How to breed rabbits and all the features of this process


  • Right selection of animals
  • Nuances of multiplication
  • Creating conveniences
  • Birth of offspring
  • Wagon
  • Organization of slaughter
  • Summing up

How to breed rabbits and all the features of this process

Before you begin to breed, you always need to get to know all their features. It should be borne in mind that

there are breeds that have different purposes - skins and meat. Each breed differs in its size, features of immunity, unique nutrition, and also there are various features of breeding rabbits.

If you manage to make the right choice, no serious complications will occur, but dietary meat and high-quality skins are always needed. Many people even organize their mini-business based on small home farms. There are 6 main steps to take into account: choice, reproduction, convenience, birth, walking and slaughter. With their observance, there will never be a question, whether it is beneficial to breed rabbits, as well as to identify net profits - it will be.

The right choice of an animal

How to breed rabbits and all the features of this process

Before breeding rabbits, it is necessary to determine the breeds. All breeds are divided into 3 types:

  • Meat. Growing up to 12 kg, eating a lot, but dietary meat is in demand all over the world.
  • Skins. They reach quite modest sizes( up to 5 kg), but their skins with wool are ideal for any products.
  • Decorative. They are often cultivated for pleasure, so they have a small mass( 1.5-2 kg), and they are clogged in isolated cases.
  • Sometimes rabbits try to cross rabbits of different breeds, which makes sense, because with the right approach, you can achieve quite good indicators. It is advisable to cross the rabbits of the same type so that the output always receives the expected result. So from crossing the meat and rocks with an equal probability of chance a large king with a good peal, or a small, rather vivacious rabbit with insignificant wool can leave.

    In the process of selecting rabbits it is desirable to take calm individuals, because aggressive are not desirable for reproduction. The right choice of the first generation is a guarantee of high quality for the following. Aggressive individuals will still be, but to clean them up is much easier in this case.

    Nuances of Reproduction

    Breeding of rabbits at home can be from the age of three months when the animals become mature. To do this, do the following:

  • The female moves to the rabbit in a cage. If you try to do the opposite, then it will not be possible to breed due to possible rabbit aggression, as well as rabbit's shyness to a new place.
  • Give them 10-20 minutes, and watch them remotely, so that there is no aggression on the part of the rabbit. But there are moments when a female tries to escape and hide from a male, which also will not give any chance for posterity. In any of these cases, you must move the rabbit back, and leave the breeding for the next time.
  • After the bunch, the animals settle down, because a second pregnancy is possible. In the latter case, such a fact will negatively affect not only the state of health of the rabbit, but also its offspring.
  • Wait 28-35 days, after which you can get offspring.
  • There are various reasons why a rabbit does not steam, but in any case it is desirable to have several males and their females, so that the result has always been expected. Here the reasons may be different, up to individual characteristics.

    There is one more nuance - after parting the rabbits should be immediately seated, but in no case do not do control. Breeding due to this can only be affected, but after 40 days, the attempt can be repeated.

    And most importantly - no premature palpation, even if you really want to. Even the most experienced veterinarian may inadvertently harm future offspring if he tries to miss it prematurely.

    Creating conveniences

    How to breed rabbits and all the features of this process

    And here the rabbit is pregnant, and there is a complete overhaul of the recharge. In this period of breeding an animal should be provided with maximum rest. With such options as breeding rabbits in the village, this factor is difficult to withstand, but the natural habitat all compensates.

    Particularly careful attention should be paid to the expectant mother at a moment when she starts to build a nest. Usually this period begins 4 days before delivery, but maybe much later. In the process of building a rabbit will flush from your chest, and also use hay and straw.

    It is desirable to give it a separate, spacious box with a cutout for entry. The cutout height should be inaccessible to the rabbit, and the volume is quite suitable for the rabbit, that is, everything should be comfortable and safe.

    Before starting to breed rabbits, it should be remembered that they do not need special help either. No cloths and towels need to be laid, as this only worsens the situation. You just need to keep track of the rabbits every morning, because it's rabbits most often give birth in the morning.

    Birth of offspring

    How to breed rabbits and all the features of this process

    Is it beneficial to breed rabbits? It is at this stage that the following question is most often asked, because the rabbit needs to be fed as much as possible and qualitatively. It is worth remembering that the animal is weakened after childbirth, and in turn feeds on the whole brood of the cubs.

    Worns are usually at dawn, so often their owners wake up. If the rabbit is healthy, then the whole process is fairly easy, after which the newly-raised mother puts out the baby and eats the placenta. The task of the host is to carefully examine the entire area around, and then collect the rabbits together. To do this, you need:

  • Remove the rabbit in the adjacent cage so that they do not see what is happening next to it.
  • Wipe your hands with straw or ravenous fluff to repel a person's odor.
  • Gently move the rabbit to the cage to all.
  • Transfer mother back to cubs.
  • If there is a person's odor on the skin of a rabbit, then it is likely to be eaten. This will happen if the rabbit sees it and so on.

    Eyes will only open in 12 days. The entire period of feeding the rabbit will fit the baby only a few times a day, which is quite normal, and the size of rabbits will always increase.


    How to breed rabbits and all the features of this process

    In the process of rabbits for business, this move is not practiced, because it requires a personalized approach. It is also not advisable to walk the rabbits during the breeding process if they are not accustomed to this.

    Usually, the walk time is 1-1.5 hours a day. If the nest needs to be moved to an open place, then hands are pre-wiped with fluff and straw to repel the smell, after which you can touch. The process is quite thin, as the rabbit will simply cease to approach its nest, and the offspring will have to feed their own hands.

    When it comes to organizing a beneficial divorce of rabbits, one can not resort to such actions, because they serve rather for moral satisfaction than is an acute necessity.

    The organization of the

    How to breed rabbits and all the features of this process

    slaughterhouse Regardless of how rabbits are separated from meat or skins, the time comes for time to slaughter. It is desirable to enclose a separate room, which will be a bit far from the main crust, so that the animals do not feel the smell of blood. Despite its low level of intellectual development, rabbits are very afraid of this odor, due to which there may be changes in behavior, as well as some complications with the body on the nervous basis. Breeding is very difficult, so it's best to avoid this disadvantage.

    In this room, stationary hooks for hanging rabbits, as well as blood collections should be provided, so as not to spray the entire space. The organization of the slaughter room also depends on the benefits of divorce of rabbits, since the skins will always be perfectly clean, and if the quality of the meat is used, it will remain clean.

    Summarizing the results of

    How to breed rabbits and all the features of this process

    In order to find out if it is beneficial to breed rabbits, you need to do the following:

  • You need to make sure which rabbits are better to breed for meat in this region, but which are on the wool. A lot depends on the selection of the breed.
  • The period in which a rabbit grows on meat and how much on a wool in each individual breed.
  • Correct organization of animal joints for breeding to be as safe as possible.
  • Organization of space for waiting for offspring, as well as for feeding it.
  • Care of young animals.
  • Room for slaughter.
  • If there is a cross between rabbits, then this aspect needs to be taken into consideration. In the process of breeding there are no trifles, so each subsequent step should be treated with all due care.