The drill is a Latvian breed of cows

The drill is a Latvian breed of cows

Burrow Latvian cow breed , belongs to the cow dairy product, in its productive orientation. This breed appeared relatively recently in the 19th century, as a result of crossings of local Latvian cows with bulls of angelic and red Danish breeds.

The task of breeders was to increase livelihood, as well as increase the fat content of milk. Over this they worked more than eighty years, during which time they had to grow from 3000kg to 4100kg, and the percentage of fat content increased from 3.7% to 4.2%.As we see from the above figures, they worked for fame, while making a Latvian cow burrow, one of the brightest representatives of the breed of breed.

But their work on this did not end, at the moment they are working on the exterior of the cow, and also continue to increase the livelihood and fat content of milk, and, moreover, raise the meat side of the breed, which in the future can make a Latvian Latvian cow breed universal, meat and dairy breed. But this is all in the future, now, the productivity of meat is not a virtue of this breed.

Burrow Latvian cow breed, appearance

There are many shades of suit of brown Latvian cow, but the head, neck, ears and the lower part of the legs are usually dark colors. The sizes of the cow of the brown Latvian breed are among the average values ​​of dairy breeds, having a half-tonne weight for cows, and over 1000 kg of bulls. The turtles at the age of one and a half years weigh about 300-400 kg. If you keep the bulls on slaughter, their mortality will be 50% of live weight, and 1.5% more fattened calves.

How to boost cows need? High desirability and conditions for their receipt.

Milk productivity, as well as fat content of milk, is laid in childhood, so it is very important factor in proper nutrition of young animals, if you want to gain record livelihood, you should diversify the diet of cows, pay special attention to carbohydrate feeding cows recorders, feed them with the following feeds: fodderbeets, potatoes, carrots, roasted oatmeal and corn silage. In the summer, they need to be provided with green fodder. Also, an important factor is the lack of stress in cows, irritating noise, rough handling of the animal, or even lichen, negatively affecting milk production.

Indicators of Latvian cat breed dough, very decent so, at the first lactation, you can count on livelihood in the region of 3500 kg, with a fat content of about 4.1%, 4300 kg and a fatness of 4.4% in the second period. In the third period, the indicators become very and very impressive, so you need to grow to 4600-4700kg with a fat content of 4.5%.In some cases, the Latvian Latvian breed's cows were fed at a level of 5000 kg with a fat content of 4%.Based on these indicators, it is not superfluous to take care of the proper maintenance of the cows of the breed of Latvian bora, and she will pay you with toric.

In this article our article has come to an end, hope our story was interesting, and tips will help you in the content of your cow, to new meetings!