Hemorrhoid Treatment

How to cope with the fallout of the rectum itself?

Often, a person who first faces a pathology such as a rectal disorder does not know how to behave. Meanwhile, if there has been a rectal disorder, treatment is not only medication, but also with the help of folk methods, which many people completely forget.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Causes of Pathology
  • 2 Diagnosis of
  • 3 Approaches to treatment with folk remedies

Causes of pathology

Typically, rectal prolapse or rectal bowel movements occur under the influence of a variety of causes.

Because of one such serious pathology develops quite rarely.

There are two groups of reasons. Contributing factors include the following:

  • congenital anatomical abnormalities in the formation of the pelvis;
  • removes the part of the intestine, especially if it is a sigmoid part or a straight line;
  • reduces pelvic pelvic ability to keep tone.

How to cope with the fallout of the rectum itself?

Excessive load on the body leads to rectal ablation of

. In addition to causative causes, isolates also produce, which may include the effects of the following factors:

  • excessive one-time physical load;
  • permanent moderate or heavy physical load;
  • complications of injury in the area of ​​the sacrum during impact;
  • severe anaphylactic cough in children;
  • heavy birth or just a difficult pregnancy process;
  • misuse of anal sex and anal masturbation.

Often, rectal prolapse is not an independent disease, but a complication of pathologies such as diarrhea, urogenital pathology, constipation, tumors, and polyps in the colon.

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Before you start treatment with folk remedies, you must still contact your doctor to make a diagnosis and determine if there is a person with any concomitant illness.

How to cope with the fallout of the rectum itself?

Finger rectal study

The following methods may be used:

  • A well-considered review of the patient, in which the often fallen rectum can be seen visually, but can not always be distinguished from the incident hemorrhoidal node.
  • Finger rectal study, which evaluates the condition of the inner gut, tone of the sphincter.
  • A retrospective study that allows you to look at the condition of the mucous membrane of the intestine, to know if there are ulcers and other violations of integrity.
  • Colonoscopy - performed mainly in the event that the prolapse acts as a symptom of another disease, for example, tumor neoplasms.
  • Roentgenography - helps to assess the general condition of the intestine, provides some information about the movement of fecal masses on it. How to cope with the fallout of the rectum itself?

    System for sphincterometry

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  • Sphincterometry - a method that allows you to determine how well the sphincter is in good tone.
  • Histology is another method that is used when rectal prolapse is a symptom of another pathology under suspicion.

A thorough diagnosis makes it possible to make treatment the most effective by folk methods.

Approaches to treatment with folk remedies

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Once the diagnosis has been established and the rectal prolapse is not related to other diseases, one can try to start treatment with folk remedies.

How to cope with the fallout of the rectum itself? Folk medicine can offer quite a large number of methods, the most popular of which are the following:

  • is an intravenous infusion of marsh spray that is poured in a glass of cold water and kept in a carefully closed container for 12 hours, and then drink a few ingestion after eating;
  • can use a conventional cuff, which is also poured in boiling water and infused for 15-20 minutes, and then the received infusion is drunk during the day, regardless of food intake;
  • has proved itself to be a tool such as a steam bath with chamomile infusion, for which you need to pour the grass with boiling water, and then sit over the initial pore of infusion and sit for as much as 15-20 minutes, to improve the effect you can hide a blanket;
  • can be made of warm fifteen minute baths with a solution of the mountaineer of pepper, which is also considered an effective remedy;
  • is another way - poultices of quince, juice which wet the napkins and apply to the problem place 3-4 times during the day.

In addition to the use of folk medicine, for the prevention of pathology patients are advised to perform a number of simple physical exercises:

  • rhythmic compression of the sphincter of the anus, which will help keep muscles in tone and reduce the frequency of relapses;
  • lifting the pelvis from the position lying on the back with knee-bends.

Although folk remedies are considered effective, however, rectal prolapse at home is difficult to treat.

That's why, if there are symptoms of this unpleasant pathology, patients are advised to consult a specialist, and only then choose the methods of therapy.