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Dermatitis on the face( allergic, atopic): how to treat

Dermatitis on the face - a very unpleasant phenomenon, delivers a lot of inconveniences and emotions. And it's not just a cosmetic disadvantage. The root of the problem lies far deeper. Unpleasant rashes indicate serious problems in the body. Only eliminating the causes of the disease,

can get rid of its manifestations on the face. The specialists will always help to cope with the ailment. But the basics of knowledge about this disease will not be superfluous to remember everyone. Especially since he is not only adults, but also children from the first years of life.


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Prevention 1 What Causes

Disease Nowadays, when the ecologicalthe situation leaves much to be desired, the number of cases of dermatitis increases year after year. Diseases of the skin have become widespread. Often they have a hereditary predisposition, depending on the state of the immune system of the body. The reason for the occurrence is the penetration of the allergen into the human body, which is difficult to detect. This can be pollen plants, animal wool, food, medicines, low-quality cosmetics and much more from our everyday life.

And in some, the body is absolutely calmly reacting to all of this, while in others there is a lot of troubles - from redness and peeling of the skin to swelling that endangers life. Disease is not contagious, it does not pose any danger to others. But it greatly reduces the quality of life of the patient. Even if allergic dermatitis manifests itself for the first time, it should be given him the maximum attention, as at a casual attitude to treatment, the occurrence of relapses can not be excluded.

We have to be prepared for the treatment of face dermatitis to be a long process. Begins with the definition and removal of the allergen. Then - taking antihistamines, immunomodulatory agents, vitamins, applying ointments. In severe cases hospitalization is required. And then all the treatment is conducted in a hospital setting. After relieving the acute phase of the disease, it is necessary to remember about prevention. Atopic dermatitis is successfully treated on the face, but completely, once and for all, its cure, unfortunately, is not possible. It is a chronic disease with age-old peculiarities of clinical manifestations.

2 Symptom in Children and Adults

Depending on what the causes of the disease lie, they are classified into various types of dermatitis: allergic, seborrheic, contact, atopic. And if at seborrheic dermatitis troubles are primarily threatened hair cover of the head, with contact - only because of the area of ​​skin that is in contact with the allergen, then in the case of allergic and atopic dermatitis most suffer person. But rashes and other areas of the body are not excluded.

Atopic is the same allergic dermatitis, but has a chronic form, most often it is inherited. This is a serious illness that is first manifested in early childhood and can persist throughout life. It creates certain problems, but the quality of life does not have a serious impact. Of course, if you follow the instructions of your doctor and pay due attention to your health, do not forget about prevention.

Allergic dermatitis on the face has become widespread among children. For the first time with such a disease, the child's parents meet in the first two years of his life. Most often, dermatitis occurs in a child whose parents have a tendency to allergic reactions, hereditary predisposition in the case of this disease should not be discounted. In children, reddening on the face, commonly referred to as diathesis, is often caused by various food allergens. And often an allergen can serve even cow's milk.

At the first symptoms of the disease in a baby should carefully look at his diet and eliminate the provocative product. Elimination of the cause of the disease - the main thing in the treatment of allergic dermatitis. And one should not delay with an appeal to a doctor, only a specialist will help to skilfully understand the situation, correctly diagnose. If timely and competently to treat, then as the child grows up and strengthens his immunity, unpleasant manifestations of dermatitis can forever forget the path to your home. Dermatitis on the face( allergic, atopic): how to treat

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3 Allergens are different

The main signs of the disease are redness of the skin, itching, small blister formation, which, at the intersection, creates wet areas. As the skin dries, the upper epithelium dies, peeling is observed. The condition of the face skin is a matter of serious concern. If allergic dermatitis develops rapidly, causing swelling, urgent hospitalization is required.

As soon as allergen is established, contact with it should be eliminated. But to understand that it provoked the disease, it is not always possible to independently. Often, it requires conducting special tests and research in a medical facility. Only a specialist can determine how to treat dermatitis on the face in each particular case.

Effective treatment is impossible without detecting an allergen and removing it from the patient's life.

Sometimes this is enough to recover. In other cases, you can not do without special antihistamines( Claritin, Zodac, Tetrin and others), ointments and creams, which should appoint a doctor. The treatment of dermatitis by laser therapy proved to be effective. It accelerates the healing of the affected area of ​​the skin, stabilizes the immune system. Dermatitis on the face( allergic, atopic): how to treat

4 Diet for skin care

With allergic dermatitis, dieting is of paramount importance. From your diet it is necessary to remove all allergens. For each patient, the list of allergens is individual. It consists of analyzes, studies, and skin tests with a predicted allergen. But for all who are prone to allergic dermatitis, it is not superfluous to know which products most often provoke the disease.

These include citrus fruits, including juices from them, eggs, whole milk, spices, chocolate, alcoholic beverages. Avoid using smoked foods, pickles, products containing dyes, emulsifiers, preservatives. Their use should be limited or completely eliminated from their daily diet if we do not want to get disappointed in the mirror in the morning. The red spots and watery vesicles on the skin are not what we are striving for.

Without a variety of culinary masterpieces and overseas fruits it is quite possible to do. There are many other products that make it easy to cook delicious and healthy foods. Be sure to include in your diet various cereals, cereals, soups, dairy products, vegetables and fruits of green and yellow. Preferably, eating cooked on steam and cooked.

Meat before cooking will be superfluous to soak in water for several hours, it will allow you to get rid of allergens contained therein, which are used by manufacturers to obtain more profit from their products and increase its shelf life. The quality of food intake should be treated with care, especially when it comes to children. The diet will stop the development of the skin disease and prevent the occurrence of relapses. Dermatitis on the face( allergic, atopic): how to treat

5 Folk remedies

For the prevention and treatment of allergic dermatitis, well-established folk remedies are widely used. But before using them, you should consult a specialist. Along with him choose the right strategy, determine what to treat dermatitis on the face. Folk remedies are good as an addition to medical treatment prescribed by a doctor, they are easy to apply at home.

Honorable place among folk remedies is the usual children's cream with the addition of decoctions of herbs - leaves of sage, chamomile flowers, herons of tricolor violets, oak bark. Treatment with such ointment is very effective. Apply the potion externally, cook it easily.1 itemlGrass fill with 1 cup boiling water and leave in a water bath for 15 minutes. Strain and connect with 1 tbsp.lbaby cream. Stir to form a homogeneous consistency. Obtained ointment applied to the cells of inflammation, as a regular cream. It can also be used as a therapeutic mask. We apply a thick layer on the affected area, withstand 30-40 minutes. Then remove the excess with a napkin. This tool will relieve itching, soothe the skin and accelerate the recovery process.

To reduce the unpleasant symptoms of allergic dermatitis, it can also be used in the treatment of herbs, daisies, sage as brooms during the day. Soak in a broth a cotton swab and apply to the affected area of ​​the skin. Hold 3-5 min. Broth herb herons, camomiles, sage, St. John's wort can be added to the water for bathing - both adults and children.

But the external means of treatment are not limited to one. A broth of three-color violet can be taken inside half a glass 3-4 times a day for a month. It has a proven healing and preventive effect. Folk remedies facilitate the condition of the patient, reduce itching, reduce the intensity of redness, promote rapid healing. Do not forget about them and during remission, it will help to avoid a repeat of the disease. Dermatitis on the face( allergic, atopic): how to treat

6 Importance of

prevention In order to avoid recurrence, care should be taken with prevention after treatment. Be sure to exclude reasons that provoke the disease from your life. To preventive measures with the full right include a healthy lifestyle, which includes a sleep and rest regime, a full nutrition that eliminates contact with the allergen, the lack of stress. When choosing cosmetics, which is very important for girls and women, one should prefer high-quality natural products. It is recommended not to contact household chemicals with rubber gloves. Particularly careful attention to your diet and lifestyle should be given to nursing mothers, since the health of the little man directly depends on this.

If possible, eliminate stressful situations from your life that provoke the development of dermatitis on the face. Treatment should be permanently fixed by preventive measures. The health and strengthening influence on the organism of people suffering from dermatitis, makes rest in the resorts of the Black and Mediterranean seas, bathing in seawater. To prevent the disease from becoming chronic, try to take care of yourself and your relatives in a timely manner. Do not forget about the truth that is well known to all: preventing a disease is much easier than cure.