Spasmalgon from headache

In this article, we will consider another means - Spesmalgon from a headache. Many reviews of it are good, but try to figure out whether it really is effective and in what situations. This remedy should be used when feeling unwell and only when the weaker

tablets do not help or relieve altogether, but only for a short period of time. However, you need to be cautious with it. As a rule, antispasmodics act in a way that removes the consequences, for example, an attack of a headache, which can be provoked by the following reasons:
  • stressful situations and strain;
  • vessel problems;
  • a sharp decrease in blood pressure.

Mostly antispasmodics is used for stress-induced stress pain. Almost every person over the age of 16 years has encountered several times, therefore, the instruction attached to the drug allows it to be used by adolescents, however, with strict observance of prescribed doses.

How does Spasmalgon work?

These pills, like all antispasmodics, do not treat the root causes, including headaches, but only relieve symptoms. Do not forget about it if there is another attack that is repeated regularly. It will not be terrible to stop one-time pain after the use of alcohol or provoked by non-compliance with sleep and rest;or headaches that arose after excessive intake of caffeine or due to a disturbance in fluid balance in the body. In this case, Spasmalgon will help remove the syndromes quickly enough, so it will not interfere with the home medicine chest. However, the instructions should be read before use, as there are many contraindications.

Of course, in those situations where weak antispasmodics do not work and torture attacks for a long time, it is not necessary to tolerate them, as it is a burden on the body, and in hypertonia they can increase the pressure. Then it is better to stop taking the medication and go through the test, as pills can mask more serious violations in the body.

In addition to the main, Spasmalgon, as well as many other antispasmodics, which are its counterparts, also cope with exacerbations of dental, muscular and joint pain, one of the symptoms of which may be the appearance of spasms.

As part of

Spasmalgon from headache The product contains active substances such as:

  • metamizole sodium, which has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • pitophenone hydrochloride has a relaxing effect on the muscle;
  • Fentivirinium Bromide, which produces resection of smooth muscle spasm.

Each component of the Spasmalgon tablet acts quickly and efficiently. As you know, many antispasmodics help with headache, with stomach pains and illness of the gall bladder. Not an exception to this drug.

The most commonly used form of the drug is small or medium-sized pills, and are also irreplaceable in some spasmagon injection situations. Their action relieves headaches rather quickly, so they are often used in case of acute need when every minute on the account: at stroke, migraine and other critical conditions.

Methods of Reception and Dosage

As with many antispasmodics, the Spasmalgon is prescribed only by a physician and only in an individual dose, which depends on the content of the active substance, the age and the state of human health. If you can not get to a specialist consultation, then the reception information contains a manual. According to her, you can take it daily, swallowing whole and drinking with water( but not just on the hungry stomach, but not exceeding the dose in 1-2 tablets 3 times a day.)

Many antispasmodics are more likely to fall into the blood, absorbed through the walls of the stomach, thereforetaking them on an empty stomach is not recommended, as their effectiveness decreases, besides, the symptoms of headache can be even more pronounced. Plus, it will not be possible to avoid increasing the likelihood of aggravation of the diseases of the stomach or the negative impact on it. Kee, take into account that they cause an increased load on the liver, kidneys and other internal organs. Many doctors do not recommend( although this information and does not contain instructions) to use more than 3 days.

Like any powerful antispasmodics, it is necessary to give Spasmalgon with little caution to young children, and before 15 years it is recommended to avoid it at all, as it can provoke the appearance of diseases of the brain and destroy the liver. Only in extreme cases, with constant headache, the doctor may allow him to use, but no more than 2-3 times a day in one tablet.

If the effect of the drug does not occur, the pain continues with the same intensity, and the symptoms, both the main and the additional take effect, urgent seek medical attention and, if necessary, complete a survey. It may sound that the main reason for their occurrence is pathology of the heart or other organs, neuralgia or infection, which, moreover, requires qualified assistance by a specialist.

Instructions for use include information on side effects and contraindications to the use of the drug. The main ones are dizziness, vomiting and nausea, exacerbation of peptic ulcer, accelerated urination, but they are found mainly in case of overdose or when used by a person with chronic illness. Therefore, use caution to use the analgesic data, as sometimes it can be harmful to use.

Spasmalgon from headache