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What to do for the growth of a beard: tips that contribute to the growth of a beautiful beard


  • The main reasons why a normal beard can not grow
  • Hair growth period
  • Tips that promote the growth of a beautiful beard
  • Be a lifestyle?
  • Skin Care
  • Maybe you should turn to medicine?
  • Extreme Events

What to do for the growth of a beard: tips that contribute to the growth of a beautiful beard Beard is an

original symbol of courage and at all times looked solid. But not everyone who wants to get a beard can achieve the desired result. It is these men who need to know how to stimulate beard growth.
Not all men can grow a good beard without gaps. There are many ways to fix it, but you need to know how to stimulate the growth of the beard to avoid common mistakes.

The main reasons why you can not grow normal beard

Please note that bypassing nature will still not succeed, so it is worth starting with patience, no matter how hard it was. If you are not ready for this, it turns out, you should wait with this dream. It is not uncommon that women try to grow a beard at the age of 14 years. In this case, of course, if you are not a representative of the Caucasian or other southern types, it is better to forget about a thick beard for a while, and nothing good is likely to happen. Therefore, ideally, the development of beard with mustache is best after 20 years, until now, the hormonal growth is stabilized, the beard begins to grow normally.

What to do for the growth of a beard: tips that contribute to the growth of a beautiful beard In adolescents aged 14 to 20, a teenage boy develops a hormonal background. But the general hormonal background is unstable, the boy turns into a man and therefore you should not expect a beautiful, dense vegetation. It happens that an adult can not grow a good beard. This may depend on immunity and genetic predisposition.

In order to grow a beard it takes at least 4-5 weeks, and many beginner bearded people just do not have enough patience. Usually they start to shave something, to equalize, and all this is superfluous, it is not necessary to touch the beard at all.

Hair Growth Period

First you should try to just start growing your beard and suffer. During these weeks, vegetation on the face in most cases looks not at all attractive. It is equally important not to shave and do not equalize after a few days or a week and a half. The grown beard will not look in this case presentable.

In the period of hair growth it should be understood that itching may occur, and this is a normal phenomenon. In order to remove it, different means, creams can help. As a result, over time, the hair grows up and the itching passes. It is not necessary to worry, often with the growth of bristles on the face often there are not beautiful enlightenment, but they will eventually disappear if you will not shave or tear anything. On those places germinate hair from the hair follicles, which develop more slowly and grow not so fast.

Tips That Contribute to the Growth of the Beautiful Beard

While vegetation on the face is in the growth phase, you do not need to try to give it any shape, let it grow as it needs to avoid dropping anything. When all grow on the face to the desired length, then you will have enough time to bring everything to reason.

After 4 weeks, you can visit the hairdresser in order to give the beard a proper form, but just specify to the master exactly what you want, that you fulfill the required shape, rather than shorten the vegetation on the face.

In order for the beard to grow better, you must not forget about skin care. Use beard oil, which will moisturize the skin and beard, thereby contributing to the healthy appearance of the skin and good growth. At the same time, it will always provide a pleasant smell of your vegetation on your face, which, you agree, is also important. What to do for the growth of a beard: tips that contribute to the growth of a beautiful beard

In addition to all the above, it is worth doing a massage of the scalp. It stimulates blood flow and follicles development of the bulb. In order for the effect to be better you can use rapeseed oil or oil with red pepper. By the way, for accelerated growth of hair on a head women use pepper-based oils, they are also suitable for hair growth on the face.

Do you have a lifestyle?

In order for your beard to grow as fast as possible, you need to follow your lifestyle and use the right foods as well as nutritional supplements. Ideally, you should adjust your diet with your doctor.

These additives include:

  • folic acid;
  • bread;
  • groats;
  • peas;
  • nuts;
  • green leafy vegetables.

What to do for the growth of a beard: tips that contribute to the growth of a beautiful beard In addition, vitamins such as B7, which are needed for the production of glucose and fatty acids, should be used, in addition, it promotes the assimilation of amino acids and carbohydrates. In order for the hair to grow well and stable, it is important to monitor the level in the body of Biotin, since the absence or minimum can lead to hair loss. It is contained in:

  • oysters;
  • cabbage;
  • fish;
  • soy;
  • egg yolks;
  • yeast.

Do not forget about the fact that you should normalize your sleep mode, go and get up at one and the same time. On average, an adult needs 8-9 hours for a good sleep. Follow this mode even on weekends, despite the fact that you want to sleep longer on the weekend. Another disadvantage of hair growth is stress. Try to avoid stressful situations, as they directly negatively affect the work of the body as a whole, including the growth of facial hair. Try to use natural products.

Skin Care

In order to increase the growth of the bristles, you should pay attention to your skin. Skin is the largest organ in our body. Give him the most attention. The more you will make scrubs, the better the hair will grow, as the skin interferes with the germination of follicle dirt.

What to do for the growth of a beard: tips that contribute to the growth of a beautiful beard In addition, it is not necessary to neglect various means to enhance hair growth, such as lotions and shampoos, especially effective means for the presence of vitamin A.

Do not forget that it's important to do sports. Not only does it matter how you are doing sports, the very fact that increased physical activity contributes to hair growth is important. Even if you refuse lifting on the elevator, you will climb and descend on foot, then it will only be in the favor.

Maybe you should turn to medicine?

Those who strive to achieve a thick and beautiful beard must understand that the hormonal background should be normalized. Of course, this issue can be solved at home, but if you sign up for consultation with an endocrinologist, you can agree on a treatment that will be responsible for the growth of the bristles, as well as muscles.

You can promote facial hair growth with medications, such as Regine. Despite the fact that this drug was designed to help those who want to build enough hair on the head, it is also great for those who want to grow hair on the face. But be careful, Reghein adversely affects the human body. Therefore, make sure that you do not accidentally use it using your mouth.

Extreme Events

If all this did not help, then you should not be desperate, options are still there, you can find other ways. Even if you have to consider such an option as plastic surgery. Perhaps it will be the best solution to transplant hair follicles from the other places. But one must understand that such a procedure is not simple, can decently deal with finances and the outcome itself will be justified in a year.

Before considering this option, consult a physician, since any operation carries certain risks. You should offer a good cosmetic laboratory, find out all the subtleties and consequences. In fact, this may not be a dangerous option, which will not bring any negative consequences and, most importantly, will provide you with the right result. What to do for the growth of a beard: tips that contribute to the growth of a beautiful beard

If you have seen pictures of celebrities with beautiful beards, do not be fooled. Most of them have the same beard, as well as those who do not manage to grow a thick, luxurious beard. In this matter can help thickeners of hair, which will help to hide the sparsely, problematic areas and beard will look more evenly and magnificently.

This tool most often represents a spray that needs to be applied to problem areas, it will help to thicken them and create the appearance of dense vegetation. Just try to pick up the right thickener, which will suit you. Otherwise, you risk getting an unnatural beard that looks more like a lion's mane, but the color may not be yours.