Best masks for greasy faces: recipes and recommendations

Oily skin delivers to its owners a lot of problems. So from a medical point of view, this phenomenon is not considered normal. In addition to the fact that the unhealthy shine on the skin does not look aesthetically, this phenomenon is also accompanied by such unpleasant problems as clogging pores, inflammation of

and acne.

Despite the fact that for this type of skin on sale there are many cosmetic products that not all of them are very effective. Therefore, before you spend a lot of money on ineffective and not always high-quality cosmetics, it is better to turn to folk recipes. Home cosmetics are good because they only include natural ingredients. In addition, all recipes have been tested with many years of experience, which proves the effectiveness of such agents in solving the problem of oily skin.

Best masks for greasy faces: recipes and recommendations

What are the masks for the greasy face

All components of the skin mask mask are tailored to each and every one of them with major and related problems. Even those girls who have long despaired and resigned with a greasy shine will surely be surprised how the recipes of folk cosmetology are applied to their skin. With regular use, the following results are noted:

  • - the regulation of the sebaceous glands is regulated, thus, they begin to produce less lean body fat;
  • - the person becomes frosted, and the effect of this effect becomes more and more prolonged;
  • - Due to the fact that the pores are completely cleaned, the skin begins to saturate more oxygen with oxygen;
  • - the face color becomes more even and fresh;
  • - eliminates inflammation, and prevents their reappearance;
  • - fewer acne, acne, redness and other unpleasant skin problems occur with each session.

In addition to the fact that home masks fight skin fat, they also actively feed it with all kinds of vitamins and other beneficial ingredients. Using masks against the skin's greasiness regularly, you will soon be able to forget that once faced with a similar problem.

How to properly apply masks

  • The main rule for applying any masks, including those at home, is the preliminary preparation of the skin for this procedure. The skin must be cleaned with special tools or toilet soap, and even better if it is well-steamed. Also, a very important point is that all facial muscles should be completely relaxed both during the mask application and for the entire period of its effect on the skin.
  • The standard duration of home skin treatment for oily skin is 20 minutes. During this time, all the components of the mask have a deep penetration into the skin and give the necessary effect. Carefully watch the time, do not overdo the mask. Wash off the skin with cool or warm water, after which the person needs to treat the lotion. In some cases it may be necessary to moisturize the skin with a cream.
  • Apply masks strictly in massage lines, otherwise there is a risk of stretching or damaging the skin. Try to avoid areas around the eyes, because the skin there is so dry and does not require such a deep cleansing. It's best to cover your eyes with cotton discs during the procedure. You can soak them in a grass broth, cucumber juice or put on them grated potatoes or parsley.
  • It should be remembered that home masks can not be stored for a long time even in the refrigerator, otherwise they will simply lose their useful properties. It is better to put on the face freshly prepared funds.

Do not expect a dizzying effect right after the first procedure. Be patient, and the result will surely please you.

Best masks for greasy faces: recipes and recommendations

How do masks act

The effect of masks on greasy facial skin is that they intensively soften the upper layers of the skin. After that, the deadly particles begin to separate, taking over all the excess skin fat that is removed in the process of removing the mask. As a result, the skin becomes fresh, clean, and the fat gloss can be forgotten.

To make the effect really visible, you need to apply the mask with a fairly thick layer.

Cleansing Masks

  • In order to prepare a mask that avoids greasy shine and minimizes wrinkles, it is necessary to mix milled oat flakes with vegetable oil into porridge. Here you need to add a little strawberry juice, nettle and birch leaves.
  • The basis of the next mask takes a quarter of a glass of low-fat yogurt, mixed with a teaspoon of honey. You also need to beat the egg whites well( to make a lush foam) and gently stuff in kefir. To make the mask thicker( as it is more convenient to apply), you can add some almond flour or ground oat flakes to it. This mask will relieve the skin from excessive fat and give it a radiant look.

Moisturizing masks

  • Cleansing and, at the same time, moisturizing effect on the skin provides sour milk. A quarter of the glass of this product should be mixed with so much oatmeal to make the mask thick. You can add olive oil or any other oil here. This tool has not only moisturizing, but also a light bleaching effect.
  • Banana is well-functioning on the skin. It must be crushed in mashed potatoes, after which add a tablespoon of melted honey, orange and lemon juice. To make the mixture comfortable to apply, you can lightly thicken it with milled oat flakes.

Nutritional mask

  • With the task of saturation of the skin with vitamins perfectly carrots. A quarter of a glass of juice from this fruit should be added on a table spoon of cheese and almond( or other vegetable) oil. Make sure to apply the mask in a thick layer. If it seems too fluid, add more cheese.
  • Mashed tomatoes must be admixed with an equal amount of pollen. This mask is ideally suited for oily skin, it does not just live, but also cleans and slightly dries it.

Best masks for greasy faces: recipes and recommendations

Bleaching Masks

  • On a tablespoon of finely chopped parsley, you must take the same amount of yogurt and a teaspoon of lemon juice. For greater density you can enter a mixture of some starch or flour. After the mask stays on the skin for 15 minutes, it should be washed with cool water.
  • You can try the yeast mask to add the effect of narrowing the pores to the bleaching effect. A tablespoon of yeast must be mixed with three yogurt. It is also worth adding a little lemon juice and literally a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to stir well the composition and, when it will look like foam, apply to the prepared skin of the face. After 10 minutes the mask begins to dry, then it should be removed immediately with a wet cotton swab.

De-mask masks

  • An indispensable tool for oily and problem skin is the pharmacy white clay. A teaspoon of this remedy should be mixed with sour milk to make the mass look like sour cream. The mask should be kept on the face for no more than 12 minutes, otherwise it will dry up. Also, white clay combines perfectly with lemon juice, honey and aloe. All ingredients are mixed in equal proportions. The face mask can be held for about 15 minutes.
  • A plant that works on oily skin, such as aloe. It must be prepared in advance for use as a mask. The leaves need to be cut, wrapped in a dense layer of paper and put in a refrigerator for about 2 weeks. At the end of this term, you can simply wipe your face or problem areas with the juice of these leaves.

Masks that shrink pores

  • Wash in a sour or pasteurized milk a piece of black bread, peel off and apply the mascara to the face. It is better to use this tool locally, only on the most problematic areas. After 20 minutes, the contents should be washed out.
  • To make the pores unobtrusive, and the face of the face is matte, you need to make a cheese mask every day in the morning or at night. A tablespoon of skimmed milk product should be well mixed with three yogurt or low-fat yogurt. It is important to pre-clean and degrease the skin.

As you could see, all home masks are exceptionally easy to prepare and contain natural and fully available components. Their effectiveness is much higher than any pharmacy or store cosmetic. It is important that, with regular procedures, they provide a lasting and lasting effect.