3 it is visible how aesthetically this variant looks.

Shelves in the bathroom: photos, peculiarities of manufacturing

In such a shelf of a stationary nature there is a number of significant advantages. These include:

  • possibility of placement in the narrow aperture, which is absolutely not suitable for the installation of a regular cabinet or shelf;
  • quality and reliability at the highest level, if the shelf is equipped to meet all technological requirements;
  • is a natural, consistent with the overall interior appearance.

Some features of the

The bathroom racks are very difficult to maintain in perfect order. Since the accessories placed on them are not used by one person, but by all family members. Therefore, in order not to violate the aesthetic appearance of the bathroom, you can use shelves or closets. Even if there was a mess in them, nobody would see it. These models are presented in the photo. The advantages of such furniture include:

Shelves in the bathroom: photos, peculiarities of manufacturing

  • use for the manufacture of high quality materials, possessing such properties as resistance to moisture and mechanical damage;
  • possibility of production according to your wishes, on an individual project, with the necessary sizes;
  • uses modern functional accessories that raises the convenience of shelves;
  • such items as household chemicals, personal care products and so on, are always reliably hidden from the strangest viewpoints.

And now let's consider the option of an angle shelf in the bathroom. It takes up little space and harmoniously fills the empty space. Pay attention to the photo: the corner regiment does not interfere with anyone and performs many functions. There is still a lot of positive qualities:

Shelves in the bathroom: photos, peculiarities of manufacturing

  • to make the shelf with its own hands easily;
  • fabrication material can be any one;
  • , besides the functional purpose, the corner shelf can perform decorative tasks.

Material for manufacturing shelves

As already mentioned above, material for the manufacture of shelves in the bathroom can be used differently. Let's take a look at the features of some of them:

  • The most affordable is plastic. In addition, because its price is low in characteristics, strength remains at the proper level. Care of a shelf from such material will not cause you any special difficulties. Its original appearance is preserved for many years.
  • Glass is also a suitable material for use in the bathroom. Furniture made with its use, is unique in style and extraordinary ease. Durability at the same time remains at a high level. However, it is only necessary to place glass shelves in a safe place, eliminating any possibility of unintentionally touching them.
  • The tree is used a bit less often than other variants. But its use enhances the interior of the bath, making it warmer and more homely. The only drawback of this material is the need for additional treatment to protect against the effects of moisture.
  • Any of the materials listed above is very suitable for the manufacture of a shelf in the bathroom. Such interior solutions can be seen in the photo.

    Shelves in the bathroom: photos, peculiarities of manufacturing

    Description of the manufacturing process of the

    shelf How to make a bathroom shelf with your own hands? There are many options, but consider the simplest and most affordable.

    Today, make a shelf with your own hands for the bathroom - a task more creative than technological.

    It's easy to buy ready-made parts, with which you can quickly make the shelf option you need.

    Size, design, fabrication material - everything can be tailored individually, according to your preferences.

    So, let's consider the option of manufacturing a bathroom locker made of material such as glass. For these purposes you need to stock up:

    • glass billets;
    • special ready-made fasteners;
    • dowels;
    • screwdriver;
    • drill;
    • jigsaw;
    • tape measure.

    Even a child can pick up a glass shelf. Small difficulty can keep you in the process of attaching it to the wall. This is due to the need to adhere strictly to the horizontal. By placing only one shelf on the wall, the violation of this parameter will be invisible, but if you plan to install multiple shelves, one over the other, in this case the slope and uneven location will be shaken. How to make the placement perfect?

    Use the tools such as level and special marker to make it more convenient to install the shelf. Level will help you determine horizontally, and marker - make markup. Do not be afraid to paint them on the surface of the tile, the resulting markup is then very easy to remove using a conventional wet wipes.

    The procedure for installing the shelf will be as follows:

    • using the level, it is necessary to determine the horizontal and make markings on the wall;
    • using a drill, prepare holes of the desired size;
    • it is necessary to remove dust and small particles from openings and to insert in them a clamp of a dowel;The
    • can now be screwed to the wall of the bathroom rack mount;
    • and the last thing to do is to place a glass plate in the mounting fixture.

    Your shelf is ready for use!

    In the same way you can make a shelf from another material. It is enough to replace the glass with a wood or plastic plate. Now you know how to make a bathroom shelf with your own hands, which means you can please members of your family with a new functional item.