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External hemorrhoids

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External hemorrhoids

Therapeutic Gymnastics External and internal hemorrhoids are called one of the most commonly known rectal diseases throughout the globe. How Many

People Know About This Unpleasant Disease. Hemorrhoid is developing, because due to certain circumstances, the superficial veins are enlarged, located near the anal aperture.

Causes of

Causes of external hemorrhoids are diverse. They are the same as in other forms of the disease.

  • A man is sitting in a long position, moving a little.
  • Long-term constipation .
  • Permanent force, lifting of loads. Heavy athletics in men.
  • Pregnancy, childbirth in women.

External hemorrhoids

What does

look like? External hemorrhoids in men and women are different from other forms of the disease. It looks not like the inside, because the hemorrhoidal node in this case went out. Symptoms appear in the form of cones around the anus outside. They can easily be seen at the examination by the doctor or detected by the patient himself when palpated. Then, as the internal hemorrhoids are not visible to the eye and it can not be felt, how many do not try.

Additional signs of hemorrhoids development: stage 1 - itching, burning, pain in bowel movements, in 2 stages the pain becomes stronger and the nodes increase. You can not go through the disease yourself, you need to take measures.

Complications of external hemorrhoids can be considered as thrombosis. It arises because of the fact that in the enlarged veins of the hemorrhoidal plexus the bloodstream begins to run slowly, and blood stagnation with subsequent thrombrovaniem. Symptoms of thrombotic external hemorrhoids, in the first place, can be considered as a sharp pain in the cones. If the thrombosis "climbs" from the outside, then the pain becomes stronger during movement, during the chair, when a person coughs or sneezes, even a slight turn of the body can cause pain. Internal hemorrhoids at this stage can not be fixed internally. Acute pathology should be treated until the inflammatory process has begun. Inflammation of external hemorrhoids has signs of an increased temperature of the patient's body, and the ghost itself may become very reddening for some time. If you leave hemorrhoids for a long time without treatment, which usually happens in men, inflammation spreads to adjacent tissues, paraproctitis may develop. Here the doctor's help becomes necessary.

Bleeding of external hemorrhoids in men or women may occur in feces, on paper in the toilet, or on shorts in the form of marks. Bleeding in itself external hemorrhoids can neither 1 nor 2 stages of the disease. Rarely, blood secretion occurs in the form of cracks and abrasions, as well as when combing the cones or during bowel movements.

Hemorrhoids may be in the remission period for a long time and nothing to remind yourself of yourself. There are no signs in this case. If you eat well and lead a healthy lifestyle, take care of your health, then the exacerbation will not bother. However, in sitting and permanent constipation, the period of remission will definitely change with the exacerbation of the disease after a while. Itching, discomfort, pain will begin, and without treatment the disease will go outside, moving on to stage 2 of development. Then, as you do not pull, a hike to the proctologist can not be avoided.

How to treat

Most patients would like to do self-medication so as not to go with such a delicate problem to the doctor. This is especially true of men. But any treatment for external hemorrhoids should end with a recovery or, at least, an improvement after a while. If the node climbs and grows, it looks threatening, but it is impossible to correct it inside internal hemorrhoids, it is impossible to pull further until the site burst. To get rid of the disease, the proctologist still have to go if home treatment does not help to get symptoms. What is the first aid for hemorrhoids?

External hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids, as well as internal, for men and women are treated by several methods:

  • Tablets
  • Ointment and Cream
  • Candles
  • Surgical Methods
  • Folk Medicine

Hemorrhoids: What to Treat in Men? To get rid of external hemorrhoids in men and women will help special preparations in the form of pills. Most of the medicines include a plant background, so it does not harm the body as a whole .Drugs from external hemorrhoids struggle with symptoms such as pruritus and pain, swelling, inflammation and bleeding. They feed the vessels, eliminate constipation, improve the tonus of blood vessels and regenerate them. The drugs are suitable for both treatment and prevention of the disease. The most common drugs are Detralex, Asklezan-A, Hemorrhidine, and others. Fighting with pills requires co-administration with local action drugs. How much should be treated, and how to determine the desired drug, the doctor decides.

Local Treatment for

External hemorrhoids in men or women can be treated locally with candles, creams, ointments. Drugs, in the first place, are called to quickly remove pain syndrome, remove itching and inflammation, prevent the formation of blood clots. Therefore, local products always include anesthetics against pain, anti-inflammatory hormones and anticoagulants, and disaggregation drugs for blood thinning. This is the main composition, in addition to these substances, the ointment or cream can contain components for cell regeneration, for the control of infection or for prevention. External hemorrhoids, in contrast to the internal, are conveniently treated with ointments and creams.


This drug helps to quickly cure not only external hemorrhoids but also effectively defeats the internal one. Released "Natalsid" in the form of candles. In addition, Natalsid has proven itself as a medicine for cracking the rectum. It quickly eliminates itching and discomfort. Suitable "Natalsid" for the treatment of men, but it is especially recommended by both proctologists and gynecology for the treatment of hemorrhoids in women during pregnancy and lactation. Made of "Natalsid" extracts of brown seaweed with the addition of vitepsol. The harmful components do not have contraindications even for babies.

External hemorrhoids

"Natalsid" helps to quickly get rid of severe bleeding with complications of the disease. Usun "Natalsid" and inflammation, as well as the drug regenerates tissues. Equally important is the fact that Natalsid, in contrast to chemical preparations, is not completely dissolved in the rectum, but comes from the stool mass during the chair. How to take medications from external hemorrhoids, the doctor decides, judging by the course of the disease. However, for complete recovery, it will have to eliminate all the causes of the disease.

Folk Medicine


To combat most diseases, people at all times use honey very effectively. If the outbreak of external hemorrhoids in men or women, it is best to treat it with buckwheat or lime. The easiest treatment is to take liquid honey and smear them nodes. Another way: to take honey and beet juice in equal proportions, stir and smear on the sites, or apply gauze all night. These methods are more suitable for external hemorrhoids, but there are other recipes for internal hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids

Honey can be used to make candles. However, there should be natural, candied honey, which lasts at least two years. From it rolled candles and inserted inside the gut. A ten-day course of this treatment helps to get rid of all the symptoms of hemorrhoids at the first stage of development. To be comfortable, already twisted the candle of honey, freeze in the refrigerator. You can use honey for enemas, mixing it in equal proportions with vinylinum and warm water. Honey effectively removes inflammation, vinyl increases the effect. Honey also relieves pain, burning and itching. To do 10 procedures for 50 ml, and the symptoms go completely. Honey may have contraindications in the form of individual intolerance. However, such treatment is effective at 1 or 2 stages of the disease. For a complete recovery, you must eliminate all the causes of the disease.


Aloea - first aid for external hemorrhoids. Aloe helps to get rid of cones of any form of hemorrhoids in the initial stage of the disease. Aloe vera should be chosen correctly, the five-year plant is especially helpful for treatment. Aloe in this age already accumulates the necessary for the treatment of substance. Get a fleshy aloe leaf and cut off at the base. Rinse, remove spines and skin. What remains of the aloe, wrap in a thin gauze and insert inside the anal aperture. It is treated with internal hemorrhoids.

If an outward hemorrhoids develop, take a whole aloe leaf and cut it along two halves. Part of aloe is applied to the bumps with a sticky side for 2-5 hours, then take the second part of the sheet of aloe and again applied to the sore.

External hemorrhoids

The initial stage of the disease undergoes such treatment, namely itching, burning, small inflammation, nodules decrease in 2-7 sessions without any unpleasant sensations. However, for complete treatment, you will have to get rid of the causes of the disease.

Ointment oil

Ointment oil effectively fights hemorrhoids of 1, 2 degrees, it is no accident that sea buckthorn is a part of many medical preparations on a natural basis. All is simple, apply butter of sea buckthorn to a tampon and attach it to the patient's place. Repeat the procedure five times a day, leave the tampon well overnight. You can simply apply sea buckthorn oil from external hemorrhoids to the skin around the anus and apply candles that contain the same butter. In addition, sea oil oil can be used for greater effect. Oil for internal reception to buy in a pharmacy, apply three times a day for a teaspoon a month. Appropriate oil for pregnant women and women during lactation .Candles, which include this butter, are not harmful to the health of the mother and her baby. However, completely and permanently to get rid of hemorrhoids, using only butter or honey, will not work, it will only provide temporary relief. It is still necessary to go to the doctor, so do it faster.

External hemorrhoids


External or internal hemorrhoids are varicose veins of the rectum. Sclerotherapy causes such processes of sclerosis and fibrosis in such advanced veins, and the venous ascites. Sclerotherapy is a successful and justified method since the 19th century. Sclerotherapy is used for hemorrhoids 1, 2, 3 degrees and for bleeding. Sclerotherapy is also used in patients with 4 degrees of hemorrhoids to prepare for surgery or to ligation cones. Sclerotherapy is the introduction of a medication that affects the inner surface of the vein and causes inflammation and fibrosis - so the vein is glued. The method is simple and fast. Does not require expensive anesthesia and long stay in the hospital. And after a week, knots of any degree simply fall apart during a chair.

Therapeutic Gymnastics

Fighting with hemorrhoids in women and men is possible with the help of physical education. Special exercises have been developed that improve blood circulation, leading to a tone of the blood vessels, prevent blood stagnation and work against the onset of nodes. Enough to give each morning 20 minutes to exercise and stay healthy.

  • Sit on a hard chair. Tilting forward and squeezing the sphincter - 15 times.
  • Walking Exercise. Walk around the apartment, raising your knees high, and putting your feet in the cross.
  • Exercises with maha of legs - scissors, with a position lying on the back. Magi should be done as broadly as possible.
  • Lying on your back, put your hands along the body, begin to compress the buttocks and sphincter muscles five times. RelaxRepeat the exercise again, and so 10 times.
  • From the position on the back and bent at the knees, start bending your back up, compressing the buttocks muscles. Control your breathing. Up - breath, down - exhale.
  • Stand up the crust, bend your back up, down like a cat.
  • You can include in the exercises listed above and "Birch" if the ridge is healthy. Standing for several minutes at the birch position, you contribute to the outflow of blood to the head.

External hemorrhoids

Exercise from hemorrhoids is effective in compressing and relaxing the sphincter. Such exercises with hemorrhoids can be done by sitting in a bus or standing at the ironing board, at least 2 times a day. Repeated exercises for the sphincter will be excellent prevention for internal and external hemorrhoids, and you will forget about the disease forever.

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