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Constant diarrhea( diarrhea): Causes and treatment

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A phenomenon like diarrhea is familiar to every person. However, if it is a permanent diarrhea, the causes of which may be different, then it not only delivers a lot of inconvenience to the person, but also the

is facing serious complications. It is especially unpleasant when diarrhea does not last for long. Specialists strongly recommend not to ignore this symptom, as it may indicate a significant problem. If you do not pay attention to frequent diarrhea, it can very much weaken the human body, which threatens the development of some pathologies with severe healing.

In medicine, with a name such as diarrhea, indicate defecation, occurs more often three times a day. In this case, the emptying is very rare, and sometimes have impurities of blood or unperfused food. Quite a dangerous phenomenon, if diarrhea lasts more than a day. The fact is that with liquid feces not only a lot of water, but also useful substances. Such a phenomenon is threatened with great problems in the work of many vital organs.

Diarrhea may be different. In some cases, the problem is only that the chair becomes too rare. But sometimes, especially at the onset of diarrhea, very strong urges may occur in the toilet. It also happens that the patient simply does not have the strength to tolerate, so involuntary bowel movements occur.

Development of acute diarrhea can occur for various reasons. But most often this phenomenon is a consequence of poisoning or digestive problems. It is very important to determine the root cause of diarrhea, especially if it has become prolonged. A similar symptom is a good reason to seek medical advice. It is possible that constant diarrhea signals the development of serious pathology.


  • 1 Why does diarrhea not stop?
  • 2 Why food is not absorbed?
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digestive disturbances 1 Why does diarrhea not stop?

Prolonged diarrhea should alert a person. If diarrhea does not last very long, this should be an explanation that can be found by your doctor. A common cause of permanent diarrhea is a non-specific ulcerative colitis, known as Crohn's disease. This is a rather severe disease with frequent relapses that affects the colon.

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Constant diarrhea( diarrhea): Causes and treatment

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There is currently no clear definition of the causes in which Crohn's disease may occur. But nevertheless, doctors say that people at risk are those with poor heredity and those who lead an unhealthy way of life. The course of the disease is extremely unpleasant. Crohn's disease is characterized by frequent exacerbations, which suddenly pass into the stage of remission. In the acute stage always there is diarrhea, which is accompanied by severe abdominal pain, similar to contractions. Blood and manure may be present in feces. Abdominal pain sometimes becomes unbearable. In the period of acute illness, the patient is rapidly losing weight, eating and drinking very little. All this is accompanied by an inflammatory process in the intestine, so the temperature of the body is not excluded.

Treatment of the disease will be very long and complicated. Most often, it is impossible to completely get rid of ulcerative colitis, but due to properly selected medical therapy it is possible to minimize the processes of exacerbation.

One more reason for permanent diarrhea is hyperthyroidism of the thyroid gland. Because of the incorrect development of certain hormones, there is a reduction in the intestine, which leads to defecation. This can be very dangerous, as it threatens the loss of nutrients and dehydration. Therefore, the patient should contact the doctor as soon as possible in order to receive the correct treatment. To eliminate unpleasant symptoms, use hormones.

Some patients have problems with absorption of nutrients in the small intestine. This leads to problems with digestion, including persistent diarrhea. Often, defecation occurs immediately after eating, and the food is obtained without practically digesting. In the main, this phenomenon occurs on the background of inflammatory processes in the pancreas.

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2 Why food is not absorbed?


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Malabsorption, which is a whole set of symptoms and pathologies, can lead to a man's prolonged delay in diarrhea. In fact, diarrhea will not stop until the cause for which food and nutrients can not normally be taken by the body is eliminated. This problem is very dangerous, as it leads to severe avitaminosis and metabolic disorders. Such a pathology is manifested both in adults and in children in childhood.

Constant diarrhea( diarrhea): Causes and treatment

Food intake problems can be congenital. In some children, it manifests itself right after birth, but some patients are faced with such an inconvenience in the first 10 years of their lives. In addition, the disease may be acquired. Malabsorption may be provoked by diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

In any case, the pathology will have characteristic symptoms. This is a constant diarrhea, severe abdominal pain and a stable low body weight. Often, the disease is accompanied by anomalies. This should include anemia, the strongest vitamin deficiency and bloating. Normal chair will not be in the patient. Diarrhea always appears after eating, and appetites are noted almost immediately after food enters the stomach. All this happens against the background of enzyme deficiency, which leads to problems in the work of the pancreas.

Problematic absorption of food may develop as a result of chronic diseases of the septic-intestinal tract. This includes pancreatitis, hepatitis, colitis, gastritis and hyperthyroidism. Such ailments may cause metabolic disorders, which, in turn, provokes enzyme deficiency. Thus, in order to prevent the development of malabsorption, it is necessary to treat the symptoms of exacerbation of chronic ailments in a timely manner. Treatment of the problem itself is impossible without proper medical therapy. To find the right medicines you should contact your doctor. Often, experts appoint a complex enzyme treatment with such tools as Creon, Mezim, Pangrol and Pansinorm.

Constant diarrhea( diarrhea): Causes and treatment



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The most frequent and probable factor that can affect the appearance of diarrhea is stomach upset. Often, during normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract, poisoning or indigestion immediately passes after 2-3 liquid feces. Sometimes it is enough to 1 time cleanse the intestines, so that the body cleansed and diarrhea passed.

Constant diarrhea( diarrhea): Causes and treatment

However, there are situations when diarrhea becomes prolonged. The causes are different, and many of them require serious treatment.

Here first of all it is worth noting dysbiosis. This is a disturbance of the normal state of the microflora, which is often the case with malnutrition or prolonged intake of antibiotics. Frequent diarrhea with dysbiosis lasts until the state of the microflora is restored. Probiotics and prebiotics need to be used to treat the disease. They can be purchased in the form of tablets, but sometimes it is enough to restrict the use of special yoghurts.

Problems with digestion and, as a result, prolonged diarrhea can be caused by irritable bowel syndrome. In our time, this is often found, as the cause of the pathology is nervous tension and stress. In addition to the fact that the patient will often feel the urge in the toilet, and his chair becomes liquid, it is also supplemented with increased heartbeat, increased sweating and a sense of discomfort after eating.

It is imperative to treat the pathology, as its ignoring can lead to the patient losing too much vitamins, trace elements and water. To get rid of the syndrome of an irritated bowel can only be one way - to solve the problem with nerves and stress.

What to do in case of prolonged diarrhea - you need to go to a doctor to find out the real cause of what could have caused such a dangerous symptom. After that, the doctor will appoint a correct treatment that will avoid complications.