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Lunar hair coloring calendar: Awesome days

Did you know that cutting and dyeing hair is possible only in accordance with the lunar calendar, in which the days are allocated, favorable and unfavorable to it? It is believed that the usual haircut made on this or that lunar day may affect your fate as a very serious

effect and even completely change it.

If the lunar day for hair trim is favorable, it will positively affect your longevity, attract luck and give you even more exterior appeal. However, if the lunar day is considered unfavorable for haircuts and hair dyeing, then they can damage the life force of a person and even cause disaster.

Lunar hair coloring calendar: Awesome days

We offer you a calendar that is based on the lunar calendar and takes into account the effect of the month on hair growth.

Lunar hair coloring and hair coloring calendar will help you choose the most suitable time for a hairdresser hike!

Favorable and there are no days for coloring and haircuts

To make a haircut or hair color successful, you need to consider the following parameters:

  • The state of the moon - it grows either decreases or new full. If you cut your hair to the growing Moon, they will grow faster.
  • In the full moon and one or two days before it and after leaving the most successful haircuts.
  • Optimal time to visit the hairdresser - when the Moon is in the zodiac signs of the Taurus, Lion, Virgin, Libra.
  • No hair manipulation, namely: haircut, curling, stacking, painting, masks, not recommended during the Moon's stay in Capricorn, Fish, Aries, Twins and Cancer.

It is considered that the most favorable for a haircut the following months of the day: 5, 8, 11, 13, 14, 19, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28. But the 3rd, 4th and 23rd months are problematic, as some considerthey are favorable, and others - unfavorable for haircuts.

If you want to keep the form of haircuts for a long time, it's best to cut off when the Moon is in Capricorn, because it slows down hair growth( above all, it applies to men).

There is no unambiguous idea about the Moon in the Scorpio sign, so you can check it yourself experimentally, as this time period affects you personally. The same can be said about the Moon in the sign of Aquarius.

Lunar hair coloring calendar: Awesome days

The effect of the moon on hair

Hair washing is also associated with certain rules. For example, it is categorically not recommended to wash your head when the Moon is in watermarks: Cancer, Fish, Scorpio.

  • To prevent the paint from being washed away longer and the color of the hair does not lose its brightness, it is best to paint the hair when the Moon is in the phase of growth.
  • A variety of hair care treatments( nourishing masks, etc.) are also best done when the Moon grows.
  • There are no definite recommendations about the waving, that is, it can be done on any day of the month, but the best is the period when the Moon is in the sign of the Virgin.

Note that for different types of hair curls the most favorable periods are different. So, hard hair, which it is difficult to handle, is best to curl when the Moon is in the sign of Lion.

Here are some simple recommendations that will help keep your hair and hair beautiful as long as possible!