How to store skimped breast milk - ways to store and select a milk suction cup.

How to store skim milk powder ways to store and select a milk suction cup. The undeniable fact is that breastfeeding is much better for infants and more convenient for their moms than the artificial kind of nutrition on the blends.

Mother's milk is a priceless product that has all the beneficial elements for the successful growth and development of the baby, as well as

for the formation of strong immunity .

But the young mother does not always have the opportunity to feed the baby " directly to " if, for example, she is forced to leave the house for a while or just want to shop around. Do not feed the same because of this baby in a mixture or, moreover, stop breastfeeding?

Of course not. After all, there is an opportunity to strain the milk, then someone from the household fed the baby when needed.

The main thing - is to adhere to all the rules and terms of storage of this miracle product.

Breast milk thinning: the choice of milk suction, what kind of them are they?

It is not so important whether a milk sucker will be used or a stretch will be done manually

. It is important to carefully monitor the cleanness of hands and dishes where breast milk is sent.

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Let's Tell Moms What to Do When Missing Breast Milk:, Tips for Restoring.

If the stock needs to be seasoned and stored periodically, occurs, a manual procedure is also appropriate. If it is necessary to do it constantly, then the suction cup will provide good help.

These devices are two types of :

  • Handheld suction cup .Lids on the chest are added to the device. Stretching is carried out by the help of pulling the piston by hand or pressure on the lever. On complete emptying of two breasts there is an average of 45 minutes.
  • Electric milk suction syringe .It is also equipped with special pads. After turning on, the appliance automatically suction milk into a special container. It takes only 10-15 minutes to squeeze out all the milk that is available from the breastfeeding mother at the time of using the milk sucker. You can simultaneously empty both breasts.

When choosing a milk pump, you should focus on how much time is available for chest milk. For employed women, optimal use will be made of an electric milk suction cup.although it costs significantly more manually, but saves time and effort.

is an important condition for , the is a relaxed, calm condition for mom and precise operation of the device. Stress should not cause pain or any unpleasant sensations, only a slight feeling of pressure. After each procedure, all the elements of the suction cup should be rinsed thoroughly.

Storage of skimmed milk at room temperature

How to store skim milk powder ways to store and select a milk suction cup. If the milk is to be taken by the baby on the same day, there is no need to place the product in the refrigerator or in a cool place.

It is known that female milk has a high level of confrontation with bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms and can be stored in clean, well-sealed containers for up to 10 hours at temperatures up to +22 degrees inclusive and up to 6 hours at + 22. .. + 25 degrees. But it is not necessary at the same time to keep dishes with milk under direct sunlight, it is better to put it in a dark place.

is a convenient way to store without the need to heat milk before feeding a baby. If you need a little more time to store milk, it's best to send it to a cool place( for example, a "mini cell" under the window).

At temperatures not exceeding 15 degrees, the product retains all its properties and is not susceptible to damage during the day.

Storing in a refrigerator - storage time

If necessary, to leave the baby for more than 6-7 hours, keep breast milk in the refrigerator. The packaging should have a slightly larger size than the amount of milk to be delivered, as the product may increase in volume when the temperature drops.

The best receptacles for storing milk in the refrigerator :

  • glass containers with lid
  • dense plastic lid with lid
  • specialty bags for storage of skimmed milk( sold in pharmacies)

How to store skim milk powder ways to store and select a milk suction cup. In disposable bags for bottles, milk should not be stored in the refrigerator in the refrigerator, as they can dislodge the seams and milk will pour out. The packaging of a valuable product should be removed from the edge of the shelves, preferably at the back of the refrigerator.

Maximum shelf life of chest milk is 8 days at a standard refrigerator temperature temperature - from 0 to +4 degrees.

Can I store milk in a freezer?

Frozen milk loses some important elements during defrost, but nonetheless it will still be much more useful than a diluted dry mix. For some reason, nursing mothers keep milk in a freezer, which is caused by necessity. The containers for the product need the same as for keeping milk in the refrigerator.

The terms of storage of breast milk in the freezer directly depend on the type of camera.

  • freezer compartment without doors( -7. .. -11 degrees) - up to 2 weeks
  • freezer with its own door( -13. .. -18 degrees) - 3-5 months
  • freezer in deep freezer refrigerator( -18. ..-20 degrees) - 6-12 months
  • separate freezer for milk storage( -20 degrees and below) - up to 1 year

Milk thawing best to carry in the refrigerator - this is a more gentle method than a sharp thaw in the room, savesmaximum number of useful items.

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After it is necessary to shake the container with milk, so that the liquid has found a homogeneous consistency, and put warm up in the usual way - to put the container under water. It is not possible to defrost the product in a microwave or gas.

How to store skim milk powder ways to store and select a milk suction cup. Repeated freezing of milk is absolutely unacceptable! After thawing the product can be stored in the refrigerator no more than 1 day, at room temperature - no more than an hour. In frozen milk it is not necessary to add fresh milk, and it is recommended to sign it to avoid confusion with the terms of the container.

Frozen milk can change its color and smell, and this is absolutely normal. The main thing is that the liquid does not give anything unpleasant and not sour to taste.

Therefore, before giving the baby a breast milk after defrosting , you must necessarily smell and taste the product.