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Dermatitis allergic to cosmetics - causes, symptoms, treatment

Dermatitis allergic to cosmetic causes, symptoms, treatment Modern people of different sexes in everyday life are actively using cosmetics. So, a medium-statist woman in her daily care, uses at least 7 different cosmetic products.

And sometimes due to the use of cosmetics

becomes allergic dermatitis. Many people think that allergic skin reactions can develop only in people with high sensitivity, however, in practice, anyone can encounter this problem.

Of course, the risk of allergic dermatitis does not justify the complete abandonment of cosmetics. Just everyone should know how to choose safe cosmetics.


  • 1 Causes of development of
  • 2 Clinical picture of
  • 3 Diagnostic methods
  • 4 Treatment of
  • 5 Forecast and prevention of

Causes of development of

The main cause of allergic dermatitis in cosmetics is the individual reaction of the body. It should be remembered that skin allergic reactions can provoke completely harmless natural ingredients that do not belong to the category of recognized allergens.

Components of cosmetics that often cause allergic reactions. So, provoke allergic dermatitis may be any component of cosmetic, however, most often the following reaction is caused by:

  • Aromas. These substances add practically all the means to give them a pleasant smell. The fact that the main components of the remedy can not smell very well, and the addition of flavors need not only to add flavor, but also to conceal the natural smell of the base. The stronger the aroma of one or another means, the more smells are in it and, accordingly, higher probability of appearance of allergic dermatitis.
  • Preservatives. These funds are added to the products to increase their shelf life. When buying cosmetics, pay attention to the shelf life of the product. The higher it is, the more preservatives the remedy contains.
  • Dyestuffs. Different colorants are used to provide color cosmetics.

Dermatitis allergic to cosmetic causes, symptoms, treatment Causes of allergic dermatitis can cause overdue cosmetics, so it is necessary to carefully monitor the expiration date of all used agents.

When detecting overdue products, it is necessary to throw them out without pity. Be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions regarding the storage of cosmetics, because failure to comply with these rules can cause damage to the product.

When choosing cosmetics, many prefer the means, which are labeled "hypoallergenic".You do not need to think that such marking is a guarantee that allergic dermatitis will not occur when using such cosmetics.

In hypoallergenic drugs, the number of aggressive components is definitely lower than in similar drugs without the appropriate mark. However, the reactions of each individual are individual, and becoming the cause of dermatitis may even seem to be harmless substance.

Clinical picture

Contact dermatitis in the use of cosmetics is manifested by the inflammatory reactions of the skin on the ground as in acute allergic urticaria.

The main symptoms of dermatitis:

  • The appearance of rash, redness and peeling.
  • Itching, slight soreness.
  • Education of watery blisters.

It should be remembered that when the first signs of discomfort appear after applying any cosmetics, you must immediately give up using it without waiting for the development of dermatitis. The symptoms that may be a source of dermatitis include:

  • A feeling of dryness and tightness of the skin or lips.
  • Education of mucous discharge in the corners of eyes.
  • Frequent barley formation.
  • The appearance of acne and inflamed acne.
  • Appearance of edema.

Acute reactions to cosmetics in the form of allergic contact dermatitis develop much less frequently. This disease is a consequence of the reaction of the body to contact with certain substances.

Symptoms of dermatitis manifest after some time after contact. An allergic reaction may occur anywhere, but more often, it affects the skin on the face, lips, and neck.

In acute allergic dermatitis, the following manifestations may occur:

  • Redness of the skin, swelling, rash.
  • Education of areas of dry skin or wet areas.
  • A strong sense of itching.
  • Photosensitization of the skin, that is, increased sensitivity to the sun, but such a disease as porphyria is not threatened, as it is hereditary.

Diagnostic Methods

In most cases, the diagnosis of allergic dermatitis does not cause particular difficulties for the dermatologist. The main method of research is a skin review by a doctor.

To detect a substance that causes skin reaction, special allergic tests are performed. However, this analysis is only possible after eliminating all external lesions on the skin, including insect bites, in order not to aggravate the situation.

In addition, a patient with allergic dermatitis may be referred to the following tests:

  • Blood biochemistry.
  • Definition of systemic markers of inflammation
  • Lipidogram( determination of cholesterol concentration) and determination of glucose concentration.
  • General Urine Test.

Additional indications may be prescribed if indications are available, as allergic reactions to cosmetics may be the result of some systemic diseases, such as lipoid necrobiosis.

Treatment of

In the event of the first signs of allergic dermatitis, including latex allergy, immediately take first-aid measures.

  • It is necessary to immediately remove from the skin all the previously applied cosmetics and wash with plenty of water.
  • In the event that the reaction arises when applying cosmetics to the eyelids, eyebrows or eyelashes, you should rinse your eyes with tea or chamomile decoction.
  • An antihistamine tablet should be taken. For example, Suprastin, Zirtek, Loratadin and others.

Dermatitis allergic to cosmetic causes, symptoms, treatment Then you should always consult a doctor. Dangerous dermatitis is not important for others, as it is necessary to treat it in any case. Therapy should be selected individually. Typically, the following treatment for allergic dermatitis is used:

  • Detection of the substance causing dermatitis and elimination of contact with it.
  • Application of external remedies for the elimination of skin reactions.
  • With severe dermatitis, general therapy is used.

For external therapy, ointments and creams are used, which include corticosteroids. Corticosteroids are also used in the treatment of scabies. It is such drugs as Advantan, Locode, etc. It is very important, when using hormones to adhere to the prescribed dosage and not increase the course at its discretion, otherwise, there may be side effects.

In severe cases of dermatitis, corticosteroids may be prescribed internally. The doctor should choose the drug and the scheme of admission. Self-medication with hormonal means is unacceptable.

In addition, for the removal of itching and edema may be prescribed antihistamines, selected individually.

Forecast and prevention of

Given the timely treatment of a doctor, the prognosis for allergic dermatitis is favorable.

Prophylaxis of the development of dermatitis associated with the use of cosmetics is the right choice of means. Before applying a new product, you must necessarily have a skin test - just smear a little remedy on the skin on the inner flexion of the elbow. If during the day there is no reaction, the remedy can be used.