Al-Shpa from the headache


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To eliminate spasm, causes pain, often used drugs containing drotaverin. One of the most popular

drugs of this type is no-spas. Often it is used to relieve pain during critical days in women, but nose spas has a wider range of applications.

Al-Shpa is an extremely effective remedy for headaches and dizziness. She removes the discomfort very quickly, after five minutes after receiving, relief begins, and after half an hour there are no painful symptoms. Unlike ordinary analgesics, this medicine relieves spasms of muscles and vessels, relaxing them. It does not matter, because of which the attack began - sharply narrowed the vessels, there was a spasm of the muscles, the blood in large volumes moved to the underlying part of the body and dizziness began, there was a head injury, but she helps in all cases.

Dizziness when taking ale-sha is fairly rapid, because the drug expands the blood vessels and improves the blood flow to them. As a result, the brain does not feel oxygen fasting and unpleasant sensations are stopped.

This drug is most often recommended to women because of a tendency to spasm.

But shpa from a headache

Al-Shpa contains drotaverin, and therefore it is not just a good pain reliever, but also an antispasmodic, a drug that can fight spasms and quickly suppress dizziness and headache.

As a rule, no-sha is sold in pills, but there are other medications - capsules and a solution for injection.

Regardless of the release form, the main ingredient of al-shi is drotaverin and a number of auxiliary elements( for tablets).As a rule, it is used everywhere components: talc, lactose, corn starch, etc.

Pharmacology of medicines

Al-Shpa is a strong long-acting antispasmodic. Due to the decrease in the tone of smooth muscles, the medicine not only completely removes spasm, but also expands the vessels. The main difference between the drug and other similar drugs is that it has no negative effects on the central nervous system and does not cause serious side effects. With oral administration begins to act in 15-20 minutes, with injection - in 2-5 minutes.

Al-Shpa is rapidly absorbed, distributed evenly over tissues, quickly penetrates smooth muscle cells. Since the drug is able to penetrate the placenta, during pregnancy, it can only be used in accordance with the medical recommendations.

Is excreted entirely within 72 hours of ingestion.

Indications for use

  • Spasm that occurs in the muscles of the internal organs( kidney, stomach or intestinal colic, cholecystitis, diseases of the biliary tract).
  • Peelite.
  • Spastic constipation or colitis.
  • Phase of exacerbation of gastric ulcer.
  • Endarteritis.
  • Spasm of arteries.
  • The threat of miscarriage or premature birth, uterine spasm, postpartum contractions.
  • Pain in menstruation.
  • Migraine.
  • Voltage headaches.
  • No-SHA

    But shpa from a headache
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    Use of nose spins during pregnancy( after the 1st trimester) is allowed by doctors and is recommended when it is necessary to remove the increase in tone of the uterus. Some doctors recommend that a pregnant woman wear a no-spray with her and use it in the event of any pain in the uterus. However, for each individual case, it is still better to consult a specialist.


  • Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.
  • Severe cardiac, renal or hepatic insufficiency.
  • Arterial Hypotension.
  • Children under the age of 6( tablets excluded, injections are allowed).
  • Galactose intolerance.
  • In addition, no-spray should be used with caution to people suffering from atherosclerosis of coronary arteries, glaucoma, prostate disease and pregnant women in the first trimester of pregnancy. You should talk with a specialist about taking nocturnes during lactation.

    Since clinical trials on the effects of the drug on children under the age of 12 years have not been carried out, the use of no-spray to reduce spasms and pains in a child should only be obtained after consultation with a specialist.

    Side Effects

  • Dizziness, Nausea.
  • Accelerated heartbeat.
  • Heat, increase sweating.
  • Blood Pressure Reduction.
  • Allergy.
  • When overdose al-Shpa violates the heart, it can lead to its stop and respiratory paralysis.

    Method of administration and dosage for

  • Adult: 40-80 mg, three times a day. At renal colic - intravenously, with spasm of the vessels - intraarterially.
  • For children under 6 years of age: 10-20 mg.at one timeThe maximum daily dose for a child of this age is 120 mg.medicine.
  • For children from 6 to 12 years old: 20 mg.at one timeMaximum daily dose - 200 mg.
  • For children older than 12 years of age, the drug can be taken as an adult.
  • If the drug is taken without a medical consultation, the duration of treatment should not exceed 2 days. In the event that during this time the pain is constantly returned, it is necessary to contact a specialist to clarify the diagnosis and appointment of proper treatment.

    But shpa from a headache

    No-spike should be taken with caution and under the supervision of a physician if the patient has a peptic ulcer of the stomach or has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. After taking it is not recommended to drive.

    When stopping the pain associated with the ulcer, the nose is taken in combination with specialized medicines. When taking medication, you need to refuse to manage your transport and occupy another, potentially dangerous activity that requires high concentration and quick response.

    Included in the composition of dopamine drotaverin significantly reduces the effect of levodopa( a medicine used to reduce Parkinson's disease symptoms).Similarly, NO-SP significantly increases the effect of other antispasmodics, reduces blood pressure and blocks the effect of antidepressants.


    Al-Shpa, the price of which is not available to all, is highly sought after, because of which many pharmacies raise the price tag even more. Normal packaging of pills for 60 pieces of No-Shpa costs 200 - 250 rubles, the most convenient in 100 tablets - up to 300 rubles, a pack of ampoules in 25 pieces - not less than 500 rubles.


    "In my opinion, this is the slightest pain reliever that can be taken at a critical moment and which, moreover, has no unpleasant side effects. It helps me always and practically right away. With mild pain, it works great, but sometimes you have to drink a second pill from a strong one.

    "Several years ago, she literally saved me from terrible pain in women's days: the pain disappeared literally 10 minutes after application. But then there was an addiction, or something else: now from no-sp there is no point. When after a few hours the pain finally passes, you do not understand: whether it was gone, then the medicine still acted. One more minus no-spit: it causes terrible nausea. Recently, I want to refuse from it, try other medicines. "

    " Firstly, with a slight pain, n-SP still helps. Secondly, a convenient package of 100 pcs of tablets allows you to take it with you anywhere. There are packages for a smaller number of tablets, with a system of depreciation: the box does not open and does not collapse, the most convenient jars, of which the tablets fall out when pressed. Well, and, of course, a relatively low price in the region of 200 rubles makes no-shp better for me than an antispasmodic. "