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Lupus is common - causes, symptoms, treatment, photos

Ordinary lupus otherwise called tuberculosis, as this is one of the types of tuberculosis in which skin and mucous membranes are affected.

The onset of the disease may lead to white skin atrophy. When the first symptoms appear, you should contact a doctor who will be able to confirm or disprove the diagnosis by the

.However, it is important to know what causes the appearance of lupus, and how to prevent it.


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Causes of

Lupus is a common cause, symptoms, treatment, photo

disease Various viruses can be a cause of the disease.

Not long ago it was believed that lupus is a contagious disease that is transmitted through contact with a patient. Doctors now exclude it, but the exact cause of the appearance of the disease can not be named. Factors that may affect the appearance and development of the disease, distinguish the following:

  • hereditary predisposition;
  • some infectious diseases and viruses;
  • exaggerates ultraviolet radiation;
  • frequent interaction with toxins and other harmful substances;
  • is the administration of some medications that may cause an allergic reaction in the patient.

Lupus is associated with a malfunction that occurs in the immune system. Instead of attacking alien objects, the body begins to "attack" on their own tissues. Symptoms of the disease may appear, then disappear. Usually this is due to the influence on the body of those factors that could cause the disease. Many physicians, however, are of the opinion that the onset of the disease affects the hereditary factor. In other words, some people have certain genes that can cause tuberculosis lupus development.

If the illness manifests itself during pregnancy, then abortion is not necessary. In most cases, healthy babies are born.

However, caution should be exercised when signs of disease are manifested. Often the problem associated with the manifestation of lupus erythematosus and herpes in pregnancy is precisely in pregnancy. It is desirable for a woman in this case to be observed by a gynecologist who already has such experience.

Symptoms of the disease

Lupus usually begins on the face. At the beginning of the disease there are small tubercles of brown color like in leprosy, which in medicine called lupomy. They have a soft consistency and a smooth surface, which eventually begins to peel off. The main places of localization are the nose, cheeks, and lips. When lupus erythematosus is possible, formation of tubercles on the neck, trunk, limbs and mucous membrane of the mouth.

Locates loomas in groups, however, at first they do not come into contact with each other. Gradually, with the development of the disease tubercles grow and merge with each other. The skin around the lupus turns red, bloody stagnation appears. The groves enlarge in size, they merge together. Because of this, foci of tumor-shaped form are formed. Further development of the disease leads to the formation of large ulcers.

In addition, scaly atrophy may occur on the spot of lupomas. With ordinary lupus, a frequent phenomenon is the appearance of new lupa on scars. In addition to the external manifestations of lupus, the patient may experience symptoms such as fatigue, joint pain, high sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation.

Diagnosis of the disease

Lupus is a common cause, symptoms, treatment, photo

A patient visual inspection is performed to diagnose the disease.

Differential diagnosis involves distinguishing lupus from diseases such as tubercle syphilitis, squamous cell carcinoma, melkouzelkovy sarcoidosis, lymphocytomas, and others. From the muzzle syphilitis, the main difference is that lupus develops, mainly in childhood, whereas syphilis usually occurs in adulthood. In addition, in the tuberculous lupus, the cartilaginous part of the nose, and not the bone marrow, is struck. The process of developing the disease is long, and sometimes it can take several years. When tuberculosis syphilitic ulcers appear and spread literally a few weeks after the appearance of the first symptoms.

Diagnosis of lupus erythematosus begins with a visual inspection and a detailed picture of the course of the disease. It may be necessary to have histological examination, laboratory tests. Often, X-rays of the lungs are prescribed, as the illness can be affected by tuberculosis and other organs, not just the skin.

The usual lupus should be distinguished from the red lupus, which has a slightly different nature of occurrence and flow, according to which treatment will be prescribed. Usually distinguish these varieties of skin lesions is not a lot of work. First, the color of the loupe at tuberculous lupus is less vivid. Second, red lupus manifests itself in adulthood.

Treatment for

The treatment of lupus erythematosus should be prescribed by the physician individually for each patient, depending on the severity and course of the disease. In acute forms of the disease, therapy is recommended in a hospital environment, under the supervision of specialists. In the treatment of lupus erythematosus, medicines from the group of corticosteroids may be used. On the affected surface during the exacerbation of the disease, in some cases, and appointed local therapy: antimalarials or fluorosoderzhaschie ointment as well as in the treatment of Kerat's erythroplasia.

In the common lupus, unlike similar diseases, phthyvazide, tubasid, and similar drugs are prescribed. Dosage of a medicinal product with a variety of this disease is individual. In case of ulceration of the mucous membrane of the mouth in combination with other means, vitamin D2 should be taken. In combination with drugs for the treatment of the disease may be prescribed phototherapy. Surgical methods of treating lupus erythematosus are practically not used. Local therapy in the illness is also rarely required. However, depending on the course of the disease, ointments with pyrogallic acid may be recommended.

Often in patients with tuberculosis lupus, the infection is detected in other organs. Therefore, it is important to carry out therapy aimed not only at the treatment of the skin or mucous membrane, but also other affected areas.

In some situations, the use of all treatment methods in the complex may be required for this disease: antibacterial, chemical, phototherapy, local ointments, and vitamin therapy. Antibiotics for lupus erythematosus are prescribed drugs for the group of aminoglycosides, usually streptomycin.

Patients who have been diagnosed with lupus erythematosis are necessarily subject to periodic dispensary monitoring. A specialist who will appoint, including an x-ray of the lungs, to exclude a possible relapse of the disease, should be systematically displayed. The time of the usual lupus can vary, depending on the severity and characteristics of the disease, but usually takes several months.

Treatment by folk methods

Traditional medical therapy for common lupus can be supplemented with folk remedies. So, herbal infusions, which are often quite effective, are popular. Among other plants that help to get rid of the disease, it is possible to note mistletoe. To prepare the infusion, mistletoe leaves are harvested( make it necessary during the cold season), cut into small slices and dried. A glass of boiling water needs two tablespoons of the crushed plant.

Lupus is a common cause, symptoms, treatment, photo

For the treatment of common lupus, use licorice root.

In addition, the following folk remedies are used in the treatment of lupus erythematosus:

  • licorice root;
  • Tincture of headache;
  • A collection of wood, hawthorn, mother-and-steppe, St. John's wort, plantain leaves and cranberries.

It offers folk medicine and various ointments and aids that need to be periodically lubricated by the disease of the site. For example, a good effect was observed when using patients with signs of lupus of the usual propolis oil, which they periodically rubbed into areas with lupomas. For the same purpose, juice of celandine may be used. By the way, celandine is also used in the treatment and withdrawal of filiform warts.

Among the folk remedies for lupus, the following can be noted. A glass of olive oil pours into a heat-resistant dish that is put on fire. In a small portion of a liquid, a tablespoon of chopped turnips and the same amount of fresh leaves of violet is poured into the liquid. For five minutes, the mixture is cooked, then removed from the slab and left for a day in a cold place. Then the infusion is filtered. The resulting fluid is wetted by inflamed areas of the skin two or three times a day to relieve the symptoms of the disease.

Forecast and prevention of

Prevention of lupus erythematosus, other than other procedures, is a periodic examination by a dermatologist, as well as by related specialists. Preventive measures of the disease are a set of actions that are individual for each patient. Among the main recommendations that will help to avoid the development of lupus erythematosus, the use of sun-protection creams, which include triethanolamylate para-aminobenzoic acid and phenylsalicylic acid is noted.

Preventive measures against lupus erythematosus in TB dispensaries and dermatological clinics are usually carried out free of charge. Since the cause of lupus erythematosus can sometimes be an infectious disease, one should be careful about his own health, and in the event of the occurrence of negative symptoms should immediately be given to a specialist. Also, frequent exposure to toxins should be avoided, and if work is related to them, it is recommended to use hygienic personal protective equipment.

Treatment of lupus erythematosus usually lasts a long time. In all patients, the course of the disease is different.

In some patients, the disease is virtually non-progressive, even in the absence of ongoing treatment. In other diseases gradually extends to new skin areas. This is due to the fact that different conditions of life and work of patients. In addition, the importance of resistance to the disease, the presence of concomitant diseases, etc.

In any case, timely initiated and properly prescribed treatment of ordinary lupus, good nutrition, fresh air is a prerequisite for a sufficiently rapid recovery and recovery of the patient.


Lupus is a common cause, symptoms, treatment, photo Lupus is a common cause, symptoms, treatment, photo Lupus is a common cause, symptoms, treatment, photo Lupus is a common cause, symptoms, treatment, photo Lupus is a common cause, symptoms, treatment, photo

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