What peacocks eat: diet and photo review

Due to the special beauty of these large birds from the subfamily pheasant, they are called in no other way than paradise. Yes, yes, we are talking about peacocks, about these proud and such beautiful birds! This type of feathered was domesticated three thousand years ago and has since been decorating human life. Their

breed and contain exclusively for the sake of beauty. By the way, when breeding plays a very important role in the diet of feeding. What peacocks eat, let's find out together.


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What do the royal birds eat? The

Peacock is a very beautiful decorative bird, which for many of us today represents some exotic and is associated with riches. A few decades ago, these birds could only be seen in the courtyards of the nobility, kings, nobles, in preserves and sanctuaries. The bird itself comes from India and in this country is a sacred symbol of the Sun and the personification of the god Krishna. The Indian species is the most widespread in the world and it can be seen in many private farms of our country.

If you belong to the lovers of these beauties and you dream that at least a couple of such birds adorn your work, then you should learn about the diet of their nutrition. Although the peacock is the closest relative of the cock, care requires a bit more. Although not royal.

What peacocks eat: diet and photo review

At Home

Basically, at home it's easy to feed a hedgehog. As a rule, they are suitable for all the feeds that each poultry farmer has. They are given and different grains, and fruits, and vegetables, and cake. For example, the average daily dose of an adult animal may consist of:

  • 50 grams of ground maize;
  • 40 grams of oats or barley;
  • 50 grams of alfalfa flour;
  • 90-100 grams of grain waste;
  • 10 grams of sunflower meal;
  • 50 grams of root crops and vegetables.

If the bird gives pure grain, its experts advise to mix with chalk or ground salt. Thus, the need for mineral fertilizers disappears by itself. Like many other domestic birds, peacocks must receive enough gravel in sufficient quantities. It is good to pour small coal or wood ash into the feeder.

What peacocks eat: diet and photo review

If you have permanent waste from the table, such as bread and cereals, they can also be fed to the bird. But no more than once a day. Peacocks, like chickens, find food well out of the ground. During walks, they eat various insects, larvae, earthworms and podnozhny greens. If the peacocks live in a closed cage, they need to collect fresh green on their own, for example, nettle, dandelion or dandelion. It should also be remembered that the peacock diet varies in different periods of their lives.

In natural habitats

In nature, peacocks eat both vegetable and animal food. The first category includes different berries, delicate young shoots of plants, seeds and grains. Do not bite and eat juicy fruit. That is why they often settle near the gardens or farm fields. It is very important to note that peacocks are natural in nature and play a special role for humans. For example, they eat small harmful insects and larvae, and sometimes they become prey small snakes and even rodents.

Peacock Feeding Ratio

What peacocks eat: diet and photo review

Feeding Pavi - a very responsible business. The breeder should make such a diet that he meets the nutrition of the bird in the natural environment. As in nature, they should receive enough vitamins in households. It is also important to remember that these birds are very keen on changing the menu.

In some cases, with a sharp change, they generally refuse to feed. This should be remembered especially in cases where the habitual diet changes due to a certain period of time. For example, during oviposition or reproduction. In the spring, when the peacocks begin the period of preparation for egg laying, the feeding should be slightly increased and diversified. For example, at this time you can give in addition to the main ration:

  • 50 grams of herbal flour;
  • 70 grams of juicy feed;
  • 200 grams of dry protein supplement;
  • 100 grams of boiled potatoes.

What peacocks eat: diet and photo review

During breeding, more protein feeds should be added to the menu of the peacocks. This may be cheese, other dairy products and waste from the table. It is also important to increase the consumption of greenery. Do not forget that paradise birds are especially sensitive to dirty and spoiled food, do not allow eating bad quality corn or other spoiled foods. Particularly vulnerable to this little chicks. In the first days of life, like chickens, they are fed with boiled eggs.

Video "Peacocks in the yard"

In this video you will see how the peacocks live in a private yard of the Simferopol resident, find out how much time and how to grow this unusual bird.