Hemorrhoid Treatment

We treat hemorrhoids with ointment

Modern Proctology has a large arsenal of tools for conservative hemorrhoids treatment. It is important for each patient to find suitable medications with minimal number of side effects and high efficacy effects on all major symptoms in order to quickly improve the health of the

and prevent further progression of the disease. These drugs include Ointment for Hemorrhoids. It works great even in the underdogs, as well as the testimonials of patients and practitioners.


  • 1 Description of the drug
  • 2 Indications
  • 3 How to use

Description of the drug

In the proctology successfully used drugs that combine popular recipes with the achievements of medical science, made from plant material with the addition of synthetic components. These include the Drunken tool.

Ointment Ointment is a modern combined anti-heroin preparation for local and external use, based on the recipes of traditional Chinese medicine based on plant and chemical components.

Available in aluminum tubes of 2 g with a tip or plastic with 10 m with four nozzles included. The ointment has the following basic properties:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • is dried and healed;
  • antimicrobial;
  • hemostatic.

We treat hemorrhoids with ointment Such a complex of therapeutic properties is due to the healing effects of the components that make up the drug. Drinking:

  • pearls( in the form of powder) - have long been used to stop bleeding, heal small wounds and erosions( including hemorrhoids and anal fissures);
  • amber( powder) - accelerates the healing of morning, increases the flow of oxygen molecules into the cells of the rectum, improves the biosynthesis of proteins in the tissues when taking the ointment, as well as microcirculation of blood in the affected areas of the intestine;
  • borneol( crystalline mass of borneol tree) has a complex of healing properties - anesthetics, reduces spasm of the anal sphincter, accelerates the healing of the rectum cracks, promotes the normal defecation of the intestine, has an antimicrobial and antiviral action;
  • artificial musk is an anti-inflammatory agent, improves venous circulation in the rectum, due to this component, the ointment has a sharp specific odor that is not pleasant to everyone( there are reports of some patients who are sick of smell of the ointment);
  • calamine( hemimorphite) - a silicate mineral extracted in China as ore of zinc, provides a sharp cooling effect with local application, has anti-inflammatory effect, reduces swelling, itching, pain in the anus, forms a protective film and protects the morning from the ingestion of fecal particles;We treat hemorrhoids with ointment
  • artificial no-stone stone - removes spasm, increases resistance to the body, has an antibacterial effect;
  • lanolin - obtained by welding fat from sheep wool, along with vaseline, is an ointment base, which dissolves all active substances, promotes cell saturation with water and restores damaged tissue of the rectum;
  • sodium tetraborate( borax) - has an antimicrobial effect.

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Ointment Ointment is an original anti-heroic remedy of Chinese origin that can effectively relieve pain, swelling, itching in the anus, stop high hemorrhage, accelerate healing of anal cracks and morning on hemorrhoids. However, the ointment can not dissolve clots of blood when thrombosis external hemorrhoids, does not have anti-thrombotic effect. Patient feedback contains information that when acute thrombosis ointment does not allow the ointment to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to apply additional drugs.

We treat hemorrhoids with ointment Key Indications for use:

  • acute externally hemorrhoids without signs of thrombosis;
  • internal hemorrhoids of the 2nd and 3rd stages, complicated by bleeding and the development of inflammatory events;
  • cracked rear gangway;
  • eczema anal area.

Contraindications for the use of this product are allergy to the components that are part of the drug. Ointment is not recommended for the treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy and breastfeeding, in each case a doctor's consultation is necessary. It is undesirable to use this remedy for allergic contact dermatitis and herpes in the anus.

How to use

Do you have hemorrhoids?

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Oil Ointment should be kept on the shelf in the refrigerator. For the treatment of external forms of hemorrhoids in the morning and evening, apply ointment on the affected area after the previous washing with cool water. To enhance the effect, you can apply for gauze napkin, attach to knots and attach to the underwear. Reviews of patients( especially patients) indicate that the ointment dirty linen, but it does not respond well.

We treat hemorrhoids with ointment With internal localization of nodes and cracks, inks are injected into the rectum with the help of a kit from the kit twice a day, preferably after the chair. The course of treatment is usually about two weeks. If, after a week's treatment, the ointment does not improve, then you should inform your doctor, take measures to clarify the diagnosis and correct the treatment.

Some negative feedback from patients about ointment. Drinking is often associated with misuse of the drug, the development of an allergic reaction or failure to follow additional medical recommendations for diet, lifestyle with hemorrhoids.

Using only one ointment can not relieve the patient of a serious illness, it is important to eliminate the very cause of the illness( excess weight, hypodynamia, physical activity).Therefore, it is not recommended to engage in self-medication. Any preparation should be used after preliminary examination and discussion with the doctor of the whole complex of medical measures for hemorrhoids, which includes application of local and general means, correction of food and motor activity, getting rid of bad habits.

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