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Repair electric towel warmer with your own hands

Towel dryer is a necessary attribute of the bathroom. Today on sale three variants of these products are available: water, electric and combined. Water and electricity have already firmly taken their place in the bathrooms, but combined are just beginning to attract the attention of buyers.

Electric towel dryers are currently one of the most popular options. They can be installed not only in the bathroom, but also in the kitchen, in the country house, etc. This thing is quite useful. But what should I do if the device fails? Try to make repair of an electric towel warmer with your own hands or still use the warranty service? To understand how to do, if the towel warmer does not warm up, you must first understand what it represents.

Repair electric towel warmer with your own hands

What does an

electric towel warmer need? An electric towel warmer is a heating device, usually made of a steel tube, in which the heating element in the inner cavity through which the towels is flowing is the current. This heating element can be:

  • Cable with silicone insulation;
  • TEN, filled with oil or water.

The main advantages of an electric appliance in comparison with water models are:

  • The possibility of inclusion only when necessary, at a certain time;
  • Possibility of installation in any room without being tied to water pipes( kitchen, summer cottage, utility room).The
  • Towel heater can have a capacity from several hundred to thousands watts, and in addition to the main function, it can heat the room. The model, intended only for drying, is very economical and consumes no more than a light bulb( 35-200 W).The maximum heating temperature meets the safety requirements and reaches only 70 degrees. Many models of towel warmers are equipped with thermoregulators. An electric towel warmer is attached to the bathroom wall with the help of a bracket, with its installation there is no need to raise the water supply system. The quality and uninterrupted operation of an electric appliance depends not only on the manufacturer, but also on compliance with certain rules during installation. Installation of an electric towel rail can be done independently.

    Connecting an electric towel warmer, replacing the towel bag in the bathroom

    Mounting the appliance - the right is simple. It is necessary to fix the device on the wall with the help of the bracket and bring the wiring to a special outlet designed for work in rooms with high humidity. Next, just turn the towel warmer into the socket. A similar way is the replacement of a towel bag. Everything is elemental. But certain rules for mounting and selecting a location must be respected.

    Repair electric towel warmer with your own hands

    Safety rules: Do not install the electric towel warmer near the place where the water flows( with a bath or shower);Use

  • wiring calculated for specified current loads;Attach the device to
  • using safety shut-off devices( automatic circuit breaker, differential automatic, UZO);
  • when connecting the towel to the socket in the circuit should be a ground contact, which prevents the electric shock of a person in cases of breakdown of insulation or penetration of the body;Use
  • only water jet sockets, but even in this case, if available, install them outside the bathroom, for example, by making a wall drill through;The
  • socket for an electric dryer should be built-in, not external.
  • towel repair. To repair the towel bag, you need the following tools, such as screwdrivers, saws, soldering iron and multimeter. First, you should carefully read the instructions. From it you can learn a lot of useful information. In order to repair the device became more understandable, you should consider the design of the device.

    Electric towel warmer consists of the following parts:

    • heating element;
    • coupler for connecting the cord;
    • Isolating Drop;
    • insulating pads;
    • bracket for mounting the device on the wall.

    Repair electric towel warmer with your own hands

    More modern and expensive models are equipped with a thermostat for temperature control and automatic shutdown during overheating. There may also be a built-in fan and a remote control. Such models require a more professional approach to repair.

    The installation of towel rails is made according to two schemes: open and closed.

    The disadvantage of hidden mounting is that if a wire is damaged, additional disassembly and repair work will be required.

    If the electric towel warmer is out of service, you can try repairing yourself. First, you should determine the cause of the breakdown. Most often breakdowns arise due to electrical wiring faults. As a rule, in these cases, the device does not warm at all.

    At times, during long-term work of the towel dryer, the heating of the wire on which the current flows is heating up. Strong heating can trigger the shutdown of the circuit breaker. As stated above, when installing the device it is recommended to install an automatic shutdown device that will work when the current is leaking. If, upon repeated attempts to turn on the towel warmer, the machine will select again, it means that the circuit has a short circuit. You can check it using a multimeter. It is necessary to adjust it to measure the resistance of the direct current and measure the resistance of the Tena and the wires. Repair of the device with built-in temperature control requires a preliminary check of the regulator and sensors.

    If the socket is okay, but the device still does not heat up, then the problem is likely to lie in the liner to the dryer. Or she clogged, or there was a breakdown on the way out. To identify the problem, it is necessary to disassemble and remove the dryer and turn it over in such a way as to prevent leakage of the heating fluid. Then it is necessary to unscrew the valve and clean it with a wire. Now you can check the device. If he earned, the repair was successful.

    If the TEN is out of date, the repair will turn out to be more expensive. The breakdown of the heating element is also checked by the multimeter. With its malfunction, the value of the resistance is pretty much overloaded. The device of some models does not involve the replacement of Tena, so you will have to replace the towel warmer completely. If you need replacing Tena, then carefully unscrew it and replace it with a new one. More about the choice of electric towel warmer see here.