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Pilates from cellulite: a set of exercises for a better result

Pilates from cellulite: a set of exercises for a better result Cellulitis, this scourge of modern women, comes, as a rule, for a long time - it is difficult to get rid of it, even when doing sports. To overcome cellulite forever can only combine the right lifestyle and special exercises aimed at eliminating excess fat,

improves blood supply to tissues and their tightening. Pilates from cellulite is recognized as one of the most effective means to achieve great results when combined with purpose and will power!

Pilates' Advantages and Features

Pilates is a fairly young kind of physical activity that allows you to breathe properly, tighten the buttocks, hips and stomach muscles and eliminate cellulite, but it has already received a well-deserved recognition among the female population! A properly made pilates complex allows you to load all muscle groups, pump them and strengthen muscle corset as a whole. Systemaized pilates classes help women cope with the weight gain after birth, age-setting weight, give the necessary load, which makes the body get stretched shape and heals.

Pilates are best suited to an instructor who will not only show how to properly perform exercises, but will control the entire process, breathing, loading, correcting them in a timely manner.

Pilates from cellulite has its own peculiarities: firstly, it is the correctness of the breathing carried out by the chest, and not by the stomach, and secondly, any exercise has from eight to twelve repetitions. The number of sessions per week is determined by the coach, but more often two to three lessons per week is enough.

Tips for

Before you start training, you need to study the following recommendations:

  • 1. You need to get a thin mat to get started. Instead of it will fit and the usual gymnastic rug. So the classes will be with the maximum comfort.
  • 2. During the training you can listen to light relaxing music. It will help you relax and keep pace with the smooth, balanced pace of training.
  • 3. All exercises must be performed in a complex for one lesson. If you decide to try pilates for the first time, then stop your choice of the five most suitable exercises for you.
  • 4. All actions must be performed as smoothly and dimensionally as possible. All of your actions should be monitored.
  • 5. During classes, try not to look at the ceiling. It's best if your gaze is directed towards the movement of your body.
  • 6. If for some reason you need to take a long break in classes, then resume the session with the intensity at which you stopped.

Pilates from cellulite: a set of exercises for a better result

The Most Effective

Exercises Among the most effective exercises to get rid of cellulite you can highlight the following:

  • 1. Setting the legs at the width of the shoulders, on the breath raise our hands and squint, while knees are parallel to each other. On exhalation - lifting, lowering hands.
  • 2. Stand the same, socks expand, push the bowl forward - breath: squat, exhale - climb.
  • 3. Stand the same, squatting legs alternately climb to the sock.
  • 4. Lean to the side, pulling the stomach as much as possible and feeling its muscles: breath - the leg rises upwards, exhale - feeling resistance, pulling the heel down, without touching the opposite leg. Turn over and repeat with another leg.
  • 5. Stand on the elbows and knees: pull the leg back and pull the heel up. Inhale - heel up. Expanses - down.
  • 6. Stand on the arms and legs, on the exhalation of the heels it goes up. Inhale - down. Each movement is completed with a series of elastic jerks.
  • 7. Lying on the floor, hold hands along the body, legs are in the seat next to a chair. Exhilaria - we remove the pelvis from the floor, breath - return to its original position.
  • When exercising, the back and shoulders are not tense.
  • 8. Lying, hands along the trunk, legs on the chair - lifting the pelvis on the exhalation, fix at the extreme point for a few seconds and inhaling we go to the original position. Simultaneously with active action pull the stomach as much as possible.
  • 9. Need to lie on the stomach, bending legs at right angles to the body - in exhalation raise your knees, in the inhalation turn to the normal position. Repeat for the second leg.
  • 10. Lying on his back, he raises his knees in an upstart exhalation upward, dropping on the breath. We strain the muscles of the hips and buttocks.
  • 11. Lying on your back and spreading your legs at the width of your thighs, you need to slowly lift the pelvis on exhalation, feeling how the vertebrae are removed from the floor from the crotch to the waist. At the same time straining the buttocks and thighs. At the maximum point, inhale and strain the buttocks, squeezing them, on the exhale we return to the original position, as slowly as "for the vertebrae."
  • 12. It is necessary to get up exactly, having plucked one leg in the knee, the second leg of the foot is put on the knee, while simultaneously extending the arms forward - we carry out the removal of the pelvis back and the stretching of the hip muscles.
  • 13. You need to sit down, bending your leg so that the foot is located next to the leg of the second leg - we exhale and stretch the entire body forward, stretching the muscles of the thigh.
  • 14. Knit on the side, pulling the stomach - pulling the upper leg on the exhale forward on the sock, on the breath back - on the heel. The housing is stationary and relaxed.
  • 15. Lying on the back, you need to bend your knees, spreading your legs to the width of the hips, the abdomen is strongly retracted. Extracting one foot forward on the exhalation, simultaneously lift the pelvis, on the inspiration - turn the leg to the place. The case keeps the property.
  • 16. It is necessary to sit on the floor on the side of the thigh. At the same time, make sure your legs are bent at the knees. Hold your hands so that your palms look down. First, raise your right foot and pull your thigh back. Hold your leg for a few seconds in that position. Then pull your foot to the side and fill it back for a while. After that, bend your legs and take the starting position. Repeat the same with another foot.

Simple, but effective cellulite exercises can be done at home, however, it will be better if your coach shows you how to do it. Then you quickly and effectively solve the problem and again get a beautiful and harmonious figure.