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Camphor oil from hemorrhoids and castor oil during lactation

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Camphor oil from hemorrhoids and castor oil during lactation

Camphor and castor oil have been known to mankind for many years. They are used in medicine and cosmetology. They can be synthetic and natural. "Camphor" and "Ricin"

contain a huge amount of different acids, so the spectrum of their use is simply colossal.


Camphor oil from hemorrhoids and castor oil during lactation

Camphor oil comes from Camphor Lavra, which grows predominantly in Indonesia, Japan and China, while castor oil is grown in India, Argentina and Brazil.

Application of

Camphor oil from hemorrhoids and castor oil during lactation

Camphor ether is used to treat the respiratory system, pneumonia, colds, etc. Oil is often part of various anti-inflammatory drugs, especially when it is effective in the treatment of cough. In addition, etherol is used for pain in the joints and muscles, arthritis, neuralgia. It is an excellent antiseptic, and is also used to heal wounds and acne. In addition, it perfectly whitens the skin. Camphor etherol strengthens the nervous system and enhances metabolic processes in the body.

In cosmetology "camphor" is used as a means of getting rid of freckles and pigment spots, mixing with buckthorn.

The castor ephirale nourishes the skin, it is recommended to use it to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. Doctors are advised to apply "castor" and "camphor" at night with great caution, as if you get into your eyes there may be burning or allergic reaction.

Also, "castor can be used with conjunctivitis. It perfectly helps with burns or wounds of different origins. Ricinus oil has shown itself to be used in various diseases of the cervix and vagina.

In addition, both "ricin" and "camphor" are simply irreplaceable in the treatment of hemorrhoids and other inflammatory diseases.


Camphor oil from hemorrhoids and castor oil during lactation

Camphor oil is an excellent remedy for hemorrhoids. It can be mixed with other oils, or used in pure form. For example, it is possible to apply to the area of ​​the anus after the act of defecation, thus mitigating the skin that is inflamed with hemorrhoids. In addition, it is recommended to apply ether to the tampon and gently enter into the anus 20 minutes. In non-advanced forms of hemorrhoids, the course of such treatment is four sessions.

You can also make potato candles from hemorrhoids. From raw potatoes made small candles, which soaked at night in camphor oil, after which they need to be injected daily into the anus before going to bed. It is believed that such candles can defeat even the much-launched forms.

Speaking of castor oil, it is best to use it internally as a laxative to soften the feces and to facilitate the bowel movement. After all, constipation is the main enemy of hemorrhoids.

Also, when hemorrhoid "castorium can be applied to cotton swabs and applied to the anus, it perfectly removes irritation and inflammation.


It is believed that camphor and castor oil have the opposite effect during lactation. Thus, in order to increase lactation, it is recommended to make compresses from castor ether, at the time to stop lactation - from "camphor". For compresses it is better to mix them with honey. It is also advised to do various massage for breastfeeding women to stop or intensify lactation.


Camphor oil from hemorrhoids and castor oil during lactation

It is believed that camphor etherol is contraindicated for those who suffer from heart disease, as it can strengthen them. In addition, it is not necessary to give babies a year, because they have very weak immunity. Camphor is categorically contraindicated for people suffering from epilepsy.

Speaking of "castor", it can be used for babies and pregnant women, as well as those suffering from various kidney diseases, as the reaction may be unpredictable.

Thus, both castor oil and camphor oil are simply irreplaceable in the treatment of various diseases, including hemorrhoids, so they need to have in the first aid kit of each family.

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