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Rashes on the palms and feet in the child and the adult: the causes of allergy

There are quite rare cases when a person has a rash on his palms or a rash on his feet. As a rule, the onset of rash on the body is a kind of skin disease that is associated with the inflammatory process of the sebaceous glands.

Given the fact that in the palms and feet there are no

sebaceous glands, the appearance of rashes is due to other causes. In other words, the appearance of a rash is preceded by a skin disease. But what exactly and how to prevent it, we will try to understand.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Adult Pathology
  • 2 Clinical picture
  • 3 Child Rash
  • Therapeutic Therapy 4
  • 5 Preventive Measures
  • 6 Allergic Dermatitis

1 Adult Pathology

As noted above, a rash in the palm or foot area is a rather rare occurrence. Other areas on the body are more prone to this phenomenon. This may be due to non-compliance with hygiene. Rash in the palm or foot is a malfunction of the human body. In case of occurrence of rash on these sites, you should immediately apply to the clinic. Only a specialist will be able to find out why the rash appeared.

Rashes on the palms and feet in the child and the adult: the causes of allergy

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As a rule, rash appears on the inside of the palm and in the area between the phalanges. A few chewing pimples may disappear by themselves. But with the more widespread rashes, liver and itching involve the attention of people around them.

Note the most common causes of a rash on palms and feet:

  • is often the cause of a rash on the palms is the presence of dysbiosis, which may arise in recent treatment with antibiotics;
  • presence of contact dermatitis;
  • damage to the skin in a domestic environment( alkaline, abrasive substance);
  • infection, which caused the decline of the immune system;
  • palm allergy;
  • presence of eczema;
  • presence of dysgidrose;
  • Cold Disease or Heat;
  • insect bite;
  • digestive tract disorder.

Allergies can occur with the use of detergents that are not suitable for your skin type. Yes, you need to finish using this medication and ask your doctor for advice.

Eczema can occur with chemical and mechanical stimuli. These are watery pillows covering the inside of the palm and fingers.

In the case when the body can not clean itself by bowel defecation, then skin is the only way out of all chemical and harmful substances.

In case of severe hormonal contractions, the appearance of a rash may also occur. Frequent cases and cases with hereditary predisposition. If our grandparents or parents had problems with rash, then the probability of a rash is too great.

Specific sources of rash include the presence of a fungus, as well as psychosomatics.

With frequent access to the swimming pool, sauna, gym, you can pick up a fungus. In the presence of open skin on the skin, the fungus causes inflammation. Cure the fungus on the palms and feet under the power of only antifungal drugs.

Rashes on any part of the body, including those in the palms and feet, can be the result of psychosomatics. As an example, internal rejection of its appearance, fear or reluctance to communicate in a society. In this case, the body does so that a person does not communicate with other people due to the presence of a rash.

2 Clinical picture

Do not describe the discomfort that causes rashes on palms and feet in a nutshell, especially if there is an itchy syndrome.

Rashes on the palms and feet in the child and the adult: the causes of allergy

As a rule, the rash on the feet and hands in adults looks like:

  • sealing, like warts;
  • transparent white bubbles;
  • large large education;
  • small red dots.

Determine the nature and source of any kind of rash can only doctor specialist.

3 Manifestation of rash in children

At any rash on palms and feet in a child, mom immediately begins to worry and look for reasons. Skin rashes in a child can be caused by various causes and illnesses, an infectious environment. In this case, it is not necessary to ignore this symptom.

Rashes on the palms and feet in the child and the adult: the causes of allergy

Often a child's rash is harmless, it passes without a trace in a short time. But most often this rash is a sign of a disorder in the children's body. Let's look similar, that can cause a rash on the palms of a child.

As a rule, the sources of rash in the palms of the child are:

  • infection. This can be an acute respiratory disease, which is accompanied by a rash immediately or several days after infection;
  • the presence of chicken pox is accompanied by a rash not only on the palms but also throughout the body( the rash immediately goes into the form of bubbles, itching);
  • presence of rubella accompanied by small patches in the palm area( intoxication is indicated);
  • presence of the cortex is accompanied by a rash throughout the body, including in the palm of the hand( an increased body temperature is observed);
  • the presence of scarlet fever is accompanied by small rashes in the palm area and between the phalanges of the fingers;
  • bites an insect or parasite( mosquito, bee or axis).They can bite the baby and cause an allergic reaction;
  • is a circulatory system( there are small pimples in the palm area);
  • Hygiene Disorders. May be marked with dermatitis, hyperextension, pitnytsia( localization location - the back of the palm).Air baths, frequent bathing and timely measures to change the diaper will help to avoid such violations.

An allergic reaction can occur when the child is interacting with an allergy agent. This may be the use of dairy products, sweet, the use of medications, interaction with the animal six, the use of cream, powder, inhalation of dust. The rash is observed in a bright red color, itchy itch. In parallel, there is an undesired, sneezing and other signs of an allergic reaction.

The cause of rash can be contact with a plant like a nettle. Prevention of such cases is the careful observation of your child.

Therapeutic Therapy 4

Exposure to the palms and toes requires careful diagnosis. After setting the correct diagnosis, the doctor prescribes the necessary treatment.

Skin rash, including palms and feet, can be a consequence of different etiologies. The diagnostic process involves microscopic scoring and differential diagnosis of the skin in the palms and feet.

Rashes on the palms and feet in the child and the adult: the causes of allergy

Rash in the palms and feet involves an integrated treatment method. When setting the treatment, the specialist determines the reception of not only effective medicines, but also determines compliance with a particular diet of the patient, advises on the use of folk remedies.

Dishidrosis is treated with hormonal ointments. A thin layer of ointment is applied to the area of ​​the skin, where there is a rash. The application is carried out 2 times a day.

The doctor prescribes the use of antihistamines and desensitizing agents.

At home, it is allowed to use lotions, as well as to wipe the affected area. It is possible to use a variety of tinctures. An excellent component is horseradish, fresh blackberry leaves, birch buds, willow bark. You can use fresh cabbage leaves or potatoes as a lotion on the skin area where there is a rash.

5 Prophylactic measures

In addition to complex treatments, the patient needs to follow a strict diet that promotes rapid healing and reduces the risk of repeated rash.

The patient needs to adhere to the restriction of salt intake in food and alcoholic beverages. Food allergens should be kept to a minimum in the diet of the patient. As allergenic products are chocolate, chicken eggs, fish, seafood, tomatoes, beekeeping products.

Rashes on the palms and feet in the child and the adult: the causes of allergy

During the period of the disease, the use of spicy, smoked, spicy foods is prohibited. Instead, you need sour-milk dishes, vegetable soups, cereals, except for the munch. Useful fresh cucumbers, boiled potatoes and vegetable oil.

In order to prevent recurring rashes, you should breathe fresh air as much as possible, avoid nerves and stress. When using detergents and detergents, you must first wear rubber gloves.

Hands and hands should always be clean. It is recommended to use a filter to clean drinking water.

It should be noted that with complete removal of the rash there is not one hundred percent guarantee that it will not return. You should always review your diet of food and personal hygiene. It is precisely this method of prevention that helps to freeze the disease for a long time and prevents repeated manifestation.

6 Allergic Dermatitis

Treatment of allergic dermatitis is determined by the knowledge of the form and severity of the disease. Treatment of allergic dermatitis is reduced to 2 stages.

The first step is to identify what caused the allergy, how to eliminate the contact.

Rashes on the palms and feet in the child and the adult: the causes of allergy

In allergic foods, the doctor prescribes a hypoallergenic diet. In allergic chemicals you need to wear rubber gloves.

In the most serious cases, the medical treatment and observation of a specialist doctor is necessary.

The second stage - the removal of acute syndrome. This is the presence of itching, swelling, redness of the skin, pain. In this case, the doctor prescribes the use of internal and external drugs.

Intravenous drugs cause inhibition of the inflammatory process and reduce the harmful effects of the allergen. These tools are for a period of up to 2 months.

Glucocorticoid ointments and creams remove acute inflammation.

And the most important rule is a timely appeal to a specialist doctor. This will help speed up recovery and prevent recurrence. Bless you!