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How to get rid of nausea after alcohol, what to do?

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Probably, almost every person who likes to abuse alcohol knows ways to get rid of nausea after alcohol. After all, hiking in the guests, parties and other various activities very

rarely are non-alcoholic. Some people even consider it a norm to let them drink on weekends. But if on some even large doses of alcohol are not affected( maximum mild indifference to the next day), then for others, even drinking a bottle of beer can have a very strong effect, cause headaches, nausea and even vomiting. It all depends on the individual characteristics of a person and his health.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Characteristic Effects of
  • Divergence 2 First Steps
  • 3 What vomiting may be?
  • 4 How to prevent poisoning?
  • 5 General recommendations

1 Typical effects of

broaching Mostly, vomiting is caused by excessive drinking of alcohol. In addition, alcohol causes abdominal pain, malaise, headaches. Usually all these symptoms are manifested the day after the party. Nausea is a major symptom of poisoning the body, which occurs as a result of the influence of elements of decomposition of ethanol. There is a so-called intoxication of the body. The degree of poisoning depends on the individual intolerance of a specific person to alcohol. If a bottle of beer can cause strong poisoning from one person, then another bottle of vodka may turn out to be a drop in the sea, without any effects on the next morning.

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How to get rid of nausea after alcohol, what to do?

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Usually all malaise will make you feel the next day, but people with high sensitivity may get worse almost immediately after taking strong drinks and may even have nausea. And immediately the question arises how to remove vomiting after alcohol.

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2 First Steps


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When a person begins to get bored, he has an immediate question of how to stop vomiting after alcohol poisoning. First of all you should evaluate your condition. It is not necessary to try to stop vomiting, because the body tries to clear itself of poisonous substances. It should, conversely, help him in this process. It is best to drink as much water as possible to wash the stomach and remove all toxins from the body.

3 What vomiting may be?


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Nausea due to alcohol intake is several types:

  • clears the body when alcohol and food are released in the course of vomiting. This condition can continue during the day after taking alcohol. The body thus tries to clean itself from harmful substances. During this period, the patient should drink as much water as possible;
  • is an allergy to alcohol. In this case, such vomiting is not related to the amount of drink. A person has just an intolerance to alcohol, which is accompanied by coughing, strangulation and swelling of the person;
  • vomiting with bile elements. This condition is associated with disorders of the biliary tract. Sometimes, with such symptoms, the intervention of doctors is required, since bile can talk about the presence of inflammatory processes in the pancreas.
  • vomiting with the presence of blood discharge is the most dangerous syndrome, since it may be an indicator of bleeding in the esophagus.

How to get rid of nausea after alcohol, what to do?

4 How to prevent poisoning?

Of course, it is best to know your norm and not bring a feast to a deterioration of well-being. Each person has its own norm, therefore it is unreasonable to match other party members. Someone thinks that if you eat well, then there will not be intoxication, and, accordingly, it will not be in trouble, then it is profoundly mistaken. Indeed, the process of intoxication will pass more slowly, but still the consequences can not be avoided.

How to get rid of nausea after alcohol, what to do?

If poisoning could not be avoided, and nausea still appeared, it is not recommended to restrain itself. Many people try to remove nausea with different pills, making their body even worse. By doing so, you only contribute to the accumulation of toxic substances in the body. It will be best if all drunk alcohol comes out. In addition, you need to wash your stomach. To do this you need to drink as much water as possible and then artificially cause vomiting. And repeat this procedure until you get clean water out of you. Instead of water, you can use solutions with salt or soda. If you do not have digestive problems, you can try to rinse the stomach with a solution of manganese.

There are still situations where, after taking strong drinks, the condition deteriorates, vomiting does not begin, but there is only a feeling of nausea. It will be best if you artificially cause vomiting. To do this, you can also drink more water and click on the root of the tongue. So you will be able to ease your luck the next day, the hangover will not be so strong and painful.

In the event of vomiting, absorbents can be taken, for example activated charcoal. He will absorb toxic substances in his body. If vomiting does not stop even the next day, you can take anti-emetic drugs, but with the consent of the doctor.

How to get rid of nausea after alcohol, what to do?

Sometimes it happens that a person who is intoxicated loses consciousness. The patient should be put on the side so that when nauseous, the vomit does not fall into the lungs and the person does not suffocate.

5 General Recommendations

If you still can not avoid alcoholic drinks, you should prepare for it. To do this you need to take the following steps:

  • You should not drink alcohol on the hungry stomach, so be well trained before the party.
  • You can drink 2-3 pills of Pancreatin or Mezim so that the alcohol is better absorbed by the body.
  • Do not mix different types of beverages. If you have already begun to drink wine, then continue to drink it. No need to experiment with whiskey and cognac, even if you do not lower the degree.
  • Take a warm bath after the feast.
  • Some people cope with a hangover with a new dose of alcohol. But this can only worsen the situation, because the body is so weakened. Therefore it is better to drink black tea.

    We looked at why there is a vomiting after alcohol and what to do in such a situation. Most importantly - do not remove the feeling of nausea. The best way, on the contrary, is to facilitate the onset of vomiting. But still try to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol.