Treatment of intracranial pressure by folk remedies

Increased or decreased intracranial pressure is a violation of circulation and, as a consequence, a lack or excessive accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in one or another part of the cranial box. Signs of the disease are observed in adults as well as in children. The disease can develop

as a result of both birth and eventual disturbances in the body's work.

Treatment of intracranial pressure by folk remedies

In severe cases, surgical intervention may be required to eliminate the adverse effects of the disease and achieve the treatment. Correct treatment and home-based prevention help to cure in most cases without such serious measures.


  • What is VHT and why does it appear?
  • Symptoms of VHT and methods of diagnosis of the disease
  • Popular methods of treating high and low VHT
  • Prevention of abnormalities VHT

What is VHT and why it appears?

Treatment of intracranial pressure by folk remedies Cavity of the spinal cord, the space between the skull bones, as well as the ventricles of the brain contain a special fluid - liquor. The main function of the liver is the protection of the gray matter of the brain from mechanical damage and overload.

In addition, liquor is a conductor of nutrients to the surrounding tissues, provides hemostasis, that is, preserving the blood of its liquid state, removes the metabolic products formed in the tissues. The lycopod is updated seven times a day.

The exceptional importance of a uniform distribution of liquor is confirmed by the fact that, in the event of head injuries and injuries, the fluid plays the role of a shock absorber protecting the tissue from deformation. What happens if the uniform distribution of liquor is violated? In this situation, all the processes described above are slowed down, and the level of protection of the tissues of the brain is reduced.

Causes of violations of liver transplantation are diverse and are divided into two main groups:

  • congenital;
  • purchased.

Among the most common violations that occur in childhood and adulthood, is the violation of metabolic processes. As a result, liquor is extremely poorly absorbed into the bloodstream, interrupted by the process of nutrition of tissues, there is an uneven distribution of liquor.

Another common cause is excess fluid in the body as a whole. This leads to a proportional increase in the amount of liquor. The fluid pressure on the brain tissue is increased.

Often, CVT abnormalities are observed as a result of the development of such severe diseases as meningitis, tumors, encephalitis, migraine, hydrocephalus, stroke. Elimination of violations in this case is directly related to the treatment of the underlying disease.

Overweight - another problem of a modern person directly related to the deviations of the VHF.As a rule, obesity becomes a reason for a strong increase in indicators as a result of overloads of all systems in the body. Among the temporary causes of abnormal VHF include excess vitamin A and severe poisoning.

The uneven and unreasonable use of certain foods, as well as the unbalanced intake of vitamin complexes, is something that can lead to excessive levels of vitamin A in the body. As a result, hypertension, in principle, develops in a healthy person. That is why, planning to receive vitamin preparations, be sure to consult a doctor. We should not forget about the balance of nutrition among adults, especially children and adolescents.

Severe poisoning with alcohol causes a sharp increase in intracranial pressure. With regard to poisoning with other food products, it can lead to both increased and reduced VHRT.In the event of a severe malaise following a visit to a restaurant, the use of unusual products or products at the expiry date, urgent contact your doctor. Rejection of VHT can be a sign of very serious poisoning!

Symptoms of VHT and diagnostic methods of the disease

Among the most common symptoms of deviations in the indexes of VHRT include:

  • regularly bothering headaches, usually aggravated in the morning;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • dizziness, including distortion of orientation in space;
  • vision problems, including dual effect;
  • lethargy, fatigue without serious stress;
  • irritability;
  • hearing problems;
  • do not go bruised under the eyes.

Together with these symptoms, patients often complain of pain that occurs when the head and neck are turned. Often a sudden sudden seizure of sweating is evidenced by the change in VHT.

Separately speaking, the symptoms of high VHF in young children under the age of 2 years should be mentioned separately. Due to the peculiarities of the child's body, they can be determined during the visual inspection.

Among the most striking symptoms of increasing VHF in young children include:

  • increased head of the child;
  • prominent protuberance of the forehead;
  • swelling of the main fontanel;
  • is the focus of the child's eyes down and the presence of the symptom Grefe( a white strip of protein between the iris and the upper eyelid);
  • is a clearly visible venous network under the skin of the head;
  • drowsiness and irritability.

Currently, medicine offers the following methods for diagnosis of VHT deviations:

  • study of cerebrospinal fluid;
  • spinal puncture;
  • eyelid study;
  • mantle of the head and brain;
  • electroencephalography( study of bioelectric activity of the brain);
  • heads off;

After completing a comprehensive survey, you will receive accurate information about the nature of the disease and how to treat the disease.

It should be borne in mind that as soon as the diagnosis is made, urgent measures should be taken to normalize the VHF indexes. Otherwise, the disease can go into a chronic stage, when the usual gentle measures of treatment are not so effective.

With further ignoring of violations, operational intervention may be required. In particular, the case can reach the forced removal of liquid. Such an intervention involves shunting, during which excess fluid is removed through the catheters system.

Popular methods of treating high and low VHF

Treatment of intracranial pressure by folk remedies
If you are concerned about impaired intracranial pressure, treatment with folk remedies can become an effective method of getting rid of the disease at its earliest stages. Among the means of reducing the high VCHT is the compress of alcohol and camphor oil. The mixture is prepared at a rate of 1: 1.The mixture is applied to the surface of the scalp immediately before bedtime.

Then it is recommended to wear a hat of thin cellophane and tie the head with a towel. As a result, you can avoid problems with the VHF in the morning, as well as reduce the likelihood of its increase at night. Another popular express method is the reduction of VCHD - rubbing in the lava whiskey of hot oil. It is butter you can buy in the finished form in the pharmacy, but you can cook yourself. The home warehouse is made from dry grass of lavender and high-quality olive oil.

Components are connected in a 1: 1 ratio. The mixture should be primed for 20 days. After that you need to strain it. It is recommended to use, carefully rubbing a small amount of whiskey when the first signs of pain occur. The various herbal broths are quite effective, the regular reception of which helps to reduce the high VHF.

The mulberry is a grass, it helps to relieve pain. To get inside, you should prepare her broth and take 20 minutes before eating. A liter of water at the same time accounts for about 20 g of herbal raw materials.

Possibly proved to be an alcoholic tincture of meadow clover. Herb raw materials are collected, cleaned and tightly placed in a jar. After that, it is filled with vodka or alcohol composition of 40 °.In this form, the raw material is kept for two weeks. They use tincture of a plantain, regardless of food intake, diluting 10 ml in a glass of water, 1-2 times a day.

A very effective complex herb tincture. For its preparation take in equal parts hawthorn, mint, eucalyptus, pustrynik and valerianum. All herbs are thoroughly crushed and packed. A tablespoon of this collection goes for 0.5 l of vodka or alcoholic solution. Tired of 20-30 days. After that carefully filter and use 20-25 drops in case of symptoms of increased intracranial pressure.

A mixture of lemon and garlic passed through a meat grinder is not only an excellent remedy for colds, but also many medicines tested from high-heightened VHF.To prepare the medicine, you should take two lemons and combine them with one head of garlic. The mask is not used in its pure form: it can provoke an increase in the acidity of the stomach. It should be diluted with warm water and taken before bedtime. The specified proportion accounts for 2 liters of water. Single dose - 30 ml

But help not only decoctions, alcoholic tincture of herbs. An excellent way to normalize VHT is by inhalation. At the same time used for treatment a simple bay leaf, which is in the kitchen of each hostess. The leaves are poured in boiling water and breathe, holding their heads over the capacity.

Prevention of abnormalities of VHT

Treatment of intracranial pressure by folk remedies
Well-done prevention of abnormalities of VHF helps not only to cope with the unpleasant consequences of the disease, but also to fully cure. In this case, the success of the measures taken largely depends on their regularity.

It should be noted that folk prevention methods associated with the use of certain products and herbs should only be used with full confidence that allergic reactions will be excluded. All other preventive measures depend on your desire and lifestyle.

The right day of the day is one of the first recommendations of doctors for those who want to avoid VHF abnormalities. If you notice the symptoms of the disease, pay attention to the fact that even mental and physical stress alternate.

Specialists recommend that you rest for about 30 minutes after lunch and take short breaks in the morning and evening during work. In addition, in order to reduce the overall negative burden on the body in case of violations of the VHF, it is necessary to limit the time of watching the TV and finding the PC to one hour per day.

Moderate and regular exercise - another effective method of preventing VHF abnormalities. An ideal solution is morning exercise. Very effective for preventing violations of swimming pool. In some cases, positive prophylactic influence is given by yoga classes, contribute to the normalization of physiological processes in the body and ensure the normal functioning of all parts of the nervous system.

Sanatorium treatment - that is useful not only to people suffering from serious chronic diseases, but also healthy. An unfavorable environmental situation, serious burdens on urban residents seriously undermine the protective forces of the body. Stay at the resort gives a break and helps restore immunity, protect yourself from nerve failures and physiological disorders in the body.

As regards nutrition, nutritionists recommend the introduction of such products as:

  • lemon;
  • Beans;
  • cashew nuts;
  • kiwi;
  • buckwheat.

In this case, it is necessary to reduce as much as possible the consumption of fat and sweet food. If you are overweight, you should seriously think about reducing it. Bad habits: Smoking and alcohol abuse are another two risk factors for your health. You should not wait for the first signs of a violation of the VHF, you should abandon the pernicious passions long before that.

Overheating - a situation often leads to unwanted VHF deviations from the norm. Often, such a problem faces in the summertime fans of beach holiday. Do not forget to stay in the sun with stay in the shade, cover your head. And then problems will overtake you side. In the complex, such measures will help protect themselves from the increase and decrease of VHT, and thus allows you to feel great.