What to feed geese in the autumn period: features and photos

Geese are very unpretentious in nutrition. Their maintenance and feeding costs much less than for example chickens. And all due to the fact that most of the year they feed on grass and autumn is no exception. But here are some of the features that you need to know. So, about

, what to feed the geese in the fall read on.

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Features of feeding geese in the autumnal period

Autumn feeding of these birds is not much different from the summer. This is due to the fact that they often spend their entire pastime in the warmer regions until late autumn, as in the summer. Their ration is more greenery, as well as vegetable vegetable waste. But since the day in the fall becomes shorter, the amount of greenery consumed during the day is not enough. To eliminate this problem, bird feeds the blends in which add the crushed vegetables collected in the city.

What to feed geese in the autumn period: features and photos

It should also be remembered that, with the onset of autumn, one must gradually feed geese for the winter. This fattening is needed to prepare the bird before the onset of the period of carcass, during which it usually loses weight. With the advent of autumn, the ration of a goose should be maximally saturated with juicy and nutritious carbohydrates. The basis of such feed is well served by beets and potatoes.

Also unforgettable about haystack or shredded hay. Below is the daily ration of an adult goose when fed in the autumn period:

  • boiled potatoes or sugar beets - 500 g;
  • carrot - about 100 g;
  • hay mash - 100-150 g;
  • mineral feed - up to 25 g.

The other part of the diet is concentrates. And mineral feeds can be given not only with mixes, but also in pure form. In order to diversify the ration, all green waste that was on the farmstead site is well suited to diversify the diet. These are cabbage leaves, carrots, beetroot, small carrots and other root crops.

What to feed geese in the autumn period: features and photos

A good option is the addition of vegetable protein feed. Another great thing for goose is fitted with peeled peas, beans and a variety of meal. You can also feed them cooked and crushed small fish, fish and meat and bone meal. It is not bad to diversify the diet with cheese and milk.

All feeds are given in poultry or in the form of corn or in the form of flour mixes that can be given both steamed and dry. Ideal option will be feeding not whole, but sprouted grain. It should also be remembered that it is impossible to give goose water to drink from boiled potatoes. It contains a large amount of toxic substances solanin, which can greatly harm the birds.

Video "Features of the Geese Content"

In this video, on an example of a large farm, you will see how the birds are kept, how they behave and how they look after them.