Wandering headaches: their types, symptoms and treatment

In this article, we will look at the wandering headaches with which they are related when they are most often manifest, which are preceded by symptoms and which measures need to be followed to relieve pain.

Wandering headaches: their types, symptoms and treatment

Headache has become a very common disease in the modern world. The nature of such pain

is very diverse. Modern rhythm and lifestyle exposes your body to stress, lack of sleep.


  • Headache in the frontal area of ​​the
  • Headache in the
  • Headache in overclocking
  • Headache in various areas of the head
  • Several useful tips
  • Summing up

Headaches in the frontal part of the

Against this background, arterial and intracranial pressure rises,leading to migraine attacks. These are the most common causes that can provoke headaches. But there are more serious health problems, causing headaches.

Tumors and infectious diseases of the brain, osteochondrosis of the cervical vertebrae are just a small example. Headache can cause costume jewelry, glasses. All this is in close contact with the head. If all this is worn for a long time, the effect of point impact is obtained. Against this backdrop and headache begins to hurt.

Such pain may appear quite unexpectedly and visible for obvious reasons. This is a migraine attack, a sudden change in pressure in the area of ​​the eyes or temples, the consequence of head injury, from over-stress.

Very often these displays do not pay attention. Somebody takes it courageously. Others take medication in large quantities. A positive result is not observed. If at first the pain occurs periodically, then it happens with a certain degree of consistency.

Cough Headache

Headache headache can be two of a problem. Maybe, just hurts your back, and maybe another reason is because of the pain of the cervical vertebra. You can feel pain only when you move or turn your head and neck.

Sometimes they are felt by touching the occipital part of the head. The echoes of such pain can be felt in the eyes, in the temples, in the shoulders. Also, the cause may be a chronic disease of the cervical vertebrae, inflammation of the muscles. In such a situation, it is necessary to determine precisely the source of pain.

Headaches for Overclocking

Overvoltage may look quite diverse. It means not only the activity of the brain. Maybe you have been in a very timid and monotonous position for a very long time or there are chronic diseases of the spine in the neck area.

In such a situation, headache is manifested as the noise in the ears may darken in the eyes. The feeling is as if the whole head is hurt.

Pain in the temples. The manifestation of such painful sensations occurs very often. Approximately two thirds of all people suffering from headaches. Regardless of age. The reasons are very diverse.

  • sharp pressure drop;
  • stress;
  • dependence on weather changes;
  • hormonal changes in the body;

Wandering headaches: their types, symptoms and treatment Headaches in the left hemisphere. Types of manifestations of such pain are very diverse.

By feelings it can be - shooting, dragging or burning. Spasms may appear. The attack comes sharply and with increasing force.

All these feelings are strong, so it's very difficult to handle it so easy and not required. Usually such manifestations are possible in the case of migraine disease.

Headaches in the right hemisphere. The onset of such pain may have many reasons. It is believed that they are about fifty. Starting from the usual stretch and migraine, to complicated diseases of the internal organs.

Shooting Headache. It can come as a result of overcooling. You must always remember that the headgear is a mandatory attribute of your wardrobe in the winter. If you have had head injuries, shooting pain may appear as a consequence. Disturbances of metabolism can also be the cause of shooting pain.

Manifestation of Headache in Different Areas of the Head

When headache occurs in different parts, it suggests that you have suffered an injury. Often such effects occur after concussion of the brain or craniocerebral trauma.

A wandering headache can be a harbinger of a developing brain tumor or internal trauma. Be sure to pay attention to this. How are attacks of headache?

Always they are similar in character and places of manifestation. This article shows the main types and manifestations of headache, so you can compare your feelings. A wandering headache can begin its manifestations in the back of the head and gradually move to the forehead, then to the temples.

In every patient, this happens differently. It is almost impossible to predict how the attack will take place. They may or may not be different. In such manifestations can occur and side effects. General weakness, drowsiness, irritability, nausea, vomiting.

If such manifestations begin, you can try to stop the attack yourself. Try to temporarily discard external influences. It is desirable to lie down. Turn off light, music, TV.Take an analgesic.

Pay attention! If the attacks will be repeated, you just need to visit a doctor.

A few helpful tips for

  • take care of your health;
  • adhere to day mode and healthy lifestyle;
  • if you often visit headaches, keep a diary and record their manifestations for at least a few weeks;
  • get expert advice;
  • use medicines and phytotherapy only after consultation with your doctor.

A wandering headache requires a special treatment approach. Each attack may be similar to the previous one in terms of feelings and manifestations. Try to determine the cause of the attack. In such a situation it is necessary to undergo a medical examination in the complex.

To undergo the procedure proposed by the specialist: echoencephalography, ultrasound dopplerography, rational scanning of the vessels of the brain, magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic resonance angiography, electroencephalography, electron neuroimgraphy, craniography, computer tomography of the vessels of the brain, dopplerography.

The survey may be several or one. Listen to the doctor's opinion. Usually such examinations are carried out ambulatoryly. When the cause is clarified, there is an opportunity to eradicate it. When wandering headaches, it is necessary to adhere to a number of preventive measures.

It is prohibited:

  • to take alcohol;
  • to use tactile products;
  • do not drink strong tea and coffee;
  • to endure strong physical activity;
  • to self-help,
  • use a lot of chocolate, nuts and foods that contain nutritional supplements and preservatives.

It is recommended that:

  • take medications only after appointment of a doctor, even with a common cold;
  • is as fresh as possible in the fresh air;
  • adhere to day mode;
  • if you can rest in the afternoon;
  • prefer healthy eating.


Headaches may take various forms and manifestations. Their causes may include inflammation, tumors, intoxication, vascular overpressure, high blood pressure, trauma, neuralgia, pinching of the nerve endings or migraine.

There are a lot of ways to treat headaches. But you need to pick it individually. While paying close attention to the nature and frequency of its manifestations. Use simple tips. If positive dynamics are not observed consult a doctor and follow his advice.