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New Highscreen Boost 3

New Highscreen Boost 3

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    Specifications Highscreen Boost 3

    Mobilethe device Highscreen Boost 3 can be surely called musical. This smartphone is equipped with

    special chip ESS9018K2M, as well as advanced ADA4897-2 sound amplifier. Built-in Hi Sound technology greatly improves overall sound quality, while the music player Muz_On is able to play tracks of various formats. All together lets the gadget become the best choice for music lovers who are accustomed to pure and loud music.

    The Highscreen Boost 3 features a 5-inch full HD full screen resolution and IPS matrix. The device is powered by the MediaTek MT6753, which is an octagonal processor with 64-bit architecture and a 1300 MHz clock. Together with him there are 2 GB of RAM.Plus, you need to note the availability of 16 GB of free space with a real possibility of expansion up to 32 GB.The device is based on the popular and widespread Android 5.1 platform. The high-quality facial 5 megapixel camera is perfectly complemented by the basic 13-megapixel module, with an LED flash. There is LTE support, two SIM cards, and there are two batteries at once, one of which has a capacity of 3000 mAh, and the other is 6000 mAh.

    New Highscreen Boost 3

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    Highscreen Boost 3

    There's nothing surprising that the price of Highscreen Boost 3 is not overpriced. Thanks to reasonable pricing policies, this manufacturer has already accustomed to the reasonable cost that extends to its smartphones. Thus, this device with musical inclinations is estimated at a very modest to date amount of 20 thousand rubles. This price is valid for the Russian market, as the company officially sells its devices here.

    New Highscreen Boost 3

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    Latest news Highscreen Boost 3

    Highscreen Boost 3 can be praised for a few pleasant moments. The main pride of the smartphone is musical orientation. It is not only in the presence of a dedicated audio processor, but also in the presence of software technologies that improve the sound. This gadget is ideal for users who want to listen to high-quality music.

    Another feature of the device is a powerful rechargeable battery. Moreover, not only one but also a friend, acting in the role of an additional one. Since the second battery has a capacity of 6000 mAh, then for it there is a special back cover of non-standard sizes. This situation allows the device to work almost full week even in intensive mode!

    New Highscreen Boost 3

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    Photo Highscreen Boost 3

    New Highscreen Boost 3

    Smartphone with two batteries and high-quality sound Highscreen Boost 3

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    Video Highscreen Boost 3

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