How does a child make money?

A child's upbringing is the most important part of parental responsibility. Children are not adapted to life in society, they need help in adapting and mastering the world around them. Knowledge and skills acquired in childhood directly affect their adult life, the

's ability to cope with difficult tasks independently and not to be dependent on an adult's parental alertness.

How do adults feel that their child will start earning money, without waiting for the onset of workable age legislation and as a child to make money in general, without resorting to car washing, read in the materials of this article.


1. Why educate children for money
2. At what age should I explain the value of money to children
3. How much money to give the child on pocket expenses
4. Encouragement for good learning, behavior, home help
5. From what agechildren can receive work fee
6. Will the first work experience negatively affect the future of the child?
7. Effective ways of earning
8. Instead of concluding

Why educate children for money

One of the most important moments in bringing up a child is learning about its value of money and how to handle it properly. Why do some parents ask? Then, in order for a child to understand the price of money, from an early age he studied autonomy, budget planning, could make thoughtful purchases in the future.

Without learning how to handle money in a child's way, in an adult's life, a child may be faced with a number of financial difficulties associated with the inability to distribute money, with reluctance to work, do not understand the value of money and the wrong distribution of their needs.

It is impossible to avoid the question of money in the upbringing of the child - it is manifested in the social environment, among others, and the child's first need is not in the money itself, but in various toys and entertainments that surround the children. At an early age, children make demands to their parents, demanding to buy one or another item in the store, take it to the amusement park and stay there for as long as possible. How does a child make money?

Already from this moment it is necessary to explain to the child the value of money. It is recommended to give the child a coin for the piggy bank at the age of 2-3 years.

A false way to console all the whims and desires of the child, without explaining to him that some of his needs exceed the social level of the family. There will be a moment when the child's ambitions will exceed the financial capabilities of the parents.

It is impossible to avoid a conflict, following the principle of performing all sorts of things, so it's best to prevent it by teaching the child adequate perception of money.

At what age do you need to explain the value of money

In kindergarten, the child is not completely independent, he is being cared for at every stage, but when entering the school, the burn is significantly reduced and the child must already have certain life skills in a social environment.

To some extent, the child must already know how to deal with money, while the amount is predominantly small. To develop autonomy in a child of 7 years you can allocate him money on pocket expenses, for example, so that he could buy food in a school buffet.

It's good if, since the first grade of high school, your child will be asked to raise money for something, be it a toy, a trip or some other purchase.

By collecting money in this way, the child will learn to plan their small capital. Explain to him what amount is necessary for his "dreams", encourage him for good education, home help. The child must understand that money does not "fall from heaven", but is a payment for some of his efforts.

However, you should not buy one for the first time. In order for the child to be well acquainted with the mechanism of purchases, it is necessary to teach him this in his presence. For example, give him the amount he needs to buy himself bread or pay for travel.

Then, when the infant is already familiar with the rules of addition and subtraction, you can fix them on financial transactions, teaching him, for example, how much to get a surrender of a small amount when buying a cake.

How much money to give to a child on pocket expenses

The main goal of parents should not be to protect the child from all relationships with money, but to teach him the correct treatment with them.

It is recommended that children 6 to 14 years of age plan the costs of the child with him. Pocket money means a lot in the educational process. By allocating pocket money to the child, parents show that they trust him. It is very important for the child to form his personality.

It is also not recommended to swear a child for a loss of money more than for the loss of any subject. The needs of a child in 7 years and at 13 are very different, it is also necessary to take into account the choice of the amount of pocket money. For teenage children, money is important, so because of them many conflicts can occur on the grounds of misunderstanding.

How does a child make money? In order not to explain personally in every case that we allow to buy or not, some parents enter the estimates for a teenage child. At the same time, the child is introduced to the realities of adult life, he once issued a sum per month. This amount includes some purchases and pocket costs. The child is taught to calculate expenses for a certain time.

As the practice showed, in a few months the teenager could not keep up with the necessary amount and remained without money for the necessary expenses, then he was given a certain amount in debt, given that in the next calendar month, he expected a smaller amount.

As a result of this practice, a person has learned to deal with money and not only to calculate costs for the desired time interval, but also to collect.

Deleting a child from financial procedures can have a bad effect on it. One case study from the private life of :

A 18 year old girl entered another city and left a family and began to live independently in another city. In the first month she could not live on the money allocated by her parents, parents sent them extra. In the second month the story was repeated, the parents again sent money, then, when they again instantly ended, the girl brought her jewelry to the pawnshop. On the money it was hoped to live the rest of the month, but instead bought expensive perfumes and a few new things.

Encouragement for Good Learning, Behavior, Home Assistance

Family sponsorship is often practiced. Start using this system at an early age, for example, the mother says to the child that he will give him a candy only if he will behave well. Then for a candy should be a toy, and then pocket money.

It is important to encourage a child for good action, but encouragement should not be reduced to only money. How does a child make money?

Parents often start with the methods "I'll give you 10 rubles if you get caught in your room", and then get an unexpected result - the child refuses to do anything just so, he is locked in money and gambling.

A child should have the opportunity to receive money so that he does not start to cheat and deceive, take away money from home or other purposes( for example, not transferring them to a school event).

By educating the child for money through encouragement, it is important not to cross the threshold when instead of an assistant you can get a consumer. The child must understand that there must be principles of mutual reciprocity and mutual assistance in the family. Compensation for help or excellent training should be considered as pleasant gifts to them. If the motivation is aimed only at the principle of "do-get", then the child can grow into a true selfish.

From what age children can receive pay for work

Children should not be protected from the outside world and money in full, it is useful to create the child the opportunity to earn. But with this it is not worth sending a 10-12 year old child to wipe the car's lights on the traffic light. It's much better to create conditions for him. For example, give the opportunity to help with your work, leave the task of sorting the archive paper into the paper roll or any other simple order.

Do not put pressure on the child so that he will perform all the large volume and do not rebuke if he gets bored and he throws. Simply create a system of incentives based on the amount of work or time spent so that the child knows what he will receive by completing or part of the work.

Does the first experience of work negatively affect the future of the child?

It is not necessary to prohibit a senior pupil from getting a job and try to protect him from possible difficulties. All cities have developed a system of promotions in which children can take part. For example, stick out ads or give postcards on the streets.

However, it is very important to explain to the child how to avoid cheating and in which activities he should not participate.

The experience of working out is useful, a teenager will learn to appreciate money, feeling how much effort you need to make to earn them. It is necessary to teach the child to recognize whether it is possible to fake a deception so that he does not collide in his first work experience with deceit. Try to create trust relationships in the family, so that the child is not ashamed and not afraid to seek advice from you on one or another issue.

Effective ways of earning

Of course, forgiveness takes precious time that could be spent on training, but this should not be the parent's argument, why not even need to start your work in school years.

Discuss with your child that forgery can not stand for him in the first place, and that you can not drop a school if you have the opportunity to earn a job without completing it. The child must know how to make money legally, but at the same time immediately count their strength and time.

Here is an approximate list of areas in which a child should try to look for a job.

  • Homework( pet care neighbors, adverts, nanny work, child care, old products, etc.).
  • For a period of holidays, a teenager can get a job at an advertising agency( bundling of advertisements, breaking up of newspapers, magazines, advertising of goods, work by courier).
  • Available at home through the Internet. It may be writing reviews, comments, viewing ads, registering on different resources. For those children who have a good command of the language and a good literary style, they can clearly and affordably express their thoughts on paper, you can try to write texts for sale.
  • Handmade as a kind of earnings( the production of handmade products, master classes and their sales on the relevant resources).

There are other types of activities available for adolescent children. However, if the child has a desire to forge, he must necessarily agree with his parents in order to avoid the negative consequences of this "little work experience".Even if an adolescent wants to work online, parents should analyze this type of activity to prevent their child from legal employment.

Instead of concluding

How does a child make money?, the main factor shaping the child's personality is his parents, and in many ways his later life and what kind of person she will be depends on his family.

It is in the family that the child must teach the necessary ideas about the surrounding world, it is in the family that the basic values ​​of man are asked. Therefore, it is important not only to teach the child to write, count and act on their own, but also to create the basis of his character, to create principles of honesty, law-abidingness, independence and independence of judgments in it.