Combine music online with the program

Many music lovers love not only to listen to music, but also to create it. Today's digital technologies offer a rich toolkit for this, allowing you to write music, complement it with various effects, combine different compositions and so on. In this

material, I introduce the reader to the Online Audio Joiner program, which lets you combine music tracks together, discuss its functionality in detail, and explain in detail how to combine music online with the help of programs. Combine music online with the program

How to combine music online with Online Audio Joiner

Online Audio Joiner is a free online program that allows you to glue two or more audio tracks. Creators of the program have not limited the number of tracks that are used to connect, you can choose to work dozens or hundreds of songs you need. The program supports about three hundred( !) Formats of audio files, you can even download an application video, the program will automatically remove the audio track from it.

Combine music online with the program

Add tracks to online music online

Kozyrami Online Audio Joiner is the ability to connect files with a seamless connection( crossfade), allowing the songs to gently and imperceptibly flow through each other, as well as the Russian-language nature of the resource itself,greatly facilitates the work of Russian-speaking users.

The interface of the program is very simple, to combine music online will not be difficult even for a beginner.

  • At the top there is a button "Add tracks", which allows you to download to the program of the composition.
  • The microphone button allows you to record your own voice as a separate track.
  • The "Play" button allows you to play downloaded songs.
  • And below is the "Connect" button, which will connect the tracks you uploaded online together.
  • Blue sliders allow you to fine-tune the exact sound for each track, and the square icons next to the track allow the to enable / disable the smooth start and ending of tracks, as well as the cross-fade( smooth flow of one composition to another).

Also note that the size of one download of an audio file should not exceed 750 megabytes.

Online Gluing and Cutting Guide

  • Visit the audio-joiner.com /ru/ website and click the " Add Tracks" button.

    Combine music online with the program

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  • tracks On your computer, find the compositions you want to upload( you can tag several tracks at once), and click on " Open ".The program downloads them to your site and you can work online with them, the tracks themselves will be presented graphically.
  • With the arrows to the right of each song, can configure the correct sequence of tracks, and the blue slider controls allow you to mark the one you need to add an excerpt in each song. You can switch between compositions by clicking on them.

    Combine music online with the program

    Mark the necessary segments for the online connection

  • Before the first in the queue composition can include a smooth start ( the corresponding icon on the left), between the compositions you can activate the crossfade icon( to the right of the composition besides the latter), and the icon of a smooth fade at the end of the last composition.
  • When the editing is complete, click the " Connect " button and save the received file to the hard disk. Immediately, I note that despite the large number of formats supported by the program, the output file will have the required format 3 mp.

    Combine music online with the program

    Connect the

  • songs For a better understanding of the material, a visual demonstration of the program's work will help:

    By the way, this resource allows the to trim the songs , for example, to create your favorite ringtones. From the Crop Song page( top left) menu, select the song you want to use, use the slider to select the desired excerpt, click Trim, and then click Download.


    Online Audio Joiner is an affordable online resource that allows you to combine music online for a couple of clicks. Its gratis character, simple interface, reliability and ease of use play a part of its wide popularity. If you need to pair a couple of songs, and there's nothing on hand - try Online Audio Joiner, the ease and convenience of this application will exceed your expectations. Successes on the musical field of gluing and trimming musical compositions!