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Red spots on the skin itch( allergy): what is it, itching treatment

When there is allergy to the skin, red spots are itchy, treatment should be started immediately. First you need to detect an allergen substance and eliminate contact with it. Then you should always seek medical help at the hospital to pick up the appropriate

medications and procedures that will help reduce symptoms.


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  • 2 Clinical picture of
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1 Causes of

Factors that may cause allergic reactions in humans can be divided into obligatory and optional. The first type of stimulus occurs on the skin of almost every person. Optional stimuli can be observed only when the patient has elevated sensitivity to them. According to this classification, precisely the irritants of the bond type are the cause of an allergy that affects the skin.

Red spots on the skin itch( allergy): what is it, itching treatment

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The contact type of the allergic reaction is manifested through the influence of biological, mechanical or chemical factors. For example, in infants, allergies can occur in places of folding. In adults, this reaction may be due to uncomfortable footwear or clothes, the pressure of any items with constant physical activity. It can also be affected by elevated or reduced temperature, radiation. As far as chemical factors are concerned, they are fairly common and often cause allergies. These are, for example, paints, medicines, plants, household chemicals( detergents) and so on.

Eczema as an allergy is most often provoked not only by allergenic antigens, but also by many other factors. For example, it may be due to endogenous, exogenous, neuropsychic( stress), hereditary factors. By the way, the strongest factor that causes eczema is constant stress and emotional stress. A considerable role in this is played by the genetic predisposition. In a child, this type of allergy can be triggered by severe and persistent maternal toxicosis during pregnancy. It can also be affected by various illnesses and malnutrition during pregnancy. On the body, the rash will appear symmetrically in this case.

In some cases, an allergic reaction may be caused by medicines. Such cases are called toxidemia. Food products can provoke this phenomenon. Trotter may appear when the patient has increased parameters of permeability of the walls of the blood vessels, so that the reaction to the allergen acquires exactly this form.

2 Clinical picture of

An allergic reaction can occur in the form of atopic dermatitis, eczema, urticaria. The main illness is manifested in the skin of the hands. Often such reactions on the body appear in people who are constantly in contact with the allergen. For example, workers in the furniture industry are in contact with paints and glue. Nurses are in contact with medications( in particular, allergies may be associated with antiseptics that have a chlorine-based basis).

Red spots on the skin itch( allergy): what is it, itching treatment

Allergy on the face in the form of spots can be a contact dermatitis, eczema or urticaria. Often manifested in women on the skin around the eyes as a reaction to used cosmetics. On the scalp, an allergic reaction appears due to improperly selected shampoos or hair dyes. An allergic reaction to medicines and foods can spread throughout the body. An allergic rash may appear due to the sun, cold, heat, sweat, detergents, plant blossom, pollen, dust, wool, down, metals, insect bites, and alcohol.

Be careful if pink spots are pricked on the body, which may darken or lighten. It all begins with the fact that a person feels discomfort on the skin. Then there are red dots that gradually expand. They can take the form of spots, blisters or acne. Spreads are expanding. In severe cases, they merge into a single cover. Blemishes begin to inhale. The skin is swollen. Sometimes peeling occurs. If the affected areas get a fungal or bacterial infection, then the situation only worsens. On the affected areas, abscesses are formed. After treatment, the symptoms will gradually disappear.

The treatment of an allergic reaction should start immediately so that the condition of the body does not deteriorate, as the allergy develops very quickly. In general, an allergic reaction appears in people who are prone to allergies. And in order for it to appear, a trigger mechanism is needed.

3 Therapeutic measures

First of all, treatment should begin with the removal of the trigger mechanism. First you need to identify the allergen, which causes a similar reaction of the body. If you completely stop contact with it, the symptoms will gradually become less pronounced and will come to naught. In order to determine the factor that provokes the reaction of the body, it is necessary to conduct a series of skin tests. In addition, you need to strengthen the immunity so that the body can fight antigens. If it is not possible to completely stop contact with the allergen, then you need to limit it as much as possible, then the itchy spots will be less like a reminder.

Red spots on the skin itch( allergy): what is it, itching treatment

Additionally, all people who are prone to allergies are assigned a diet. From the diet it is necessary to exclude all food products allergic action. For example, you need to give up raspberries, strawberries, strawberries, tomatoes, cherries, nuts, chocolate, citrus fruits. It is also necessary to ease the process of food processing, so that the food should be gentle. For example, you should temporarily abandon greasy, roasted, smoked food, overly sharp or salty dishes. Canned food is also prohibited. It is better to give up coffee.

If the skin is itchy, then it is necessary to make sure that the person does not contact the household chemistry. If it concerns working conditions, then it is necessary to change the kind of activity. Factors of a physical nature( temperature and mechanical damage) should be eliminated by the selection of comfortable clothing and footwear made of natural materials.

By the way, there is a method that helps completely get rid of the allergic reaction due to constant contact with the allergen. But start with small doses. As a result, the body gets used to, and the immune system does not react so acutely to the side substance, resulting in an allergic reaction does not appear.

4 Therapeutic Therapy

If the above methods of treatment do not help, and it is not possible to completely eliminate contact with the allergen, the doctor will select medications that will help reduce the symptoms. Medicines are needed to reduce the body's vulnerability to damage to the elements( mainly, it concerns histamine).In addition, such therapy is aimed at the rapid removal of harmful substances and products of decomposition from the human body. Medicinal therapy will also help get rid of local manifestations of allergy( spots, peeling, itching, etc.).

Firstly, antihistamines should always be taken. For example, Tavegil, Suprastin, Fenkarol. To make a correction of stress, prescribe medications with sedative properties. It is recommended to use sorbents to quickly bring out all decay products and toxins. You can use Enterosgel or Activated Carbon. Sometimes steroid drugs are prescribed. They can be used locally or in tablet form. For example, Prednisolone is suitable. Such drugs have strong anti-allergic properties. In some cases antibiotics are prescribed. This will help eliminate the bacterial infection, as red spots on the skin can occur as a result of inflammatory processes, which is accompanied by a bacterial infection. In addition, you need to use means that will help strengthen the immune system. For example, multivitamin complexes will fit. It is allowed to use Timalin.

Red spots on the skin itch( allergy): what is it, itching treatment

Not only general but also local therapy is needed for patients when red dots appear on the skin. Local influences include the use of ointments, compresses, creams, solutions, baths, appliqu├ęs. Ointments may contain antibiotics and steroids. This will help reduce itching and irritation on the body. In addition, it will help prevent the appearance of ulcers. You can use a solution based on oak bark, use dimethoxide or delaksin. They are used in the quality of applications. Paraffin applications will also benefit. It is possible to take baths with different decoctions, to make mud or sea baths. As far as physiotherapy is concerned, electrophoresis, ultraviolet irradiation and phonophoresis will work.

5 Folk Medicine Tools

If there are red spots on the skin then various recipes of folk medicine will help to get rid of allergy. Natural ingredients will help to remove symptoms, so that the skin will not badly itch. For example, you can use mummies. It can be applied in tablet form or in natural form. To prepare a solution, you need to dissolve 1 g of raw material in 100 g of water. Then the damaged spots are treated with the solution. Gradually redness will disappear. To take the medicine inside, you need to dissolve 1 g of raw material per 1 liter of water. Drink 200 ml per day This will not only help get rid of inflammations, but also improve resistance to the body.

If the spots are heavily anesthetized, then the effective remedy will be a shell of chicken eggs. But you need to choose only white eggs. Need to mix 1/3 tsp.shell powder with 2 drops of lemon juice. You need to take medicine once a day before eating. This remedy best helps with skin allergies( atopic dermatitis, eczema, etc.).

One more simple remedy is a broth or infusion of chamomile. You can not only drink inside as a beverage, but also use as a solution for wiping, compresses or applications. Chamomile fights with inflammatory processes.

Celery is also an effective remedy. When allergy is best to use root juice. It should be used for 1 liter.3 times a day in 30 minutes before eating.

Skin allergy is a common disease. In humans appear red dots, which then grow into spots. Skin can peel off. There is burning, itching, pain. When infecting damaged places with bacteria there are abscesses. Treatment is prescribed by a doctor, but the most important condition for recovery is to eliminate or minimize contact with the allergen. In addition, it helps in medical treatment, proper nutrition, folk medicine, physiotherapy procedures.

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