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UDI-2018 on chemistry: preparation, tests and tasks( download example demo variants), date, conditions

EII on chemistry - the variational component of the general-federal examination. It consists only of those students who have come to continue their studies in universities in such specialties as medicine, chemistry and chemical technology, construction, biotechnology or the food industry.


EDI can not be called easy - to go on simple knowledge of terms here will not work out, because in recent years, Kim was excluded tests with the choice of one answer from the proposed options. In addition, it will be superfluous to learn everything about the order, timing and features of this exam, as well as prepare in advance for possible changes in the 2016 CIMA!

EII 2018 on chemistry: preparation, tests and tasks( download sample demo variants), date, conditions

Demonstration variant ЕЕЭ-2018

  • chemistry demonstration variant

requirements coder

chemistry datasets The exact dates given for the writing of EDI on chemistry will be announced in January when the schedule of conducting all examinations will be posted on the website of Rosobrenadzor. Fortunately, today we have information on sample periods allocated for the school year 2017/2018 exam:

  • On March 22, 2018, the pre-term examination phase starts. It will last until April 15.Writing EDI in pre-term time is the prerogative of several categories of students. They include boys who finished school before the 2017/2018 academic year, but did not give EDI for any reason;graduates of schools that previously received only a certificate, but not a certificate of maturity;evening school pupils;senior pupils who go to live or study abroad;students who have completed secondary education in other states, but are admitted to the Russian Academy of Sciences. Also, the students who represent the Russian Federation at international contests and competitions, as well as pupils participating in nation-wide events, use the pre-term delivery. If you are shown a medical intervention or rehab, which coincides with the basic period of EDI delivery, you can also pass the exam before the term. An important point: any reason must be confirmed by the relevant documents;
  • May 28, 2018 start the main dates of the EDI.According to Rosobornadzor's previous plans, the examination period will end by June 10;
  • On September 4, 2018, an additional period for the transfer of EDIs will begin.

Some statistics of

Recently, this exam selects an increasing number of schoolchildren - in 2017 it was handed over to 74 thousand people( 12 thousand more than in 2016).In addition, the indicator of success has improved considerably - the number of disadvantaged students( those who did not reach the threshold of the points) decreased by 1.1%.The average mark on this subject varies from 67.8 to 56.3 points, which corresponds to the level of the school "four."So in general this subject, in spite of its complexity, gives schoolchildren quite well.

Procedure for

Examination When writing this EDI students are allowed to use a periodic system, a table with data on the solubility of salts, acids and bases, as well as reference materials of the electrochemical series of metal stresses. It is not necessary to take these materials with you - all authorized reference books will be given to schoolchildren in one complete set with an examination ticket. In addition, the eleventh classmate can take an exam calculator that does not have a programming function.

We remind you that the order of conducting the UI strictly regulates any actions of students. Remember that you can easily miss the chance to enter the university, if you suddenly want to discuss the problem with your friends, try to look at the answer on the smartphone or the receiver, or decide to call someone from the toilet room. By the way, you can go to the toilet or medical center, but only with permission and accompanied by a member of the examination commission.

EII 2018 on chemistry: preparation, tests and tasks( download sample demo variants), date, conditions In 2018, the EDI on chemistry expanded to 35 tasks, allocating 3.5 hours for them to

Innovations in the EMI on chemistry

. FIPI staff reported the following changes in the KIMAs of the new specimen.

  • In 2018, the number of complex tasks with a detailed answer will be increased. One new task under number 30 was introduced, concerning oxidation-reduction reactions. Now, as a whole, students have to solve 35 tasks.
  • For all work you can get 60 primary points. The balance is achieved by reducing the points awarded for simple tasks from the first part of the ticket.
  • What is included in the structure and content of the ticket?

    At the exam, students should demonstrate how well they know topics from the course of inorganic, general, and organic chemistry. Tasks will check the depth of your knowledge of chemical elements and substances, skills in conducting chemical reactions, knowledge of the basic laws and the theoretical provisions of chemistry. In addition, it will be clear how well pupils understand the systemicity and causality of chemical phenomena, and many know the genesis of substances and the ways of their knowledge.

    Structurally, the ticket is represented by 35 tasks, divided into two parts:

    • part 1 - 29 tasks that provide a brief answer. These tasks are devoted to the theoretical foundations of chemistry, inorganic and organic chemistry, methods of knowledge and use of chemistry in life. For this part of Kim it is possible to score 40 points( 66.7% of all points for a ticket);
    • part 2-6 of the high-level task, which provides a detailed response. You are responsible for solving problems with non-standard situations. All tasks are devoted to oxidation-reduction reactions, ion exchange reactions, the conversion of inorganic and organic substances, or complex calculations. For this part of Kim it is possible to score 20 points( 33.3% of all points for a ticket).

    In total, a ticket can collect up to 60 primary points. Its solution will be allocated 210 minutes, which you should allocate as follows:

    • for basic tasks from the first part - for 2-3 minutes;
    • for problems with increased complexity from the first part - from 5 to 7 minutes;
    • for problems with high complexity from the second part - from 10 to 15 minutes.

    How are exam marks translated into grades?

    Balance for work affects the maturity certificate, therefore, for several years they are converted into a system of marks that are common to pupils. At first, the points are divided at certain intervals, and then converted into grades:

    • 0-35 marks are identical "two";
    • 36-55 points show a satisfactory level of preparation for EDI and equal to the "three";
    • 56-72 points - this is an opportunity to get a certificate "four";
    • 73 points and above is an indication that the student knows the subject "perfectly".

    EII 2018 on chemistry: preparation, tests and tasks( download sample demo variants), date, conditions Qualitative preparation for an examination on chemistry will allow you not only to enter the chosen university, but to improve your grade in the certificate!

    In order not to overcome the EDI in chemistry, you will have to score at least 36 points. However, it should be remembered that to enter the more or less prestigious university you need to score at least 60-65 points. Top schools and at all take on the budget only those who scored 85-90 points and above.

    How to prepare for EDI in chemistry?

    It is impossible to pass the exam at the federal level, simply hoping for the residual knowledge of the school's chemistry course. To fill the gaps that you should put in for textbooks and brackets already in the beginning of autumn! It is possible that some topic you studied in grades 9 or 10 is simply not fixed in your memory. In addition, competent training includes the development of demonstration tickets - Kim, specially developed by the FIPI commission.

    Only so much students will get the most complete idea of ​​what they will have to face on the exam. This is not only a recurrence of key topics in the school course of chemistry, but also psychological training. When you open your ticket and see familiar tasks and wording, then you will make their decision much calmer than if you see the CIM for the first time. Official demo versions of tickets can be downloaded at the link at the beginning of the article.

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