Body Care

We make the pens soft and gentle. .. Or hand care at home

You probably noticed how hands look good with a beautiful manicure, if their skin is not looking and flabby.

Regeneration and restoration of cells on the skin of the hands on average take about a month. In order for this process to be active, the skin should receive the food it needs:

proteins, iron, calcium, etc., as well as vitamins B and D. For this, healthy and nutritious food( by the way, and for the whole organism as a whole): fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products, meat, cheese, grain bread. The lack of essential skin substances can be offset by vitamin and mineral complexes.

We make handles soft and gentle. .. Or hand care at home

It is also necessary to avoid harmful effects on the skin of the sun, wind, frost, as they cause premature aging of the skin and the appearance of age-old pigmentary stains. Extremely harmful effects on the skin are also washing, cleaning and cleaning products and soap. Long staying hands even in ordinary water causes them dehydration.

Hand care is much easier than having a face, but it should start in youth and engage it regularly so that your hands keep their youth longer. It is better, and even more convenient to use creams that contain biologically active substances( plant extracts, vitamins, oils and glycerin) and fatty components.

Skin Care Manual

  • Try to use warm water and then wipe your hands dry.
  • Use soft soap with acidity of pH 5, close to the natural acidity of the skin. If the hands are very dirty, do not rub them heavily( thus you stretch the skin), but moisten hands with lemon juice, which also illuminates the skin.
  • Morning and evening grease hands with cream or gel, and if the skin is very dry - after each wash. The components that make up the creams moisturize, nourish and disinfect the skin of the hands. Greatly softens the hands of a broth of potatoes, milk whey, juice of sour cabbage.
  • If you really want to put your hands in order, use peeling, masks and hand wraps.
  • Protect your hands: at work( if necessary) and at home - with rubber gloves, on the street - with warm gloves. If there were even very small wounds and grass in their hands, treat them with iodine or hydrogen peroxide, so that the infection does not get infected.

We make handles soft and gentle. .. Or hand care at home

Rubber gloves for hands

  • The dirtiest work associated with water or earth, it is better to do rubber gloves. You will quickly overcome unusual discomfort, but keep your hands. In the end, the same surgeons work in gloves!
  • However, if you work in rubber gloves for a long time, your hands start to sweat, and then they will be dry and rigid. Therefore, if you have to work for a long time, you can put underneath the thin cotton gloves soaked with a nutritious cosmetic. After each use, the gloves should be washed well outside and inside, sprinkle with talcum and dry in the air.
  • If you can not get used to gloves, simply wash your hands with a protective cream( silicone, glycerine, etc.) before washing, cleaning or washing a large number of dishes. Then, this cream is washed out and applied nourishing or greasy cosmetic milk.
  • It is very easy to protect your hands and nails from heavy dirt when working with the ground. To do this, scrub your cuticles under your nails, and grease your hands with a cream. After work, all this is easy to wash off, and then you can already smear your hands with a nourishing cream.
  • Each time, massage your hands with a cream, accompany it with a massage of the skin of the hands moving from the pads of the fingers to the wrist, massaging each finger. When you rub the cream in your palm on both sides, the movements should also be directed upwards to the elbow. Thus, the double effect is obtained: and the cream is absorbed faster, and blood circulation improves in the hands of the hands.
  • For whitening of hands, darkening of the cleaning of vegetables or fruits, have long been using lemon and cucumber juice, which, by the way, can also rub the contaminated nails.

Be especially careful if a rash, abscess, etc. appears on the skin of your hands. This may be an indication of an allergic reaction, primarily on household chemistry. Try to find out exactly what the remedy has caused the allergy, and get rid of it. If allergy is caused by food( citrus, some seafood, etc.), excluding them from your diet.