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How many days does the temperature keep under the windy wipes in children?

Nobody is immune from illness in childhood. Therefore, the question of how many days the temperature at windy wipes in children is kept worried by many parents. The increase in temperature indicates the mobilization of all the forces of the body to fight the pathogenic microorganism. With

, this increase to certain indicators is a necessary and useful phenomenon.

A child's windbreak is a frequent phenomenon. However, it proceeds from everyone individually. For some children there is a disease - this is another reason to sit at home, relax from an early awakening to kindergarten or school, play your favorite games. Other diseases can occur in severe form, manifesting in high fever and worrying about rash. However, any parents want to quickly deprive the child of a caught disease.

1 What is chicken pox

A windbreaker - a shortened name for a common childhood disease - chicken pox. Knowledge of its features and symptoms will allow you to start timely treatment and relieve the condition of a child's illness. Due to the correct actions of the parents, the chicken pox will be in easy shape and only small forced holidays will be remembered. Disease is more likely to affect children attending educational institutions: kindergarten, school. Possible infection in other places where there are large crowds of people.

How many days does the temperature keep under the windy wipes in children?

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The disease is caused by the introduction of herpes virus - varicella zoster, which belongs to the pathogenic microflora causing the scrotum. The transmission of the virus occurs by airborne droplets. An obstacle is not even a distance of 20 meters. This causes a high infectiousness of a sick child, which persists for two days after the virus enters the infant's body and the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease. The microorganism is susceptible to external factors when it is found outside the human body. It is unstable to temperature fluctuations, humidity.

2 Features of the

Incubation Period The length of the incubation period for wind wool may vary: from ten to 21 days. This is what determines the term quarantine in institutions where cases of signs of chicken pox have been detected. The inflammation is maintained for five days after the termination of fresh rashes on the body. Repeat to become sick on chicken can not be.

How many days does the temperature keep under the windy wipes in children?

The appearance of her symptoms for the second time indicates a new disease - a scaphoid fever caused by the same microorganism. From infection with the herpes virus it is impossible to protect completely due to the high infectiousness of the disease. Children who are in contact with carriers of pathogenic microflora, sooner or later fall ill. The level of protective forces of the body will only affect the degree of manifestation of the disease and its form.

3 First signs of chickenpox

Among the first manifestations of chicken pox indicate:

  • fever;
  • weakness;
  • dizziness;
  • has a bad appetite.

How many days does the temperature keep under the windy wipes in children?

These symptoms are similar to those of acute respiratory disease. Parents often start treating it. However, after a couple of days on the baby's body there are small spots - typical for chickenpox rash. It becomes an obvious sign that distinguishes smallpox from other viral diseases.

4 Forms of the disease and the first manifestations of

How many days does the temperature keep under windy wipes? Its duration is determined by the form of the disease: among which are the three most common:

  • Light, characterized by a slight increase in temperature, which may be disturbing for a short time. There are cases when this temperature was kept all day. Typically, the temperature does not rise above 37.5 °.
  • Medium when the temperature rises with the appearance of a rash. The rashes are similar to red spots, which subsequently pass into the stage of bubbles. This form is characterized by an increase in temperature to 38 °.It has a total duration of up to 5 days.
  • Heavy, which is characterized by the rapid development of the disease: a sharp increase in body temperature to 40 ° with subsequent rashes. In this case, it can stay within 7 days.
  • How many days does the temperature keep under the windy wipes in children?

    5 Increased temperature range

    At the question of how much temperature is maintained during a wind wax, any pediatrician will respond during a patient's examination. In mild form of the disease, the raised temperature does not bring the child and his parents a lot of anxiety. In addition, there is no need for special measures to eliminate it. An increase in body temperature indicates the body's struggle with the virus and the proper functioning of immunity. It is much more difficult for children with severe forms of the disease.

    How many days does the temperature keep under the windy wipes in children?

    High temperatures are kept throughout the illness. At the same time, the condition is complicated by the presence of other manifestations: weakness, headache, rapid fatigue, bad mood.

    However, in spite of the severity of the disease, the temperature is reduced only in extreme cases. After all, its excess in comparison with normal indicators - it is the result of the protective forces of the organism. Typically, a temperature of more than 39 ° is lowered. The use of antipyretic drugs is necessary in the event of the appearance or inclination of a child to trial. Among their symptoms are:

    • is a characteristic position in the form of a string;
    • eyeball back;
    • respiratory failure.

    A convulsive condition is life-threatening, so the appropriate measures should not be delayed. Need to call an ambulance and give the baby a fever. In addition, with the appearance of the first signs of measles, this should be reported to the district pediatrician. He will develop a treatment scheme and give the necessary recommendations.

    How many days does the temperature keep under the windy wipes in children?


    treatment methods There is no need to use specific anti-viral drugs. This is due to the fact that the disease goes on its own. Thanks to timely vaccination, the body is able to eliminate the pathogenic microorganism itself. In general, the duration of the disease is up to 10 days. With an average degree of severity - the most characteristic form of the disease, the temperature only disturbs 3 days.

    How many days does the temperature keep under the windy wipes in children?

    At all stages of the poor state of treatment only external signs of the presence of the virus in the body are exposed: rash and fever. Rash is lubricated with any disinfectant: Rivanol yellow, Fukorzinom. In the absence of them, use diamond green. In the presence of itching to relieve the condition of the patient, rash is lubricated with Calamine or Zindol boltanol. Thanks to the use of these data, it effectively removes unpleasant feelings.

    In order to prevent inflammatory processes at the place of formation of bubbles, it is recommended to bath the child in water with the addition of manganese. At the same time you can not use a washcloth and various gels for bathing. It is better to wait for a complete recovery. You should also refrain from bathing and at high temperatures. It only worsens the condition.

    Skin damage requires careful attention to clothing. Skin should breathe. You should choose shirts, t-shirts, pants, underwear made of cotton fabric. In the presence of itching, antihistamines can be given. Remember to eat food. In the menu there should be no dishes that can cause allergies. In addition, the food should be correct and complete.

    How many days does the temperature keep under the windy wipes in children?

    7 Useful Tips

    Pox is an infectious disease.

    How many days does the temperature keep under the windy wipes in children?

    Parents should remember that if any signs of any infection develop, even if there is no high temperature, you should call your doctor. You need to be careful about the appearance of a child such symptoms as:

    • various eruptions;
    • bad feeling;
    • complaints of headache;
    • complaints of dizziness;
    • drowsiness;
    • decreased appetite;
    • excessive unusual tearfulness.

    It is best to reinsure your child's complaints and use the services of a doctor. This will allow you to begin timely treatment and prevent the transition of the disease to a severe form. Should not be in the presence of manifestations of an infectious nature to go to the clinic on their own. The smallpox rapidly spreads to the air stream, which can affect other children.

    The following actions are categorically contraindicated in wind wicks:

    • treatment of rash with iodine solution, which will act as an additional stimulant and an itchy amplifier;
    • bathing in the presence of temperature;
    • use of coarse body looms or gloves;
    • rubbing the body with a towel;
    • visiting public places.

    After quitting the rash, the quarantine continues for a few days. Already after the end of this period a certificate of permission to visit a children's institution is issued. During illness it is necessary to remember about rational nutrition and taking vitamins. This will help immunity in the fight against infection.

    Any doctor will answer the question about how much temperature is maintained during a wind wax. It all depends on several factors: the level of protective forces of the body, neglect of the disease and its form. In the presence of even one patient, parents of other children in the children's community should be careful about the status of their own children. To do this, you need to regularly monitor the temperature, monitor the appearance of rash, pay attention to the general health. If you have symptoms of smallpox, you should contact your doctor immediately.