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Upper hemorrhages are staggered - causes, symptoms, treatment

The general condition of the body often affects the condition of the nails. Therefore, changing the appearance of the nail plate should be a pretext for seeking a doctor.

Hemorrhage is commonly referred to as a condition in which involuntary hemorrhages occur. When it comes to

sublingual hemorrhage, bleeding occurs in the tissues of the nail bed.

There are two types of hemorrhoids in the legs. In the first case, under the nails are formed spots of different sizes, having shades of red color. The second type of submandibular hemorrhage is the band-shaped formation, located along the nail bed.


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      Causes of

      Upper hemorrhages, strabismus causes, symptoms, treatment development Most often, the formation of pancreatic hemorrhage is associated with chronic dermatoses, most often with psoriasis. Quite often, the very changes in the nails are the first signs of developing psoriasis.

      Therefore, one of the probable reasons for the appearance of hemorrhages of the pectoral is the non-standard reactions of the immune system, that is, the autoimmune factor. In addition, the hereditary factor can not be ruled out. The tendency to develop dermatosis of an autoimmune nature is often inherited.

      The following can be attributed to the contributing factors that can lead to hemorrhage under the nails:

      • Long and heavy stress. Depression, severe nervous tension can be an impetus for the development of autoimmune reactions that lead to changes in nail plate changes.
      • Nail Injuries.
      • Accepting some medications. In particular, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, drugs for the treatment of hypertension, hormonal drugs, etc.

      Clinical picture of

      Outwardly, strip-shaped hemorrhages under the nails appear with the appearance of thin longitudinal strips under the nail. The color of the stripes may be brown, brown or black. Formations of hemorrhage due to the rupture of expanded capillaries, located in the base shelter.

      The appearance of hemorrhages can be accompanied by the following symptoms:

      • The appearance of irregularities on the surface of the nail plate - point inserts or longitudinal strips.
      • A total change in the color of the nail. The plate becomes dull, it becomes yellowish or gray in color.
      • The dryness of nails and nails themselves on nail rollers.

      Upper hemorrhages, strabismus causes, symptoms, treatment As a rule, the formation of hemorrhoids precedes the darkening of nail plates and the appearance of inequalities on it. Often, on the nails are formed small longitudinal, and sometimes transverse strips, in the latter case, a plate is formed on the plate in the form of a grid.

      Then there are characteristic dark strips under the nail. They can be located on the center of the nail or on the sides. At this stage, the disease is often associated with a bacterial or fungal infection that provokes inflammation. With active inflammation of the nail plate, manure can separate. In the absence of treatment, the sick nails can begin to flake off.


      The appearance of hemorrhages under the nails should serve as the basis for a complete patient examination. The patient can be referred for consultation to an endocrinologist to detect or rule out hormonal disorders.

      It is important to distinguish between submandibular hemorrhages from the hemate sprouts. Sons are formed as a result of an injury - a blow to the nail, pinching and so on. The formation of hematoma is accompanied by a strong, twitching pain, so it can not remain unnoticed.

      An important moment in the diagnosis of nail hemorrhages is the exclusion of the infectious nature of the disease. Must be surveyed and fungal diseases of the nails, as the manifestations of fungal onychomycosis are very diverse. For the analysis, take a scissor from the surface of the patient's nail or cut off a piece of nail. The material is sent to a laboratory where they are sown on the nutrient medium. Such an analysis allows not only to identify the presence of fungal infection, but also to determine the type of fungus, provoked the disease.

      Treatment for

      If subcutaneous hemorrhage is the result of psoriasis or other chronic autoimmune dermatosis, the treatment will be prolonged. And the therapy should be carried out in the complex.

      The treatment scheme is prepared individually by the doctor for each patient, depending on the severity of the manifestations, the presence of other symptoms of dermatosis, general health status.

      At the initial stage of the disease, when the hemorrhage of the nails is the main manifestation, mainly local products are used:

      • First of all, ointments or creams that contain corticosteroids are prescribed. This is the main group of drugs used for psoriatic lesions of nails. At the first stages of the disease, such ointments as triacort, prednisolone ointment, triamcinolone are prescribed.
      • Drugs that include vitamin D. These include calcitriene, Maxacalcinol, Dayvonex, and others. Drugs help strengthen the vessels and reduce the manifestations of psoriasis of the nails.
      • Funds provided by dermatotropic agents - Ditranol, Antraline, and others.the use of these agents in combination with vitamin therapy often leads to sustained remission and noticeable improvement in the condition of nail plates.
      • External retinoids have a good effect when used at an early stage of the disease.

      In addition to local treatment, it is prescribed to receive vitamin and mineral complexes. Especially important is the introduction into the body of such elements as calcium, zinc, selenium, vitamins B, E, A, PP.

      Popular folk remedies for

      Upper hemorrhages, strabismus causes, symptoms, treatment

      Bathtubs with laurel broth are used to treat the disease.

      When hemorrhages appear under the nails caused by the development of psoriasis, folk methods can be used. Can help improve the condition of the nails.

      Bathtubs using a laurel broth. Prepare the composition for the tray at the rate of 10 g of dry leaves per glass of species. Boil the mixture for 10 minutes. The cooled broth is used to hold the nail trays.

      Stir in a bowl of corn starch and oatmeal. Pour water to form a semi-rust "dough".Immerse the dough in your fingers, so that the nipples form "thimble" from the dough. Hold for 15 minutes.

      You can prepare a celandine for oral intake. From fresh herbs squeeze juice. Mix 50 ml of the resulting juice with 500 mu red dry wines. Take 20 ml twice daily. At night, the resulting composition to lubricate the nails and allow the liquid to dry, not rinsing.

      You can use a tincture, made from a plant with a golden mustache, to apply to the sick nails.

      Forecast and prevention of

      Primary prophylaxis of nail hemorrhages caused by chronic dermatosis has not been developed. The secondary prevention measures aimed at preventing recurrence include:

      • nail care with vitamin creams;
      • Baths with sea salt, if possible, annual spa treatment, including thalassotherapy, mud treatment.
      • Exclusion of nail injuries.
      • Regular intake of vitamins.
      • Diet based on the principles of healthy eating.

      Prognosis in hemorrhages of the pectoral is dependent on the course of the underlying disease. With timely treatment, long and stable remissions are possible.


      Upper hemorrhages, strabismus causes, symptoms, treatment Upper hemorrhages, strabismus causes, symptoms, treatment