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Cutting of ceramic tiles

One of the most popular materials for wall and floor decoration is ceramic tile. Many craftsmen make her stacking with her own hands. When creating a wall or floor covering in most cases can not do without cutting the tile. To do this, the

can use different methods - the most suitable option can be chosen according to the planned volume and complexity of work, taking into account the available cutting tools, as well as the estimated cost of the purchased tools.


  • Preparation tiles
  • features cutting tiles
  • tools for cutting tiles
    • The use of glass cutting
    • cutting tile nippers
    • using mechanical Tile
    • Cutting Electric Tile
    • cutting tile grinder
  • Figured cutting tiles
  • Cutting Tile Tile - video

Preparation tiles

If youplan to cut the tile for the first time, it is recommended to prepare material with a small stock. Mastering the technology of cutting tiles at home is not very difficult, you will need to choose the appropriate tools and master some of the nuances of the work with this material. Before the beginning of facing works it is necessary to sort out the available material stock. The technology of manufacturing( by the method of high-temperature roasting) of ceramic tiles admits some deviations from the declared size, thickness of products, as well as their shades. Separate tiles may vary slightly in length and width.

Same products are stacked, sorted by size. As a template for measurements, a cross-section with a scale drawn from bevelled perpendicular to wooden bars of a certain length, as well as a ruler can be used. After marking the future tile coating, it is recommended to decompose the tile on a free surface with cross stitches for joints to simulate stacking. It is necessary to carefully align the rows vertically and diagonally, keeping the necessary symmetry and necessary ornament. This way, you will get an idea of ​​how many tiles and how to cut them.

Cutting of ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are often used in the following way - they are laid on a number of coatings, in corners, in places of laying of communications, and also for the production of complex faceting patterns, ornaments and panels.

Features of cutting ceramic tile

Tile tile is made from burnt clay covered with a layer of baked glaze. As a result, the tile is characterized by a solid glossy surface, characterized by strength, not prone to deformation, but it is very fragile on the scrap and can easily split during mechanical influences.

Slicing the tile under the cutting is required on the face with a construction pencil, or an ordinary soft pencil or marker. After marking, you can perform cutting of tiles, for further high-quality stacking you need to get a smooth and neat cut.

There are two basic ways to cut a ceramic tile:

  • make with a special tool a rather deep cut on the marked line and carefully break the tile over it. In this case, an even cut will be executed from above, and the inequalities of the fault at the base of the tile will be concealed by means of a solution;
  • using a diamond disk to cut the tile into parts of the desired shape - this method allows you to get a fairly even cut without errors.

It should be borne in mind that cutting the tile is recommended at a distance of at least 1 cm from the edge, with a single cut. Cutting a Bulgarian or an electric machine-tile cutter should be carried out strictly on a flat surface, without leaving it, otherwise the probability of occurrence of distortions and chips( in case if the disk is stuck) is strictly. In order to avoid the appearance of burrs, scratches and chips, it is necessary to ensure that the pressure on the tile at the incline is evenly distributed.

Cutting of ceramic tiles

You can decay the tile, placing it on an even surface, using the following methods:

  • by placing the emphasis in line with the incision line on the edge of the table, with the force of pressing on the protruding edge of the tile;
  • at the bottom under the tile, respectively, cut groove, put a match( or a small nail), and force the pressure on both adjacent sides;
  • by taking a tile on both edges, with the power of knocking down the edge of the edge of the table;
  • thin ribbed strips break with forceps, as well as pliers, ticks;
  • cut it off with cuts( this method is used for cutting tiles for the floor) - on the product line, do not cut sharp edges hammer. At the edges of the line should be deepened divisions. The tile prepared in this way is put on a knee, covered with dense cloth or felt, hit the top with a hammer in the direction of the nosepieces - as a result of the executed manipulations the tile is broken on the planned line.

For cutting of relief ceramic and ceramic granite tiles( according to the production technology, this tile is particularly durable, since it is baked all over the surface), use tools equipped with disks with "diamond" spraying - these types of tiles need to cut through the entire thickness. For the most effective cutting of joints it is recommended to soak it in a container with water for 40 minutes.

Tile cutting tools

Choose, than to cut ceramic tile, based on the volumes of work, thickness and density of the material.

Tile cutting can be performed using the following tools:

  • roller glass cutter;
  • manual stationary tile;
  • portable electric tile cutter;
  • tweezers;
  • blacksmiths with a dry cut( cutting disc without diamond cutting slots).

At small volumes of tile cutting( if you need to process a few pieces) it is possible to use a glass cut.

Cutting of ceramic tiles

To handle more than a dozen tiles, it is recommended to use a tile cutter. Due to the larger diameter of the wheel, the tile cutter allows a deeper slit, in addition, it provides a comfortable handle, as well as a device designed to break the tile along the incision.

Wall tile is conveniently cut using a glass cutter and a manual tile cutter, it is advisable to use an electric tile cutter for cutting more dense floor ceramic material - with the help of it you can improve the precision of the trowel, as well as reduce the waste of tiled material.

Application of glass slit

Glass slab can be quite useful as the most primitive device for cutting small wall tiles. With the help of a ruler or a corner pressed to the tile, a slit cutter should be cut, by drawing a wheel in accordance with the marking( in the direction to itself).Then you can carefully break the tile along the groove.

Cutting of ceramic tiles

Cut thick tile and harder floor tiles in such a way is unlikely to turn out, for the processing of ceramic granite tile, of course, need more powerful tools and adaptations.

Tile cutting by forceps

With the help of special tile cutter tongs you can cut a small amount of tile. This tool is distinguished by low cost and easy to use, designed for simple cuts.

Cutting of ceramic tiles

First you need to apply marking to the tile and cut it with a special wheel set on the tweezers. In this way, you can get a deeper groove than using a glass cutter - hence the line of fault tile will be fairly smooth and smooth. The tongue's lips need to be placed on the tile, so that the wide part that forms a small angle is on top, and the central part is opposite the incision. Gently holding the tongs, part of the tile carefully break along the groove.

For tile thin strip tongs use is not very convenient, in this case it is recommended to use more complicated devices.

Use of mechanical slabs

Hand-held tile-cutter is equipped with a special large wheel for a deep incision, as well as a special mechanism that allows you to break the tile. Such a tool is very convenient for use at home and also popular among professionals. With the help of a manual tile, it is easy to cut large volumes of tiles, including a material of a considerable thickness and strong ceramics.

Cutting of ceramic tiles

The following technology is used to handle ceramic tiles by hand tile:

  • should be placed on the surface of the tile floor in such a way that the line of the wheel of the wheel coincides with the marking and carefully carry out a single cut, with the force of the pressure to be compared so as to make the groove sufficient for the fault depth;
  • after this handle, the tile cutter is transferred to the active state for a break, so that a quick, confident push on it will break through the incision.

In order to perform a qualitative tile treatment, it is necessary that the width of the banding should be not less than 10 mm.

For the effective operation of a manual tile, the following points must be taken into account:

  • , pay attention to the stability and stiffness of the base of the tile, the thickness of the guides. Take a sample of the tile in the shop that you plan to cut and test the tool;
  • requires that the carriage smoothly moves without jerks( in the design of a mechanical tile, this requirement is implemented with the help of a specially designed bearing);
  • during operation requires that the cutting diamond wheel be in the correct shape and easily scrolled( wearing the roller, rounding the sharp edge, the presence of chips on the surface requires replacement);The
  • floor should be flat, its surface clean;The
  • on the handle should not be mechanically damaged.

Cutting of ceramic tiles
To ease the process of cutting and breaking the tile with a tile, it is advisable to pre-soak it in water, and also before the cutting, add a drop of machine oil through the incision. After acquiring the minimum skills of using the tool with its help to really handle significant volumes of tile material.

Cutting with

electric tile cutter For large volumes of work it is advisable to use an electric tile cutter, such devices can be purchased, as well as leased. Such a machine for cutting tiles are used by professionals, with its help it is easy to perform various necessary operations. The technology of cutting on large rotations of a diamond disk allows to receive the most qualitative results. In this way, you can provide tile material of almost any shape, including cutting the tile at an angle of 45 °( in order to avoid the appearance of chips cut off part should not reach the edge of the tile - this area is polished manually using a bar covered with sandpaper, or ongrinding wheel).When processing the material with an electric tile, an even cut is made with rounded edges( as opposed to hand tools that cut the tile into fragments with sharp edges).

Cutting of ceramic tiles

The use of an electric slab has a number of advantages:

  • excellent performance of cutting tiles;
  • in the absence of dust, especially in the case of cutting tiles with water supply to the line of the cut;
  • by obtaining an even and smooth cut of tile material without special temporary and physical expenses.

Bulgarian tile cutting

With the help of Bulgarian with a diamond circle, you can cut a tile of any shape. This method has its disadvantages:

  • depending on the accuracy of the execution, you can get tiled slices of different quality, not always smooth and smooth - the probability of the appearance of teeth;The
  • tiled tile may crumble.

Cutting of ceramic tiles

It is recommended to do such work on the street, as when working with the Bulgarian, a significant amount of dust is formed.

Shaped tile cutting

It is often necessary to make a curly tile cutting - cut it in a variety of ways, including at an angle, or cut openings. You can add various forms of tiled material using an electric machine, as well as using manual tweezers - cutting the pieces of the tile according to the pre-marked markings in successive steps. To form equal edges apply grinding sandpaper or overhead.

Cutting of ceramic tiles

After using an electric tile, you can slightly adjust the shape of the products by hand grips.

Tile cutting by slab - video