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How to help a baby with constipation: what to give a baby

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A little child puzzles her parents very often. How to help babies with constipation - a question asked by parents almost once a week. According to statistics, approximately

20% of infants suffer from constipation, so that such an interest is clear enough.

Table of Contents

  • 1 How to recognize an ailment in infants?
  • 2 Causes of
  • problems 3 Varieties of the phenomenon
  • 4 Treatment methods of
  • 5 Therapeutic therapy
  • 6 Conclusion

1 How to identify an ailment in infants?

First of all, you need to know how many times a day a baby is defecation, which color and consistency is his chair. How is emptying - long, fast, there are painful feelings in this case. All this should know the father of the baby. From his attention should not slip away anything.

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How to help a baby with constipation: what to give a baby

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The older the child becomes, the less the emptying of the intestines per day he carries. So, in the first weeks of your life, a child can empty from 5 to 10 times in 24 hours. Until the year he will be empty only once a day. And this is a physiological norm for a child.

In this case, it is not considered to be a violation if the infant's bowel movements occur once a day. If the stool in a baby is mild, similar to a thick porridge, this is also not a violation. Kal is similar to sausage only in one-year-old children. The color of feces varies depending on the diet: from yellow to light brown. It turns out feces without strain and painful sensations. If these indicators take place, then this means that the baby is okay.

When the child is adaryré, almost everything changes. Calf is solid, defecation occurs less than once every 24 hours. The color becomes darker. For a baby it becomes apparent that he is hurt during bowel movements, the stomach is swollen. Here you can not be lost, but you should remember how to help a child with constipation. By the way, it is believed that the child on breastfeeding is not scary. This is not so, constipation in children arises not only because of the absence of maternal milk.

How to help a baby with constipation: what to give a baby

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2 Causes of Problems


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There are many reasons for the appearance of constipation in a baby, and the main ones are presented here:

  • Rare, but the cause is still an anatomic defect of the large intestine. It was described by Dr. Gisprung. Still, this cause of adyarrhea in the newborn is controversial, but also to remove it from the accounts, scientists are in no hurry.
  • Constipation in newborns is often the fault of the mother, of course, if breastfeeding takes place. The fact is that the mother's diet is directly related to the work of her child's intestines. In this regard, so that the child does not suffer from constipation, the mother should give up white bread, meat, nuts, bananas, rice, coffee, black tea.
  • If the newborn is not given enough drink, then it may well be the appearance of adyarrhea. This is especially true for artificial baby feeding.
  • A constipation in a baby will be necessary if it is too early to enter the diet of the bait. Specialists recommend starting to feed the baby no earlier than 6 months. By this time the child is completely correct and normally develops on one mother milk alone.
  • If you sharply transfer a baby from the usual feeding to a new or a mixture of mother's milk to an artificial mixture. You can not do this sharply and immediately, this will necessarily result in constipation.
  • Low consumption of fiber or dietary fiber. That is, the child must eat vegetable or fruit purees. If at the same time the child consumes little liquid, then discoloration will be mandatory.
  • Children often get sick, and they, like adults, prescribe an antibiotic. He successfully fights with the disease, for example, with purulent otitis media or pneumonia. But the side effect of the antibiotic is a discoloration. It is clear that it is better to cure pneumonia, and if because of an antibiotic there was a constipation, then then already help him get rid of constipation.
  • Despite the fact that the kid did not understand much of the year, he discerns the separation from his mother very sharply, for example, if she fell ill. Against the backdrop of these experiences, the abdomen may begin adyarrhea.
  • There is still a phenomenon that is sometimes called hungry constipation. This happens in a situation where the mother has very little milk, and everything that the baby ate was absorbed by his body almost without a trace. Thus, the baby just does not have feces. So in its essence it is not constipated.
  • The reasons given here for constipation are called functional. That is, constipation occurs due to disorders of the intestines, and not because of diseases. Specialists can determine this form of constipation by the feces of the child.

    3 Varieties of the phenomenon


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    Constipation in a child can be of three types: the functional described above, may still be spastic and atonic. Atonic constipation is characterized by a low intestinal tone. The density of the first portion of feces exceeds the norm. The size is more normal and causes the baby pain. The following portions of feces of normal consistency and color.

    Intestinal spasm can cause spastic constipation. With such a discus, the child urinates feces, resembling balls. Chalk masses are dry, almost spherical and very dense. When defecation, the child feels pain, in addition, it suffers from bloating. The difference between these constipation should be known, this will help parents correctly help the infant with adyarrhea.

    How to help a baby with constipation: what to give a baby

    4 How to treat

    How to help a child with constipation? Before you start taking any measures to eliminate constipation, you need to understand the cause of its occurrence. Sometimes it just needs to normalize the baby's nutrition, and the problem will end by itself.

    How to help a baby with constipation: what to give a baby

    If the constipation appeared on the background of taking antibiotics, you need to give the baby Bifidobacterium. This is a remedy for living bacteria that will restore the child's intracerebral flora. Is it possible to give the child Acipulum - the remedy is also called to put in order the level of beneficial bacteria in the intestine.

    If you have a spastic constipation, make a light tummy massage. This is a simple circular stroke. You can not manipulate counter-clockwise! Sometimes it's just easy to squeeze the baby to the chest. The proximity and warmth of the mother acts on the baby soothing.

    Atonic constipation is treated with exercise. For example, bending the knees to the abdomen and straightening them, then you can put the child on the stomach. These simple procedures will result in the baby's intestine working properly. If, however, the constipation occurs due to the rare cause described in the first paragraph - distortion of the rectum, then treatment is likely to be a surgical operation.

    How to help a baby with constipation: what to give a baby

    5 Therapeutic Therapy

    How to help a baby with constipation medication? Very careful. Normal laxatives for a child are strictly contraindicated. Even a seemingly innocent enema for a toddler is not very recommended. The fact is that you can very seriously disturb the intestinal microflora by any laxatives, regardless of whether the baby is breastfed or artificial.

    How to help a baby with constipation: what to give a baby

    The only harmless, from this point of view, of complications is Dyufalac - a syrup for children. It contains lactulose. This syrup can be given to babies and nursing mothers. It does not violate the natural intestinal microflora and acts very smoothly. Do not get used to it.

    For children older than six months, another form of Forlax can be given, also has a relatively mild effect in the absence of bowel effects. Do not get used to it.

    Infants with constipation can make a glycerine candle, but it is still necessary to find out the origin of constipation. The candle should not become a panacea.

    How to help a baby with constipation: what to give a baby

    6 Conclusion

    If you have any constipation, consult your doctor.

    Only a competent specialist will tell you to give a child in the case of adyarrhea. One should not blindly believe in the wonders of folk medicine and use questionable ways to treat constipation.

    For example, there is an old way to treat constipation with soap enema. It should be known that cute is made of alkali. And the meadow negatively affects the microflora of the child. Will you be able to deliberately make your child an enema with meadow? The lock after it will certainly not be, but the consequences of such an enema can be much more terrible. In addition, when creating this way, the cute was loose and from natural products - bone meal and fat. Modern cute addition to dyes and flavors contains a lot of chemical elements, to put it mildly, not very useful for the baby.

    Another folk way to fight is to irritate the anal aperture with a stick or some other subtle thing. In this case, the probability of damaging the skin of a child by a foreign subject is incredibly high, and when the child is defecated, he will feel pain. In addition, it will not cure constipation. It simply accelerates the process of bowel movements. And if you do not cure the constipation, how much time will have to annoy the baby's anus with a stick?

    So if a child has a constipation, what to do to you, will prompt a doctor, and not a grandmother, a scum. Still, humans do not have a medieval level of development. Be careful about your baby, watch out for your health.