Disease Of The Skin

What is the cause of the whining, the main reasons

Infection of apocrine sweat glands with subsequent suppuration and disclosure occurs due to clogging of glandular ducts and the entry of pathogenic bacteria into them. Many factors contribute to this process. If you know what is the cause of udder( hydradenitis), you can prevent the development of the disease and avoid dangerous complications( purulent hydradenitis).


  • 1 Causes
    • 1.1 Heredity
    • 1.2 Smoking
    • 1.3 Overweight
    • 1.4 Hormones
    • 1.5 Epilation and Deodorants


Accurately explain the mechanism and highlight the causes of the disease until scientists and doctors failed. The theory that hydradenitis begins with inflammation of the streak of sweat glands, many refute, arguing that at first there is a blockage of the skin, in which the channels of sweat and sebaceous glands go out. In some ways, the mechanism is similar to the formation of acne. But when hydrodenitis is affected, it is the apocrine gland itself.

Many factors contribute to these processes. These include:

What is the cause of the whim, the main reasons

Many factors influence the development of hydradenitis.

  • imbalance of the skin microflora( presence of streptococci, staphylococci and protium in it);
  • decrease general and local immunity;
  • dermatosis in combination with stress and endocrine system disorders;
  • overweight;
  • increased sweating;
  • cuts and microtrains;
  • misuse of antiperspirants;
  • Harmful Habits;
  • non-compliance with hygiene standards.

Some of these factors are genetically determined, others can be affected. But while trying to find out when the diagnosis is a bit of udder, why this disease appears, you should not clearly distinguish between them.

Important! At the heart of the disease are complex processes of interaction of different structures( cells and tissues) of the dermis and the immune system with different substances: hormones, and then, products of the life of pathogenic bacteria. Therefore hydradenitis is very different from other skin diseases with complications and aspirations for chronic course of the process.

The inheritance of

What is the cause of the whim, the main reasons

The tendency to hydrodenitis can be inherited.

According to statistics, 40% of patients with acute renal failure are relatives suffering from this disease. This is enough to assume the influence of hereditary factors on the development of the crested udder.

But despite these genes, the predisposition to hydrodynitis has not yet been revealed. Therefore, this theory is not scientifically proven.


Not every smoker suffers hydrodenitis. But 90% of people with this disease are smokers. Some facts confirm the relationship between the development of the disease and nicotine entering the body smoker with tobacco smoke:

  • nicotine provokes the enhanced activity of sweat glands;
  • it activates cells that are involved in the inflammatory processes and protective reactions of the body;
  • creates favorable conditions for the propagation of staphylococci.
  • Not only have patients already noted that when refusing cigarettes during treatment, the condition and course of the disease are significantly eased.


    Many doctors point out that overweight people often develop the most severe forms of disease. This may be due to the fact that:

  • in obese people, areas where the apocrine glands are larger than the area;
  • skin often forms wrinkles that promote irritation, friction, sweating;
  • eating and sweat glands secrete more secretion than people of normal weight.
  • Therefore, those who have a predisposition to this disease are strongly recommended to normalize their weight.


    Androgens( sex hormones) play no role in the development of the disease. But to be exact, it should be noted that it is important not the concentration of these hormones in the body, but the sensitivity of some skin cells to them.

    Important! Women who have hydradenitis for hormonal cause, androgens blockers. The disease is often accompanied by polycystic ovaries, irregular menstrual cycles, and some complications with conception.

    Epilation and Deodorants

    What is the cause of the whim, the main reasons

    Wrong use of a deodorant can lead to the development of hydrodenitis.

    A hydrodesultate from a deodorant that prevents normal perspiration, and shaving under armpits and the inguinal area occurs frequently. But not many tend to directly associate the development of the disease with the use of antiperspirants and epilation. Most likely, this is due to the replacement of the usual hygienic procedures for the use of deodorants.

    It should not be forgotten that the increased frequency of recurrence of hydradenitis is due to untimely or poor-quality treatment. And in order to prevent the disease and its complications, you must adhere to the rules of hygiene, properly pick up clothes, monitor the diet and lifestyle, control the body weight, maintain immunity and timely treat various diseases.