How to properly grow eyelashes in home and living conditions

How to properly grow eyelashes in home and living conditions The stunning effect of magnificent long and bulky eyelashes is usually achieved not at the expense of the carcass but through the buildup procedure.

Eyelash extension has become part of the practice of beauty salons relatively recently, but has already managed to win the love of those who know the price of

beauty. Fingered eyelashes are characterized not only by incredible aesthetics, but also by very practical features: they require minimal daily care. Artificial eyelashes do not need to paint every morning, and in the evening remove carcass from them. In addition, they successfully solve the problem of "smearing" eyes.

Flexibility approaches to building up

Approach to build up requires wisdom. In this matter, a very wise decision will be to trust a good salon master. The fact is that building up very important little things: this work is thin and tedious, which requires neatness. Therefore, all the disadvantages that can allow beginners to build up will become apparent. Incorrectly picked eyelashes can distort the correctness of the lines of the eye, and inaccurate work can even damage health. With your eyes it's best not to joke. Therefore, consult with the wizard, examine his portfolio of works. Professionals have not only experience, but also the innate sense of style and aesthetics, which is much less often deprived of self-taught. Masters are well aware of how to grow eyelashes correctly.

False eyelashes

Regardless of the technology of eyelash extensions, there can be a variety of colors( brown, black, silver, chocolate, blue, caramel).Eyelashes can be painted or, if desired, in different shades.

Framed eyelashes can be made of artificial and natural fibers. The latter are more expensive, but they are safe for health.

Eyelash extensions vary in length. Usually, when you build up, the eyelashes of different lengths are combined. To create the effect of natural eyelashes closer to the center of the century glue shorter eyelashes, the outer edge of the eyes - longer. Too long eyelashes will create a "puppet" effect. To give the eyes a child's spontaneity, longer lashes can be glued to the lower eyelids. In these matters, you need to consult a wizard who knows how to properly grow your eyelashes to achieve the desired effect.


buildup procedure The buildup technology has a lot to do with sticking the patches. The difference is that artificial eyelashes grow on one or a few beams, and not all together, as a patch.

The buildup procedure includes several successive steps.

  • Stage 1. Removal of eyeliner with special degreasers.
  • Stage 2. Selection of color, shape and length of artificial eyelashes.
  • Stage 3. Direct build-up.
  • During the build-up, artificial lashes are attached to the base of a natural tweezers with a professional tweezers. To do this, use a special resin glue. It is black and colorless. The black glue creates a luster effect for the eyes, while the colorless hides spider areas. The choice of glue depends on personal preferences. Hypoallergenic glue needs to be used, so that the procedure is safe for health.

    Eyelashes should be applied to the base of natural eyelashes from the outside of the century so that they do not interfere with closing their eyes. To add extra volume, you can attach eyelashes between natural ones. It is not possible to stick eyelashes directly on the skin of the century.

    Technologies of building up

    Two main technologies of eyelash extension are used: traditional( sheaves) and Japanese( individually).All other technologies are reduced to these two with only slight deviations.

    According to the traditional technology, artificial eyelashes are glued by bundles of 3-5 pieces to the base of the natural. The density and length of individual beams need not necessarily be the same. You can create an original eyelash design and even add crystals. Created using this technology, eyelashes require periodic adjustments in salons( on average once every two weeks).

    Japanese technology involves sticking the eyelashes to natural ones one by one. The result of this fastening is much more durable and requires adjustments only once a month.

    Grafting is complete and partial, executed in one or two rows. In addition, you can use various effects: natural, puppet, fox, white, multi-color effect, 3d effect.