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What does the herpes look like in the anal anus

Herpes is a viral disease that can affect any part of the body, including appearing in the back passage.


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Peculiarities of the pathology of

What does the herpes look like in the anal anus? Herpes - a pathology that develops

when the human body gets a DNA containing a virus. It is worth noting that in most people the virus in one or another amount is contained in the blood and manifests itself in the event that there is a drop in immunity - that is why sometimes people suffer from a "cold" that appears, for example, on the lips.

Herpes-provoking virus is extremely unstable at high temperatures, but perfectly tolerates cold and easily experiences even multiple frostbite.

Symptoms that manifest the disease can be quite varied, depending on which part of the body there is a characteristic rash - it is also a distinctive feature of the pathology.

Diphtheria can be infected with unprotected sexual contact, when using other people's hygiene products, and just at harmless contacts. Another thing is that not every person's symptoms appear lightning, as the virus sometimes drowses in the blood, waiting for the fall of immunity.

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Why the

is manifested? Symptoms of this pathology, such as herpes in the anus, can be quite diverse.

What does the herpes look like in the anal anus Sometimes the only symptoms of the pathology can appear as a slight increased sensitivity of the skin to the touch, and sometimes expressed much more vividly, appearing in the form of bubbles, called vesicles. Usually they can be easily seen in the photo.

It is worth noting that the appearance of characteristic bubbles, which then burst with the release of watery content, is a symptom of the progression of pathology, while at first the disease can be seen even in the photo.

Other symptoms of the pathology may show a severe itching in the anus, burning sensation, irritability and high sensitivity of the skin. If a person overly heats up damaged areas, a small, isolated bloody appearance may appear.

Other symptoms may be expressed in the following:

  • appearance of headaches;
  • deterioration of sleep quality;
  • sharp mood changes, frequent irritability;
  • temperature, general signs of intoxication of the body.

Typically, vesicles require 10 to 12 days to be opened and covered with crust. During this period it is important to protect the wounds from infection, so that the herpes quickly descended.

Also, herpes can be detected by examination of the rectum with an endoscope, and then it will manifest itself in the form of small erosions.

What are the treatment methods for

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To date, herpes is not completely curable, that is, it is possible to withdraw the virus from blood once and for all.

However, medicine may offer effective ways to help eliminate the number of pathologies that will prevent the virus from propagating actively.

It is worth remembering that if you are suspected of having colds in the anus, it is still necessary to consult a doctor, since the symptoms of this disease may be inherent in other pathologies.

What does the herpes look like in the anal anus

Drugs used to treat herpes in the back passage

  • Arbidol;
  • Zovirax;
  • Acyclovir;
  • Famvir and others.

The doctor, at his own discretion and depending on the symptoms of the disease, can prescribe drugs with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory properties, medicines that can suppress allergic reactions, and antibiotics in those cases where infectious agents have been injured.

A patient is necessarily given a number of recommendations for strengthening immunity, since the symptoms of the pathology are usually particularly pronounced against the background of reducing the body's defenses.

Patients may recommend the following preventive measures:

  • receiving vitamins and drugs that have the ability to stimulate immunity;
  • compliance with the rules of good nutrition, which will cover the needs of the body in the necessary substances;
  • getting rid of passion for bad habits;
  • outdoor walks;
  • Stress Relief.

Herpes itself is not an overly dangerous pathology, but it can cause significant inconvenience, and in some cases, it can endanger life, therefore its treatment should be dealt with in a timely manner.