Proper nutrition for beautiful face skin: basic principles

Proper nutrition for beautiful face skin: basic principles If you just think about what our skin experiences during the day! The sun, the wind, the rain, the temperature and humidity variations, the daily makeup( which, by the way, some of us even wash in the evenings do not try!).

You can not even talk about the environment, especially in large cities, where the

hangs and can not breathe just by night from exhaust gases. And see what we eat! Quick snacks are not clear what - in the morning, in a hurry to even have breakfast, but this woke up in the people's love for a terrible fast food? !So how come from the glowing skin of the health? In the vanity of everyday worries and problems of women do not sleep at all, then do not shed systematically, and chronic lack of sleep immediately gives ground color of the face and extinct view. So why complain about the mirror?

How to save youth for a long time?

And now our eternal question is what to do?

  • First, if possible, at least a little walk, cool air after the sober offices will cheer and refresh the face of the skin, especially since winter is ahead. Have you ever wondered why the northerners tend to look younger and fresher than Southerners? It's a matter of love of skin for coolness, and the heat and the sun prematurely age it, so that the lovely half in our country has been lucky with our climate, we can count on a long youth! During the walk, our body is saturated with oxygen.
  • Secondly, dear women, feel sorry for yourself, still do not rework all the affairs, try to pour off, and not occasionally, but always. Nothing is so capable of killing our beautiful image as a lack of proper sleep. A person turns into a gray mask, an unhealthy glow appears in his eyes, a man looks loud and much older than his years. No wonder they say: up to 12 hours - a beautiful beauty, let's try to capture this period of beauty.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, carefully take care of what you put into your mouth. Our skin, like litmus paper, reflects all processes in the body, if the body is healthy and well-fed, then the skin will look great. Because as a proper nutrition for a beautiful skin of the face - the key to its flowering look. How to eat, and most importantly - what?
  • Remember, one time( maybe 15 years ago) everyone just said that about French beauty salads. One of the options was this: 3 tablespoons of oat flakes pour hot water( to close the flakes, no longer necessary), in a few minutes add the pieces of various fruits, grated carrots and fill with a spoon of olive oil. It is recommended to have her for breakfast. The French knew what they said: the most important components for the beauty of the face skin in this salad are present.

    Proper nutrition for beautiful face skin: basic principles

    What else to consider when preparing your diet?

    • Drink more water, it improves metabolism.
    • Start a day with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, or simply squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into a cup of drinking water. And here's a roasted and fatty try to exclude, such food promotes capture of pores, occurrence of inflammations and reddenings.
    • Excess salt that enters the body leads to excessive fluid retention, the person may swell and look puffy.
    • Do not abuse coffee, it spoil the face color. And yet, you do not need to make yourself hungry and strict diets, in a few days it will affect your beautiful face, it's like a book, will immediately tell about all the problems of the body.

    And now let's look at the products that are shown for the beauty of our skin.

  • Grain bread made from flour of rough grind with bran - a great option for daily intake, helps intestinal motility, accelerates the process of slag removal.
  • Cereals, low-fat meat and especially fish can not be better suited for protein and carbohydrate nutrition of our vitality.
  • But here you can eat fruits and vegetables as much as your soul( or stomach!), Because of the liquid contained in them, the moisture content of the skin goes on, and it is also the main supplier of vitamins and trace elements in our body.
  • Low-fat sour-milk products and berries will also fit perfectly into our diet.
  • Wonderful effect is given to cold pressed vegetable oils: olive, sunflower, linseed, sesame seeds.
  • As can be seen from all of the above, proper nutrition for a beautiful face of the face is not so complicated;of course, somehow they will have to limit themselves, but these requirements are not so impracticable. Following simple rules, the result will not make you wait a long time, and it will notice not only you.