Daily headaches: Causes and treatment of seizures

In this article, we will consider the daily headaches and the reasons why they occur in most people over the age of 20.This problem requires special attention and timely treatment to a doctor.

Daily headaches: Causes and treatment of seizures

Headache( cephalalgia) is a fairly widespread phenomenon. Apparently, every

has ever had a headache. Therapists and neuropathologists claim: people are mostly treated by complaints that they are tormented by daily headaches of a different nature, and according to statistics, about 5% of the total population of our planet suffer from it( most of these complaints can be heard from women)


  • Causes of human headache
  • Why should I contact a doctor for help?
  • Why does a man have a headache every day?
  • Take off the symptoms yourself
  • How to protect yourself from headache attacks?

Causes of headache in humans

Such an illness in the head, in particular, has acquired a chronic form that significantly reduces the quality of human life, worsens performance and, of course, requires the most attention.

The head can never be dismayed just like that, and in every case, even the most seemingly insignificant, there is definitely a certain reason for it. Often, headache is associated with certain disorders in the work of vessels that are in the cranial box or in adjacent tissues.

In general, there are a lot of causes of headache, and all these causes are of a diverse nature. In this article we will look at the main ones.

The head may hurt in different ways. Sometimes a person may suffer moderate pain. Even when you are asleep, the pain can catch you upside down. This type is called night headaches. In some cases, it becomes acute and intolerable, a person begins to experience daily headaches, and then she is constantly hurt.

In such cases, this symptom may indicate increased intracranial pressure. In addition, migraine is a private case of this symptom. Migraine usually affects one half of the head and is accompanied by nausea, intolerance to loud sounds and bright light.

A sick migraine man is practically intuitive looking, usually a quiet and dark place where he tries to fall asleep. Causes of daily headaches( in case of migraine):

  • hormonal problems;
  • lack of sleep;
  • stress;
  • insufficient or malnutrition, including products containing harmful chemical compounds;
  • effects of atmospheric pressure on the human body;

The exact reasons why a person is suffering from migraine is not yet fully understood. It is only clear that this disease, as a rule, is hereditary.

In addition to migraines, headaches can also be caused by arterial hypotonia. The pain in this case is felt in the temporal region and occurs in the morning, that is, in those hours when any person is prone to the most acute manifestations of disease, and after a cup of coffee can disappear without a trace.

Hypertension: Headache in this case often combines with the noise in the ears, knocking in the temples and bustle in front of the eyes. At the same time, a person usually has a dizziness head. This is a very serious condition, which may involve probable signs of a hypertensive crisis.

Daily causes for cephalalgia include:

  • inflammation and brain injury;
  • thermal and solar shock;
  • depression, stress relief;
  • vegetative dysfunction;
  • osteochondrosis( in this case, a person can suffer from so-called cervical cephalalgia);
  • neuralgia;
  • otitis;
  • various colds;
  • intoxication, including all the known hangover, caused by poisoning products of disintegration of ethyl alcohol, etc.

Headaches that appear daily, often mean that the problem does not necessarily have to be precisely in the brain. Sometimes it can signal problems in the jaw. In this case it is logical to seek help from a surgeon or a dentist.

Be careful! Headache combined with fever, nausea may be the onset of meningitis.

Why should I contact a doctor for help?

When meningitis there is an inflammation of the membranes, and when such dangerous symptoms are detected, an urgent hospitalization is required and appropriate for this case of treatment.

There are also sudden headaches that are accompanied by loss of consciousness and insensitivity of any part of the body. This condition occurs as a result of a stroke, or brain hemorrhage, which may occur against the backdrop of high blood pressure or atherosclerosis of the brain vessels.

The result of a stroke can be extremely sad, and then the health and life of the patient directly depends on the urgency of the call of "ambulance" and the efficiency of the organized treatment.

Cephalagy can also be the result of impaired intracranial pressure due to brain tumors, hematoma. Such serious cases can be cured due to timely surgical operations, during which the reason is eliminated.

Headaches, in the case of tumors, appear to be "on an equal footing" and, for no apparent reason, are repeated every day and with increased intensity. If you have experienced such pain, do not delay your visit to a neurologist. Such headache pain may also be accompanied by a deterioration of vision.

There is also an "easy" form of daily headache due to increased or decreased VHF( intracranial pressure).It happens that it is caused by non-malignant entities in the brain, but just overly overweight in girls and young women.

Very often people complain about a daily headache at the age of 25-40, but after 20 years such cases are not uncommon.

Scientists have found that the head is more likely to suffer from women than men. So far, there is an unknown reason why this pattern is maintained.

Why does a man have a headache every day?

Daily headaches: Causes and treatment of seizures There is also a typical male type of cephalalgia - this is the so-called Horton's pain. This symptom is found mainly in men.

At the same time, the man complains of drilling, burning pain, which has the character of severe attacks, in the forehead, the temple and the eyes. These attacks torture people often at the same time and repeat every day.

Attacks can last from 15 minutes to 2 hours, and then they disappear themselves. The doctor in such cases assigns a comprehensive examination and a course of treatment aimed at relieving pain.

A headache can overcome a completely healthy person if he is tired or under the influence of changing weather conditions.

A mild headache may also occur in a stuffy room - it will be caused simply by the lack of oxygen in the brain and will stop immediately as soon as a person leaves the room and enters the street to breathe. Strong headache can also occur as a result of poisoning:

  • paint paints;
  • carbon monoxide;
  • car exhaust;
  • any sharp smells even, even though some of them seem quite enjoyable;

Athletes who have an active lifestyle often have light migraine attacks, usually as a result of dehydration. To avoid such an unpleasant effect, it is enough to drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

Take off symptoms yourself

Often, the head stops hurting itself, without the need for tablets. Headache of spasmic nature will help to remove:

  • hot shower;
  • rest;
  • outdoor walk;
  • is a calm dream in a fair amount;

There is also such an interesting kind - a voltage tension. It occurs when the person for a long time is in a stressful situation and does not try to change it, thus, destroying the source of his nervous condition.

This is a psychological type of headache that is not treated by medical methods, because they are powerless in a similar situation. To heal from voltage pain, it is necessary to eliminate the source of this voltage or stress. This can help a psychologist.

How to protect yourself from headache attacks?

The best way to avoid this in the future remains to everyone well-known healthy lifestyle. It is important to go out to the fresh air more often, to engage in sports with moderate loads, allowing the brain to saturate with oxygen, eat properly. It is also necessary to exclude alcohol and drug abuse.

With regard to daily headaches that have become permanent, some prophylactic and maintain the general health of the methods with them will be impossible to cope with. This symptom must be diagnosed.

In addition, if a person is suffering from various types of cephalalgia( eg migraine combined with chronic headache), then it will be necessary to diagnose each species separately, and then start treatment for all types.

Headache treatment should be done depending on the illness that the doctor diagnoses.

Mostly the doctor prescribes analgesics for symptom relief. Typically, these are medicines such as paracetamol, aspirin, etc.

But this does not mean that the pills will become a panacea and simply by taking a painkiller, you can always forget about this problem as one day there was a headache. Do not ignore.

If the pain has an anaphylactic nature and a malaise has turned into a severe and impassable, and if it goes into chronic, and repeated from day to day - take urgent measures.

Daily headaches can be a harbinger of serious illness, which can only tell a doctor. One way or another, any pain is just an external symptom. Taking a symptom, you can lose the true cause of your health.

Pain in all cases is associated with certain disorders in the body and may be a warning to this. Self-medication, as you know, can become very dangerous, and when abused by any drugs, there may be various complications in the work of the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, and allergic reactions. Therefore, try to treat the headache more quickly to a specialist and follow his recommendations carefully in the treatment.