Prisma for Android

Today, I will talk about the Prisma version for the for Android, and we will see how Prisma handles the photo, which is a highlight of the program and that makes it so appealing to millions of enthusiastic fans. The Russian application of Prism has become the undisputed hit of the summer of 2016 by the number of

downloads. Social networks and services are full of photos processed by the function of this photo editor, and the number of its users grows exponentially every day.

Prisma for Android

Photo after Prisma


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Examples of photo processing Prisma

Prisma application is a photo editor in which anywhich user can process their photo in the style of famous painters of the past. After downloading the program, the user has access to dozens of styles of such maestros of painting as Picasso and Levitan, Munch and Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Levitan and others, with developers promise to constantly increase the number of available styles. In order to find out where to download Prism for Android, and available on the Play Market, read on.

Prisma for Android

Photo Resizer Filters Prism

In its processing, the photo-application embeds the capabilities of neural networks that allow you not just to apply another filter on your photo, but also to transform the image qualitatively, presenting the world a qualitatively new and unique product.

How to see the photos processed in Prism, you can watch video:

Functional Prisma application is extremely simple. You upload( or make) a photo in a photo editor, select the desired filter, and then the program redo the photo according to your choice. In the process of processing the photo is sent to the cloud, it is processed quickly( it takes about 10-15 seconds for everything), and then sent back.

Download Prisma for Android

Since the original version of the editor was created only for iOS, only Prism users can download Apple Tablets and Smartphones. But developers promise to fix this shortcoming, the Prisma version for Android and the online version of the web version should appear in the first half of July, then Android users can easily download the editor from the Google Play Market.

Prisma for Android

Prisma Photo Add-on for Android The

If you want to be the first to know about Prisma's release on Android, leave your comment on this article and you will be the first to get the message about the appearance of this editor for the Android device. The situation is the same as the MSQRD application originally appeared on iOS, but only then on Android. While we are waiting for you version of Prism on Android, you can take advantage of its best counterpart. Updated! The Prisma appendix is ‚Äč‚Äčavailable for download on Android as beta version .In order to participate in beta testing, you need to register on the developer site prisma-ai.com and send you a photo editor. The application is being tested, and therefore errors in it now are normal.

Analog Prisma for Android - Mlvch

Editor For those owners of Android devices that just can not wait, I propose installing Prisma on Android as their Android device - the Mlvch application that is already available on the Play Market. This add-on is similar to the Prisma functional, and you will be able to acquaint yourself with the modern mechanisms of neural image processing.

Prisma for Android

Photo processing, left Prisma - right, Mlvch

However, if only one photo per day could be processed in Mlvch, now the speed and number of processed photos have increased significantly. Now Mlvch processes the photo at the same speed as the Prisma - from a few seconds to a minute. The program has 40 paid filters( Pro mode) with deep image processing, and 6 free filters( Light mode) with superficial processing of your photos.

Functional Mlvch for Android is similar to the Prisma functionality - downloading a photo, selecting a filter, processing a downloaded image, then downloading or sharing it on social media.


The secret of Prisma's popularity is quite simple - a unique idea, image processing speed, convenient functionality and free-of-charge character. All this has made Prism megapourpical to iPhone users, and soon the next wave of popularity will be waiting for us, as the features of the program can be enjoyed by Android users. Pay attention to the appearance of the Prisma app for Android - it is able to give you aesthetic delight from pleasure with new visual angles.