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Gymnastics Kegel with hemorrhoids

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Gymnastics Kegel with hemorrhoids

The basic precondition for the development of hemorrhoids is the stagnation of blood in the pelvis due to malnutrition, lack of physical activity, or regular muscle strain( lifting of loads, constipation).

Therefore, the main means of preventing and treating hemorrhoids is physical exercises. Regular gymnastics will strengthen the muscles of the crotch and buttocks, increase blood circulation in the rectal area.

There are various types of exercises designed to prevent and treat hemorrhoids. One of the most effective Kegel exercises is considered.

This type of physical activity was developed in the 50s of the 20th century by the American gynecologist Arnold Kegel to strengthen the pelvic muscles before childbirth. The basis of exercises is the contraction and relaxation of pelvic muscles with varying intensity and speed. Sometimes the use of different tools is foreseen to achieve maximum effect.

Exercises quickly proved to be useful. Therefore, over time, they began to be recommended to patients with hemorrhoids. Over time, their functionality has widened further. Now such gymnastics is used in the treatment of incontinence of urine and feces, prostatitis, erectile dysfunction in men and women.

Gymnastics Kegel with hemorrhoids

Experts recommend checking the strength of pelvic muscles before using Kegel exercises. This will allow you to monitor the dynamics of success and evaluate the efficiency of the complex. During urination, you must try to stop the jet without using the legs and without straining the muscles of the press. If it's easy, then it's okay with the muscles. If the positive result is not observed, one has to think and start implementing the complex immediately.

Kegel exercises for the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids include the following steps:

  • Slow compression to the maximum point( 3-5 seconds) and gradual relaxation of the muscles;
  • Fast compression of pelvic floor muscles with gradual increase in rhythm;
  • Exercises for pushing - simulating an attempt to push something out of your body;
  • Increases the power of the cuts to the maximum and gradually reduce the intensity.

Kegel exercises like prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids

Kegel gymnastics allows you to strengthen the anus muscles and improve the condition of the sphincter anus vessels. These exercises are not recommended for acute periods of hemorrhoids or with the threat of premature birth. Very rarely, proctologists oppose this type of treatment. He has proven to be a completely safe and effective way to fight many pelvic problems.

Effect of Exercise:

  • The pelvic muscle training not only improves blood circulation but also helps the body maintain internal organs in the right position;
  • Normalization of venous outflow, preventing the filling of hemorrhoids and preventing the acute stage of hemorrhoids;
  • Over time, hemorrhoidal nodes cease to fall, their size drops significantly.


It is best to start training in the back lying position. First exercise: bend your legs in your knees and put on your feet. This position will allow you to feel the muscles of the pelvic floor and correct them to reduce without affecting the muscles of the back and the press.

Slow cuts are performed. The muscles strain so that the anus is drawn into the rectum. The time for gradual reduction and relaxation is 3-5 seconds. Over time, you should try to increase the to 10 seconds. Exercise repeats 10 - 15 times.

High-speed muscle contraction for 30 seconds. Over time, you should try to perform accelerated tension and relax your muscles for 1 minute.

Exercises for hemorrhoids to be pushed out 10-15 times. It is necessary to strictly control the body's capabilities, in order not to aggravate the state of the chronic process and not to provoke the development of acute hemorrhoids.

Increases and reduces the intensity of abbreviations 1-2 minutes.

Gymnastics Kegel with hemorrhoids

Kegel Gymnastics will give you the maximum treatment result if you perform exercises regularly. If possible, the complex must be repeated every day, 2-3 times. Over time, it is advisable to increase the amount of training to 7-8 per day. While Kegel exercises are hard-pressed, they must be performed lying, since the key to the effectiveness of the stresses of the right muscle groups. When the muscle tension will not cause difficulties, it will be possible to perform them sitting and even standing.

After some time, it's worth checking that the exercises have the proper effect. To do this, again, you will need to try to stop the process of urination by reducing muscle.

For others, performance of Kegel gymnastics is absolutely imperceptibly .Therefore, over time, they can be done in their spare time, especially after periods of prolonged sitting or staying on the legs( in the workplace, in public transport).This will not only effectively combat the unpleasant disease, but will prevent its return. Quite often, these exercises are even recommended for representatives of certain occupations that are at risk for hemorrhoids: sellers, hairdressers, drivers, etc.

Despite all the effectiveness of the treatment, hemorrhoids treatment should be accompanied by the use of medicines under the supervision of a specialist and adhering to the rules of a specialized diet. Only a comprehensive approach to the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids will give one hundred percent result!

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