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Why crack the corners of the mouth( lips), peeling skin: causes of dryness

The problem of why the corners of the mouth crack open not only women, but also men and children of all ages. Cracks that are formed in the corners of the mouth, are called zaiads. There are many reasons for their appearance. They do not appear immediately. At first, the

film is simply formed in the corner of the mouth, then it grows more and ultimately there are cracks in the corners of the mouth. This is not a separate disease, but such cracks cause a lot of problems. First and foremost, it's painful and difficult to open your mouth for eating, talking, for a smile. A person feels uncomfortable and uncomfortable all the time. The skin is cracked in the corners of the lips because humans have low immunity.


  • 1 Causes of
  • illness 2 Therapeutic measures
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medical consultation 1 Causes of

illness Why do lips, many do not know, crack. And red cracks - this is not a seasonal illness, as some mistakenly believe. Cracks on the lips can be formed at any time of year. In addition to just a ugly and inaccurate kind, problems with contacts with others and pain, often worsens the situation of itching and burning, the lips crumble. To suffer all these symptoms is not always possible. To successfully get rid of this problem, it is necessary to find out for what reasons it appeared and began to disturb.

Why crack the corners of the mouth( lips), peeling skin: causes of dryness

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In the human body is lacking vitamins of group B. They need to be filled to have enough for normal livelihoods. Eat foods that contain these vitamins. These include: almonds, all green vegetables, dairy products, tomatoes, herbs, potatoes and beef. You can fill the lack of vitamins due to the funds that are sold in the pharmacy, but it is less effective, since in any laboratory, even in the most modern equipment, it will not be possible to reproduce the vitamin in the form in which it is contained in natural products.

There is not enough iron in the body, resulting in anemia. In this case, it is necessary to fill the lack of iron, eating dark chocolate, buckwheat porridge, beans, various types of nuts, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Being in the corners of the lips can provide and psycho-emotional states such as stress, lack of sleep, dissatisfaction, bad mood, depression, experience. In order not to have any health problems on the nervous soil, you need to change their attitude towards them and stop worrying about every little thing.

Cracks in the corners of the mouth may appear from improper care of the lips. They can start cracking in the cold season, when the wind is blowing, and when there is heat in the street, the lips simply dry up. To prevent this happening, there is a mass of means for feeding and moisturizing the lips. Hygienic lipstick is available at any pharmacy or cosmetics store and is available. There are various oils and balms for the care of your lips, you just have to pick up a suitable remedy and do not forget to use them before going out, and if very dry lips, then before bedtime.

Any allergy to any product, lipstick, powder or toothpaste can be expressed in any way. It is necessary to find something that causes such a reaction, and to stop using this product or to use this product in food, or simply to replace it with something similar, but it does not cause allergies.

Another reason is that a person does not brush his teeth or does it rarely, and does not observe the hygiene of the oral cavity. It is necessary not only to clean teeth from plaque and to exclude bad breath, but also to kill pathogenic bacteria, because some of them provoke the appearance of cracks on the lips and in the corners of the mouth.

In some cases, the appetite on the lips appears because a person wearing dentures does it wrong.

2 Therapeutic measures

If the corners of the mouth crack and appear, then it is not necessary to postpone the solution to this problem in the long box and think that everything will pass itself. Even if this happens without proper treatment, then nothing prevents the zade from appearing again. Therefore, you need to find out the reason and start treatment immediately. If it is impossible to determine the cause of the cracks in the corners of the mouth, then you need to go to the doctor.

Why crack the corners of the mouth( lips), peeling skin: causes of dryness

In the event that a man has decided to get rid of the cracks in the corners of his lips forever, then he will have to diversify his diet with the above products, as well as review the attitude to oral hygiene. If you come in the corners of the lips are inflamed, pain or cause any other inconvenience, then the inflammation should be removed. This will help thermal water, hygienic lipstick, vitamins A and E, dissolved in water, ointments that have an anti-inflammatory effect( they should be inquired in the pharmacy), as well as lotions and compresses on the lips that can be made with the decoction of chamomile, celandine,the queueIf on hand was tea tree oil, flax or hips, they can also be used, as these natural oils provide a wonderful healing effect.

In rare cases, but it still may be, the scrotum is formed and does not heal due to an incorrect bite. If there are such suspicions, then you need to contact an orthodontist who will advise and help solve the problem. Of course, some time will have to wear braces, but you can get rid of the call. In the event that the problem is solved by a small operation, you do not need to give up it.

It happens that cracking corners on the lips very often and for a long time. Do not have time to grow old, as there are new and make themselves known. In this case, you should analyze your well-being and lifestyle. If it has been discovered that for a long time under the eyes of the sack that has an abnormal shade of a healthy person, a very dry skin of the lips and around the mouth, to fight against which refuses all the money that a person has already tried, and just against the background of all this, he feels bad,you need to go to a medical institution. No matter what kind of self-treatment in this situation there can be no language, as these signs indicate a serious illness.

3 Prophylaxis of

The problem is easier to prevent than to cure, so you need to follow a series of simple rules:

  • the body must always be provided with sufficient fluid;
  • if you have a habit of constantly licking your lips, then you need to get rid of it;
  • when entering the street should not forget to use hygienic lipstick( this applies to men, they can pick up a lipstick without odor, if confused with the aroma of strawberry or vanilla);
  • if the air is dry at home, it should be humidified by any available methods;the easiest of them - to leave in the room a bowl of water and periodically fill it( if the bottle spoils the interior or humans have pets, then you can buy air humidifiers);
  • after taking a bath or shower, taking classes in the pool or relaxing in the sauna, it is necessary to apply a moisturizing cream, butter or balsam on the lip;
  • when you are on the street frost, you need to carry a hygienic lipstick constantly, so that your lips do not weather and dry;
  • if the corner of the mouth still cracked, take timely action, and not wait until wounds and wounds appear.

Why crack the corners of the mouth( lips), peeling skin: causes of dryness

4 Necessity of

Medical Advice Everyone knows their weaknesses, so if it's a bad immune case then you need to solve this problem by contacting a specialist. Most likely, a person will be assigned a special vitamin complex, which will help restore immunity, and with this, other problems will be solved.

You will have to forget about bad habits, they not only do not decorate, but also greatly undermine health.

But if such measures to eliminate lips on the lips do not help, then the visit to the doctor is mandatory, because it can be said that a person is seriously ill.

Be Healthy!