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The nature and history of the breed of Abyssinian cat, a devoted friend

There are a huge number of cats in the world, but only one of them is tied to a host more than any dog. Of course, we are talking about Abyssinian cats, in which the commitment to the owner is one of the brightest features of the character.

Somewhat interesting about breed

There is an

legend about the appearance of these cats family members. In the distant past, a domestic cat met a handsome man - a wild African cat. Between them broke out love, which eventually led to the appearance of the most beautiful kittens, which invaded Abyssinian. All this happened on the territory where Ethiopia is now. It was there that Abyssinian cat was first noticed. The people of that time were so impressed with the beauty and gracefulness of the muzzled, that one voice said - it is a living embodiment of the Bastet, the Goddess of fertility, female beauty, love, fun, joy. This same goddess was considered to be the patron saint of the home in the Egyptians.

The nature and history of the breed of Abyssinian cat, a devoted friend

One of the ships sailing to the United Kingdom was an Abyssinian cat that instantly won the hearts of the British. So, at the end of the 19th century sailors brought dozens of breed members to England, and in 1982 the Abyssinian cat was officially recognized and registered. In the late 60's of the 20th century there was an explosion of love for this breed, which led to an increase in popularity in all countries of the world.

The character of the Abyssinian breed of

Looking at this southern beauty, it sometimes gives the impression that it is a child that has become a cat in some unknown way. Lucky, playfulness, activity, high level of intelligence, excellent tandem with a man - all this is only a small part of the positive qualities of Abyssinian breed. It seems as though the sun left a mark on the character and appearance of this cat. Short wool resembles the color of the western sun, the warmth of the pet's body lives, lies on its knees, further strengthens the thought of the gift of Ra.

The nature and history of the breed of Abyssinian cat, a devoted friend

The curiosity of the energetic ancient breed knows no bounds! If you need a careful review of the contents of bags, bags, shelves or cabinets - you can buy an Abyssinian kitten, which guarantees it all. The 2-month-old kittens-abyssins are picked up from the box at a moment's notice and, like beads, crumble all over the house. Did you buy new chic curtains? Nothing, now kitten will fix it. One jump and cornice is already on the floor. Have you set the order on the table? Do not worry, in a second there will be exactly the same as before harvesting. Shuffle packs - the best toy for these little haters! Need to deal with your affairs or to eliminate the consequences of attacking kittens? One or two or two hours, the entire brood will be delighted with such an interesting one, it produces strange sounds, things like a package. If there is no desire to buy Abyssinian kittens because of their intolerable behavior, do not rush. As soon as a small abysine moves into a new home, his interest in everything, of course, will increase, but "a-ta-ta" from the host instantly learns from bad deeds! The Abyssinian breed is really high intelligence and understands everything in the middle of a word.

The nature and history of the breed of Abyssinian cat, a devoted friend

The Abyssinian cat will come from a tall house and cuffs to the ceiling. She loves heights very much, so she will get there, from which it is unlikely to be removed without a "castle" of tables and chairs.

Despite being "seamed in one place", adult individuals cause respect for the owner and guests. The Abyssinian love the company, which consists not only of people but also of other animals. However, the cat chooses to own a single owner, who loves more than others and shows him high respect. Of course, it sounds pretty ridiculous, but the Abyssinian breed is a dog with a dog character. Learn some commands, rubbing alongside a bad mood, expressing sincere condolences and showing just incredible sensitivity to this cat.

Abyssinian simply can not without a company and it is difficult to carry separation with the owner. The kiss will be very upset if she is locked in the transfer. As mentioned above - Abyssinian breed is very much tied to man. A case is known when the elderly Abyssinian died and the animal simply did not pay attention to other households. The pupil was very sad and exhausted, and after a while, simply "went to the rainbow".

If a pet is perceived as a full member of the family, wait for the corresponding reaction in the form of enormous love. Gentle, quiet peg, stroking the front foot. The cat will hold the host behind his neck, with his devotion and respect, to look into his eyes and to love his little heart with firmness.

It is worth remembering that the Abyssinian requires the owner of a respectable and polite attitude to himself, because the representative of this breed is also the same as his owner.