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New Year's wreaths with their own hands: photo, video, materials, technique, advice

New Year Agree, holidays are loved by everyone, especially when it comes to New Year's Eve. These holidays are always waiting for impatience, because ahead - new expectations, implementation of fresh ideas, one more year of pleasant events, communication with close people.

The old year, as we believe, always takes away everything from bad and unpleasant to the

, and the New one brings good things instead. Therefore, he is waiting with such impatience. And the festive mood appears in the middle of November. Why so fast? So it's just time to fly, like a madman. And before the New Year, so much remains to be done: to cook, to buy, to make. .. Therefore, preparation always begins in advance.

New Year

On such days, you will agree, the wants something special made by its own hands, with close people, so that it's possible to put your soul, love and, of course, have a good time together. That is why the relatives, friends, colleagues are going to get together. From this moment, New Year magic begins.

New Year

What can you create such a fabulous and wonderful, cute and at the same time such that will be all in power? Well! More courageous. .. You know exactly what is going on. Right! New Year's wreath on the door. Well? Let's talk about this miracle? Then sit down comfortably and start work.

How to make a New Year Wreath: Basic rules and tips

How to make a wreath on the door? What to consider when creating it? What are the rules of work? From what can you make a wreath with your own hands? About all this now and will be discussed.

New Year

When you create your New Year's Corner on the door, the can actually use everything in your home: from a variety of tinsel to foods. The main thing - do not overdo it with the number of details. Here's the first rule: there may be only one item in your product. And all the rest - secondary.

New Year For such a wreath will fit the postcards, pictures, favorite photos

For example, if you want to make a wreath using different cards of the , then focus on one of the favorites. She will be the main one. All the rest, recall, secondary. Pay attention to its size. It can not be less than additional postcards.

We draw your attention to the fact that all components of the future wreath should be neutral in color and form. Follow the same rule: one color - basic, all others - minor .

Form the wreath so that the side parts are not saturated with the components. Do not heavier it. All massive elements should be placed either from above or from below.

New Year Cover the New Year's Macaroni Coriander with a silvered or golden paint

Before you put the wreath, take a close look at the fact that all the components look harmoniously with each other .If there is a problem with color or shape - correct the drawback.

What can a wreath be made of? There are a lot of options. The main thing in this case is the fantasy .

New Year Wreath can be made from sweets, pins, egg tray, socks;from cones, buttons, wine cops;from newspaper tubes, paper, cardboard or napkins;from beads, fruits, vegetables and Christmas balls;from felt, inflatable balls, ties, festive tinsel;spruce branches, credit cards, CDs and other handicraft items.

New Year You can make Christmas wreaths from different materials

To make any of the proposed wreaths, you need to create a frame in the form of a circle .Diameter is chosen by yourself. Depending on the size of the wreath you need.

From the Christmas wreaths you can make the whole composition of .For a framework good fit thick wire.

After making the foundation, form the warp with the main component of the , for example, spruce branches. Then add the rest - toys, ribbons, beads, sweets, etc. All components are best attached with silicone glue .

If you do everything according to our tips, then you can congratulate you with a good work - the wreath is ready.

Wreath of sweets and sweets

Who does not love sweets? They are loved by everyone, so this new wreath will please everyone. Especially during the holiday period.

New Year Sweets for a wreath will suit any: marmalade, marshmallows, rachat-lucum, chocolate candies and truffles

Try to make a wreath, for example, from marmalade .To do this, mount the frame with a soft base. This is suitable for either foam or foam. Then, with a toothpick, attach the marmalade to the frame.

Keep in mind: "sweet" New Year wreaths can "melt" long before the holidays, because your children and grandchildren will not let them "live" for a long time. And it's sometimes difficult for an adult to hold back.

Cones Wire This new wreath is considered classic.

New Year

Agree that there will probably not be a person who would not have done anything from the cones. In this case, the can be dealt with even without an skeleton, simply connecting with the silicone glue cones between them. After forming a wreath you can decorate it in any color. If you have artistic skills, then turn on fantasy: you will all succeed!

New Year

For more details on the process of creating a festive wreath from the cones, we suggest you learn from the master class on the video.

Spruce spruce wool

The first of all Christmas wreaths, of course, was a wreath of spruce branches. Such wreaths always liked people. A big plus is that with you will always be a dizzying smell of spruce .But its a minus is - such a wreath does not "live" long .

We offer you a small master-class for creating a frame for a wreath of fir trees.

New Year

In addition, the frame can be made of spruce branches.

New Year

Beaded Wire Accept beads are now very popular. Therefore, such a New Year wreath will always be by the way. To make a wreath of beads, note: it takes a lot of time. It will not take a day, not two, not a week, but much more. But the game is said to be worthy of candles. As a result, you will get an amazingly beautiful thing.

We offer you one of the possible schemes for creating a New Year's wreath.

New Year

Wool felt, ribbons, various fabrics and threads

If you come up with a good idea of ​​a New Year's wool of felt, then it's faster than work. Having made a wreath from this material, as well as various fabrics and threads, you can surprise anyone. There is no limit to the options.

You can cut many figurines of Christmas toys or snowflakes and stick them on a frame. When you wind the threads on the base, you too will be able to stick to them something - bows, asterisks, flowers.

If your child asks you to sew his favorite toy on this wreath and hang it in his room - more boldly, he only thanks you to say.

We offer an option for decoration of a new year's crochet with flowers:

New Year

New Year's wreath of newspaper tubes, paper and napkins

You read a lot of periodicals? Do you have a lot of waste paper at home? Then do not waste your time in vain. Take all that is, plug in fantasy and start making Christmas wreath. Attach napkins and colored paper to newspapers and magazines. By cleverly combining all these elements, you can get very beautiful, and most importantly - a unique New Year wreath.

It will not be overwhelming in this option to add to the wreath and several family photos. And if they are also black and white - in general, it's perfect.

How do you get this wallet from newspaper tubes?

New Year


It's hard to believe, but things such as socks can be good material for the Christmas wreath. To do this, you do not have to spend too much time to get an excellent result.

New Year

For example, cut into socks socks and chaotically nibb on the frame, which at the end connect. To make such a frame follow the rather thick so that the socks did not get too hung. It is then easier to put stockings on it, the ends of which and bind to to provide a wreath circle shape .

By the way, socks can be replaced with stockings. The main thing is that both of them and others should be colorful.

We offer a variant of a wreath using knitted socks, wrapped in a "rosette".

New Year

New Year Wreath and your Baby

It's no secret that your first child or granddaughter will be the first helper in such an interesting and enjoyable business as creating a New Year's wreath. Not only will it help to make it, but also will offer many ideas about its design .Therefore, we hope you will not be bored. And as a result, you will get a wonderful decoration for the holiday.

New Year Made with your own hands, the festive corolla will decorate any interior

If the routine work does not leave you the time for such things - do not worry. Contact your child. This will be the ideal option for you. No matter how little a child is, he will be happy to make a New Year wreath. And if you still say a few compliments and words of praise, and then put the wreath on the door together, his joy will not be bound.

We offer to watch a video with a small master-class on creating a new year's wreath with your baby's hands: