Lemon juice for face skin: recipes for use

Lemon juice for face skin: recipes for use People from ancient times have learned to use the gifts of nature and its life-giving forces for our good. These are not only solar baths and fresh air, but also what literally lies under our feet or hanging right in front of our nose - fruits, vegetables and other natural products, which concentrate in

itself life-giving juices donated by the Earth itself.

For a long time known in the field of medicine and cosmetology, the magnificent properties of citrus, in particular, in many areas of human life use lemon juice. Rare baking will cost no peeled, a rare tonic - without lemon juice. Cookery, medicine, and now cosmetology - use vitamins and other nutrients that contain a large number of these small suns.

The benefit of lemon juice

Various documents record the first cases of lemon juice in the practice of doctors in the sixteenth century. At that time, shipping was quite widespread, and people have long been in the sea, suffering from a lack of vitamins, with serious illnesses. That is why the sailors discovered the miraculous power of citrus, using lemon juice and orange to protect themselves from avitaminosis and protect themselves from scurvy.

Century years later, the lemon juice itself began to be used in broad medical practice, doctors recommended to cut the fruits into lobules, and then rub their own gums and teeth, thereby strengthening their roots. Similarly, lemon juice was used to prevent muscle weakness or fatigue. At that time lemon juice began to be used in cosmetology - its tonic effect on the face and neck was obvious, giving it a shiny appearance and a healthy look.

The reason for such a magical effect is that citrus contains vitamin C. It is this vitamin that makes lemons so in demand in cosmetology and medicine as a product of nature. It is no coincidence, in colds, it is primarily recommended to drink tea with lemon, and with angina - and at all use lemon as a medicine. To do this, squeezed lemon juice is to be mixed with honey( just one teaspoon) and drink small sips.

Despite the development of medicine and pharmaceuticals, lemon juice continues to be used and as a well-proven choleretic remedy. With certain diseases, lemon juice can even be taken instead of drinking, of course, with plenty of water.

Lemon juice for face skin: recipes for use

Lemon juice in cosmetology

Girls and women have long noticed not only the disinfectant properties of lemon juice, but also the ability to effectively and in a rather short period of time bleach pigmented spots and even very suntanned skin after prolonged exposure to the sun or even after persistent sunburn.

Such a positive effect for female skin is due to the fact that lemon juice in large quantities contains fruit acids that have a softening effect on the skin and illuminate it both in the external and internal use. This effect was discovered many millennia ago, so, in the 17th and 18th centuries, girls from aristocratic families considered a bad tint of tanned skin. That is why in the fashion there were hats with wide rays, umbrellas and pale complexion. But if you can not protect yourself from direct rays, you could light your skin in a short time only lemon juice.

Other ways of skin illumination - is rubbing it with tangerine particles or regular taking a bath of infusion with orange pebbles. A certain effect on the condition of the skin of the face and neck even provides regular use of lemon and other citrus foods - it's delicious, and for the appearance is useful!

Author: Maria Levashova