Dry, itchy, peeling and burning of the lips: the best recipes for treatment


  • Causes of dryness and cracking on the lips
  • Creams, oils and lipsticks from dryness of lips
  • Treatment with folk remedies
  • How to cure baby's dryness of lips?

Virtually every person at least once in his life faced such an unpleasant phenomenon, when the skin of the lips becomes dry, there are

cracks. Constantly tormented by the feeling of contraction. Cracks sometimes bleed, aches, interfere with the full opening of the mouth. And it looks like it's rather unethical. What are the causes of trouble?

Dry, itchy, peeling and burning of the lips: the best recipes for treatment

Why do lips dry and crack?

  • The first thing to look for is to check if the air is too dry in the room where you spend a lot of time. If, by installing a humidifier, you will find that the situation has normalized - that means the reasons were precisely this. Often the lip breaks in the winter. This is due to a sharp change in temperature: the house is warm, but it is worth going out into the street, as the frost "bites" for the lips and cheeks. Very helpful for the dryness of the lips windy weather, which is observed in the n latitudes in February-March and late autumn. Sometimes "fault" in the occurrence of small cracks can be severe heat: the body simply does not have enough moisture, which quickly evaporates.
  • The second possible reason is that you use too little water. Try drinking clean water more often during the day - it is possible that this will remove the dryness of the lips.
  • Sometimes the lips dry out if the body reacts to an irritant. In other words, allergy may appear. It is able to cause various products, odors, medicines, cosmetics, in particular, lipstick. Sometimes the body responds in this way to changing climatic conditions or stressful situations. It may appear not only dryness, but also irritation, burning sensation, increased sensitivity.
  • If, after increasing the amount of used moisture, the lips continue to dry and crack, and heavily healing ulcers should go to the doctor and find out if the body feels the lack of vitamins. Often, the lack of iron and folic acid provoke irritation. Often, dryness and cracks are long tortured to people suffering from various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. To this state:

    • - dysbiosis;
    • - gastritis;
    • - stomach ulcer;
    • - problems with the pancreas.

    With all these diseases, the absorption of trace elements and vitamins is disturbed, which becomes a cause of dryness. Sometimes the diseases of the oral cavity( stomatitis, gingivitis) become a "starting point" for the development of unpleasant symptoms of dryness and burning.

    Dry, itchy, peeling and burning of the lips: the best recipes for treatment

    Creams and lipstick for eliminating dryness of lips

    It is best to begin to struggle with the dryness of lips right away, until there are cracks, because they can not be treated for a long time: the skin of the lips is thin, and the healing started again stops when repeated exposure of harmful factors. Once you lack natural protection - add extra.

    • The easiest recipe is to try to make a vaseline mask for a few days. On the lips a thin layer of vaseline is applied once or twice a day. After light massage with a soft brush, use Vaseline for 15 minutes, then remove the napkin.
    • A child's cream, which is applied thinly several times a day, 15 minutes before the street, helps a lot.
    • An excellent effect is the application of gel and oil roller "Aevit".This miracle tool can be purchased at the pharmacy."Ayvit" contains provitamin B5, as well as necessary for skin cover vitamins A and E, butter cocoa, fatty acids, extract of calendula. The oil roller "Avto" differs in that it gives an instant effect. In addition to these two species, "Aveit" is available in capsules. They are cheaper, but they are not so convenient to use: you will need to pierce the capsule with a needle and apply the contents on the lips.
    • Therapeutic and cosmetic products designed to fight the dryness of lips, are in the lineup of many cosmetics manufacturers. A good effect gives the balsam "Ladyball", which protects from weathering, sunlight, helps to heal small wounds. It has a light vanilla flavor.
    • Nivea balms have also earned a lot of positive feedback. Their whole series, but the biggest effect, according to buyers, brings a balm with the inscription: "Intense protection".It can be used separately or under the usual coloring lipstick.
    • You can also try Docteur Gamor lipstick. Its composition contains carite oil and mango oil, various vegetable extracts. Lipstick moisturizes well and nourishes them.
    • From dryness of lips help to get rid of lipstick, contain hyaluronic acid. Many women respond positively to hygienic lipsticks, containing propolis, jojoba oil and avocado. The general rule: they should be applied to the lips 10-15 minutes before entering the street, so that nutrients were able to penetrate into the skin.

    Dry, itchy, peeling and burning of the lips: the best recipes for treatment

    Folk remedies against dryness of lips

    In addition to industrial creams and balsams, popular recipes are very popular. Such creams do not contain flavors and dyes, and therefore are great for allergens and children. They, of course, have their drawbacks - some require a certain amount of time to cook, and the storage period is very limited, but it is - completely natural products, given by nature. Therefore, they are more useful than any industrial cosmetics.

    To prepare such creams, you need products that are found in almost every home. Here is a recipe for a mask that helps with dry lip:

    • - a spoon of sour cream( you can take a baby spoons - in fact, sour cream will need quite a bit);
    • - fresh lemon juice;
    • - vegetable oil - a little on the bottom of a teaspoon.

    All this mix and apply for 15 minutes on the lips. Then they should get wet with a napkin.

    You can make such a healing balm: mix a dessert spoon of wax with a little shisha oil, cocoa and almonds, melt in a water bath. Then you can add olive oil to this mixture. All is well mixed, poured into an empty tube from the lipstick and removed into the refrigerator. This tool can lubricate the lips every day, and it is stored in the refrigerator for six months.

    A dessert spoon of cheese of any fatness and a little bit of carrot juice, mixed to a homogeneous mixture, can also be used as a wonderful nutritious and moisturizing lip gloss. For appliance lovers there is a recipe: leave a fraction of the fragrant fruit for a mask, stir it on a grater, add a little butter. Also a great tool!

    There are also recipes that do not require any previous preparations. In the first place, this is a favorite folk medicine - honey. Honey can be applied to the lips at any time, several times a day. True, there is a temptation to lick the lips, but it is better to refrain from this, otherwise the treatment will not bring the effect.

    Honey can be mixed with different ingredients:

    • - butter;
    • - aloe juice;
    • - calendula oil;
    • - oil of sea buckthorn.

    In order to enhance the effect, before applying a mask or balsam, clean the lips with a scrub: mix together natural coffee and honey on the lips, massage a little, rinse with water or remove the scrub remnants with a soft cloth. The scrub is useful for dry lips, but this tool can be used until the crack has healed, otherwise the inflammation may increase.

    Dry, itchy, peeling and burning of the lips: the best recipes for treatment

    We treat the dryness of the lips in the child

    Children are even more likely to suffer from dryness and mist on the lips, because they have a habit of licking them. The more a child licks his lips - the worse their condition becomes. Therefore, it will be necessary to constantly instil a child so that he does not do this, and to follow him. In addition, if you notice that dryness does not pass - it is worth paying attention whether the baby breathes in the mouth. This is the case with problems with adenoids, and then you need to eliminate the root cause. It is possible to ease the condition of a child using special baby cosmetics: for example, "La Creme" balm containing almond and castor oil, beeswax. Very good balm "My Sonechko", which can be applied even to the smallest patients. You can anoint baby's lip with sea buckthorn oil, tea tree oil. But the honey should not be used, because the baby is sure to slice it.

    In your baby's diet, you must include eggs, butter, sour cream, oatmeal.

    If all these remedies do not bring a result - you still have to visit a doctor to exclude such dangerous diseases as diabetes, autoimmune diseases - sometimes they become provocateurs of an unpleasant state.

    But most often you can remove the dryness of your lips independently, with the help of pharmacy and folk remedies. True, this process can take a long time, so be patient with patience.